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  1. DoctorP

    College Bball Thread

    100% Sissoko sat for much of this game, MSU felt like the most ready team from the conference to compete with squads like a Miami or others of similar ilk. Between Akins, Walker, and Hoggard they had three guys who can shoot and beat their guy off the dribble. And Hall/Hauser obviously extend the floor and Hall specifically can sky for rebounds.
  2. DoctorP

    College Bball Thread

    Beautiful game. Felt like I was watching the NBA Less Zach Edey’s and more free-flowing, outside-in, athletic and fast play. B1G needs to adapt. Izzo couldn’t help himself in the postgame TV interview w/ excuses. Twice brought up two banked in KSU threes, but did otherwise give them credit
  3. DoctorP

    NCAA MBB Transfer Portal

    Would love Kriisa
  4. The rebounding is just atrocious.
  5. Play zone, pray they miss and actually rebound or stay in man and get beat to the hoop repeatedly.
  6. PSU and Iowa all over again.
  7. https://mobile.twitter.com/ZachOsterman/status/1636954897768755202 TJD confirmed he played through a hip pointer but “says he felt fine” not sure why my shared tweets only show up as links
  8. The P stands for psychiatrist. Definitely don’t want my opinion on it lol
  9. Trayce saying “hip pointer”, anyone else catch that?
  10. Yeah, lotta long rebounds off contested shots from distance. Hope those don’t start falling