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  1. Jesus Shuttlesworth

    IUBB vs Maryland - 01/04/21 @ 8:00 on BTN

    I agree with Lander. Hunter doesn’t lack confidence. He isn’t shy about throwing bad shots up. Through my eyes he can’t play. Has no feel for the game regardless if he hits on some here and there. At this stage, at this level you have to know how to play. Lander/Leal/Trey know how to play. Hunter doesn’t. Archie has said in the past minutes are earned...**** that bull****.
  2. Jesus Shuttlesworth

    IUBB vs Maryland - 01/04/21 @ 8:00 on BTN

    This. Hunter has no business being on the floor. He is just plain awful and doesn’t know how to play the game of basketball. How he gets the minutes he does speaks volumes about Archie. A lot of coaches would have removed him after the first foul. A lot more would have ripped him after taking that last shot. Meanwhile, it won’t show up in box scores but Leal was solid in the first half. He made one play matched up against their biggest dude and bodied him up and refused to let him catch the ball and we get the turnover. He gets 0 second half minutes while Hunter plays damn near the entire second half and stinks it up. Minutes have to be earned.
  3. Jesus Shuttlesworth

    IUBB vs Maryland - 01/04/21 @ 8:00 on BTN

    Jerome. Hunter. Cannot. Play. At. This. Level. Archie doesn’t get it. Can Mike Roberts or someone sub him out. I could care less if hits an occasional 3.
  4. Jesus Shuttlesworth

    IUBB vs Maryland - 01/04/21 @ 8:00 on BTN

    I’m just trying to spell this out for Archie. Jerome. Hunter. Cannot. Play. At. This. Level.
  5. He is not a point guard and should not be the primary ball handler. He is an average 3 point shooter. Shot 36% as a sophomore and 37% as a junior both on 91 attempts. Everyone would like for it to be higher but that’s the definition of average in college basketball. He has also shown that he is one of the few on this roster that can take a couple dribbles and pull up and hit a jumper. The point is he is not getting the looks he should be getting in an Archie Miller offense. He plays with no pace and the erratic drives to the basket are tough to watch. He is not a primarily ball handler and should not be bringing the ball up the court.
  6. I disagree 100%. The only way they end up 6-7ppg scorers if Archie and his staff don’t develop them (if Archie and his staff are still here). Galloway will score 6-7 on ‘junk points’ alone. This kid has tons of potential if the staff can help refine his shot and teach him to look to drive and score instead of just driving to pass. This kid should be getting all the minutes he can handle NOW. Galloway knows how to play the game. Most potential of anyone on the roster in my opinion. Lander plays with such good pace and looks for his opportunities (his shooting will come around). He will be getting plenty of minutes the next 3 years and should be getting more this year. He will undoubtedly score points. Geronimo - the kid has played well in the few minutes he has gotten. Again, the only way he doesn’t score 6-7ppg is if the staff can’t develop him. Leal should be getting more opportunities. He plays hard and has a good jumper. He is not an elite shooter but he gets it off quickly and has a good stroke. He has to play more.
  7. Yes. I have refused to give up on Rob but man at some point.... Hunter has no business playing at this level and the fact that Archie continues to give him minutes is bull****. His teammates seem to like him. That’s all I got. I’m higher on Al than almost everyone on here it seems from what I have read. He is the definition of a player who is not being put in a position to succeed. The way Archie utilizes his skill set is tragic.
  8. Jesus Shuttlesworth

    What Can IUBB do to Revive Your Excitement/Confidence?

    Lander has to play more because of RP’s struggles. Durham is not a point guard. Just because he can handle the ball doesn’t mean he should. Lander is the only one that plays with any pace. Durham is not being used to his strengths. His ‘strength’ is shooting the ball on ball swings. He has also shown he can take a couple dribbles and pull up and hit from inside the arc. I don’t know how many tools he has in his toolkit but it’s not pounding the ball being a point guard. I don’t like being critical of individual players but their has been one I have been. Jerome. Hunter. Cannot. Play. Basketball. Can we PLEASE sit him on the third row or whatever it is now on the sidelines behind Leal and Geronimo?
  9. Jesus Shuttlesworth

    IUBB @ Illinois - 12/26/20 @ 4:00 ET on FS1-TV

    I don’t see how we can’t blame Archie for this game. He continues to put these guys in awful positions to succeed. Al Durham is a classic example. He continues to give Hunter minutes who anyone could see can’t play at this level. TJD likes to flex on lesser opponents. Didn’t see a lot of flexing going on today.
  10. Jesus Shuttlesworth

    IUBB @ Illinois - 12/26/20 @ 4:00 ET on FS1-TV

    He knew what he needed to do to get to the next level and looks like he didn’t listen much. Maybe he should go ask Armaan’s mom for a hoop.
  11. Jesus Shuttlesworth

    What Can IUBB do to Revive Your Excitement/Confidence?

    If we are not going to beat Northwestern at home now what? Look at how HARD Northwestern plays and then look at how we play (outside of a couple). The effort thing is what worries me the most. Been a problem since CAM has been here. These are his kids. No excuses. Trey Galloway should get as many minutes as he can handle. A few need a permanent spot on the bench and Leal needs some damn playing time. I know none of this will happen. The fact that it won’t should cost him his job.
  12. Jesus Shuttlesworth

    IUBB vs Butler - 12/19/20 Crossroads Classic @ 11:30 a.m. ET

    He needs to put in the work because right now he can’t play at this level. We need Brunk back badly. When Hunter is in the game their is a significant drop off. I would be more than happy if he starts seeing some DNP.
  13. Jesus Shuttlesworth

    Favorite All-Time Hoosier Basketball Player

    Damon Bailey (even though I wasn’t born yet). Maybe a Least Favorite would be more fun :)
  14. Jesus Shuttlesworth

    IUBB vs North Alabama - 12/13/20 @ Noon on BTN

    If you want to talk stats before today he had 11 rebounds in 5 games. He had 7 rebounds in 20+ minutes with several of those coming late in garbage time in a 35 point game. He also got scored on at will. My point is I believe we are a better team without him on the floor. I believe we have better options even more so if Brunk is able to come back at some point. My boyfriend who knows little about basketball that I make watch at one point asked me why isn’t #21 playing hard.
  15. Jesus Shuttlesworth

    IUBB vs North Alabama - 12/13/20 @ Noon on BTN

    It starts with D. It’s followed by coughing up the ball and playing with little effort. The minutes he has been getting should go to Leal. (Although I think Trey should get all the minutes he can handle first). How about the offensive rebound Leal got off the free throw on the opposite side of the basket. Pure Effort. That’s more than I’ve seen from Hunter since he’s been here. Hopefully Brunk can come back at some point and we never see Hunter. Before someone says we need his size as opposed to Leal he doesn’t play to that size so that argument holds no water. I think I saw North Alabama’s little #0 eyes light up from my couch when he got matched up with Hunter. Got him for two EASY buckets in the first half and 2 more in the second half. Meanwhile, in the last 30 seconds Geronimo stood up his man and absolutely refused to be scored on. I hope Hunter can improve but we are getting to the point on the schedule where his minutes should be reduced drastically. He simply can’t play at this level right now.