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    HoosierExpat reacted to LamarCheeks in College Football Thread   
    Minny-Northwestern already a no-go. 
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    HoosierExpat reacted to HoosierSadaseci in (2018) SG Romeo Langford - INDIANA HOOSIERS   
    My future son-in-law was still uncertain about attending the college he picked up to just a few days before he left for school.  He even changed his mind and contacted his runner-up about going there, and had arrangements made to switch schools, but then ultimately made his mind up to attend his original choice.  Which sucks for me because his college is in California,  and his runner-up was IU, and it looks like my daughter is going to follow him out to California instead of IU.  I can understand what Romeo is going through. 
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    HoosierExpat reacted to yogisballin in (2018) SG Romeo Langford - INDIANA HOOSIERS   
    Me too! I’m annoyed with myself about checking it every 4-5 hours to see if there is any “new” info. Even though, there hasn’t been anything new in what, 6-7 months now?

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    HoosierExpat reacted to Yogi's Picnic Basket in (2018) SG Romeo Langford - INDIANA HOOSIERS   
    Archie should be there this weekend as well. My post about him last weekend was in reference to a text that said IU would be there. I assumed Archie, but 3 players seemed to work better for us. Romeo absolutely loved it. Will it make a huge difference? Maybe. Who knows, but that's another thing that has been going around in circles out in the recruiting world.
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    HoosierExpat reacted to VO5 in Game Thread : Minnesota @ Indiana | 7:30EST on FS1   
    That game was fun as hell to watch. Green’s best game as a Hoosier, he’s peaking at the right time. 
    As others have said, we can really make some noise at the end of our schedule. I wouldn’t be surprised to see us win out in the regular season and make some noise in the BIG tourney. If we get a favorable draw...well a guy can dream. A low odds tourney bid would be amazing for how this year has gone.
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    HoosierExpat reacted to taco corp in (2018) G/F Damezi Anderson to IU   
    Just keep in mind, this was a short highlight clip. I was at this game and these highlights came from about the first 3 minutes, where he had 10 quick points. After that, i didn’t feel like he had any explosive moments. He was happy to pull up and sometimes force a contested three a few times. One time he was lucky and it happened to bank in. This may sound like I am down on Damezi, I definitely am not, but just remember to take highlight videos with a grain of salt. Damezi’s shooting ability should definitely help us forget the bricks from this year.

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    HoosierExpat reacted to HoosierAloha in Game Thread:MSU 8:15 ESPN   
    Hopefully Morgan has Jackson's shoulder surgically removed from his chest at halftime.

    **** the Big Ten man. I hate all this stupid ****. Our guys are getting blown up and the refs couldn't care less. Green gets a Jackson arm as he's running around a screen under the hoop but gets the foul called on him up top. Ref wasn't trying to see ****. Punch a mother ****er please.

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    HoosierExpat reacted to GnarlyTimGarl in Indiana vs. Rutger Game Thread 11/18/17 12:00 PM ET BTN   
    This one deserves commenting on... our best performance of the year.
    - Just an absolutely dominating performance from start to finish. Outgained them 503-190 yards. +1 on turnovers. Just one penalty. The offense showed some life. Our second shut out of the year (first Big Ten shutout since '93). This game showed that we're clearly better than the bottom of the league right now... which is huge for perception purposes.
    - How about our O-Line and running game. 267 yards at 5.6 per carry. The O-Line was opening up some nice holes and built off a solid showing last week. Both Ellison and Gest hit the 100 yard mark. Great for both of those guys. Ellison's bruising ability is such an asset to have while Gest's burst is impressive. Both are freshmen. They can build off this...
    - Lagow threw that pick and missed a couple of receivers, but I felt he managed the game very well. Made some nice throws on third down to some receivers who made some great plays after the catch. The weather could have really messed him up, but he succeeded in spite of it. Good for him!
    - As well as our offense played, our defense was better. Rutgers never really threatened. Yes, they were aided by the weather and Rutgers' passing game stinks, but still. Rutgers hit the red zone, what... once? And that was in garbage time. And they allowed zero points. Our D-Line is playing very well. Our LB's are playing very well. And our secondary more than holds their own. Tom Allen knows defense. If you give him an even playing field talent-wise, I think he'll successfully scheme you more often than not. (Maryland was the exception, unfortunately.)
    - Next week is the biggest bucket game in several years. Both teams playing for a bowl. Purdue will be tough. Their offense doesn't scare me other than some trick plays they'll pull out. But their defense is legitimate. We need Lagow and Co. to have another good game. The turnover battle may be critical. Perhaps Purdue comes in a little over-confident after the Iowa win? Maybe. But in my eyes, this is a matchup between two evenly matched clubs. I think it'll be all about execution and who wants it more!!!
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    HoosierExpat reacted to HoosierAloha in A Reason For Optimism   
    I hate having to use "future success" as a means to argue. pu has a solid team that could be top 3 in the B1G and make it to the sweet 16. It's not a coincidence they've been (relatively) successful when IU has been down.

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    HoosierExpat reacted to VO5 in The Sky is Not Falling   
    Agree with everything you said Old Friend. A few things I’d like to add:
    -We have ZERO leadership on the court. Hartman didn’t play and I think that would have made a difference, but JN and Rojo have to step up. Archie can do everything right, but if you don’t have a player on the court enforcing Arch’s principles with his teammates you aren’t going to get very far.
    - To piggyback off that, like Stu said we have a bunch of nice kids who Archie wouldn’t have recruited. No killers, no junkyard dogs (although I think Durham can become one of those). That’s a mental toughness issue that Crean never instilled.
    - Speaking of Rojo, i’ve been one of his biggest supporters over the last year because I saw what he could be. He has regressed so much now that I cringe watching him play. No idea what’s happened to him but it seems mental. My only hope is he buys in and gets more focused throughout the year.
    - This game was a perfect storm of sorts. I’d be willing to wager another team, let alone ISU, won’t shoot 17-26 from 3 on us this year. Likewise, we won’t shoot as abysmal as we did either. It’s one of those games, and it just happened to be the first one of the season while learning a new system.
    - ISU has already played 2 BIG teams in the exhibition season while we played chopped liver. That makes a difference.
    I’m still optimistic guys. It’s going to be rough in the non-con this year, no sugar coating it. But losing this game doesn’t mean we won’t improve or that we can’t upset someone down the road. I’m going to enjoy the ride this year and the ups and downs that come with it. I’d advise everyone else to do the same.
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    HoosierExpat reacted to Me So Hornsby in (2018) PG Darius Garland to Vandy   
    I think it’s both. I think the talk that they’re both having “good” visits is good for us. There’s no “they knocked it out the park talk(at least yet) so i feel like this weekend probably doesn’t change much for us. But I don’t think either UCLA or KU are our biggest opponents for these guys.

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    HoosierExpat reacted to mdn82 in (2018) SG Romeo Langford - INDIANA HOOSIERS   
    Nah he put it into a Purdue board the other day and got shot down .

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    HoosierExpat reacted to Demo in (2018) PG Darius Garland to Vandy   
    I would probably feel like Bryce is a lot more like Scott than he is like Homer, 'cause I wouldn't buy that being on the level for a minute.
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    HoosierExpat reacted to Jared Hulen in (2018) SG Romeo Langford - INDIANA HOOSIERS   
    I wonder if he just wants to get far away now from the drama and Louisville being so close. Kansas or NC may be looking pretty good to him at this point. I’m sure their family has a lot of questions and worry what other programs this scandal will affect down the road. I live in NC now and they are talking a lot about him. I hope that’s not the case. Blue Devil and Tar Heel fans are just as annoying as UK fans.

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