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  1. Irish YJ

    Expendable IU sports

    Keep anything if possible that's revenue generating (or close to it), OR has been nationally relevant in terms of rankings. M and W BB, MFB, Soccer, Baseball, are the ones that come to mind.
  2. Irish YJ


    Yup, I listed "87"
  3. Irish YJ


    The 81 season was special. I was not yet a teen, but it's the year I really started IU BB and cheering along with my father. 87 though is still my favorite all time season. I remember the early win over KY, then the let down a few days later to Vandy. Then ran off 10ish wins including a very close one over Michigan, who had Rice and Grant, and a great O. Then got smacked down to earth by top ranked Iowa. We take revenge towards the end of the season over Iowa, but then lost 2 late season games including one to PU. That tourney run, especially the last 4 games vs Duke, LSU, UNLV, and Syracuse we're epic. Only 12pts of separation in those 4 games, and 2 one point wins. A few of those games certainly deserve to be on this list.
  4. Irish YJ

    Justin Smith Declares

    If he is going to leave, hope he ends up at ND, Butler, or Ball State.At least with those teams, I could continue to cheer a bit for him.
  5. We should be blowing the doors off these guys.... 2pt lead lol... Come on boys
  6. All I have to say is
  7. Irish YJ

    Negativity Thread

    I didn't expect much at the beginning of the year, but somehow got sucked in to being optimistic. I'm officially off that train now lol.. I expected to lose today, but not get blown out. I'm ready for a new chapter and a new HC.
  8. Irish YJ

    IUBB vs Penn St 1/29 8:30 pm BTN

    I rarely have a cocktail during the week, and rarely drink whiskey and cokes anymore at all.... But I know there's an unopened bottle in the liquor cabinet, and every bad shot and empty trip make me want to pour a double...
  9. Irish YJ

    IUBB vs Penn St 1/29 8:30 pm BTN

    Feeling like I should head over to the unbridled negativity thread...... COME ON HOOSIERS......
  10. Irish YJ

    Maryland at IU Game Thread 01/26 1 PM CBS

    very nice davis to davis pass and shot
  11. Irish YJ

    Maryland at IU Game Thread 01/26 1 PM CBS

    fun game. TJD baby! TO Maryland lol Hope we can hang on
  12. Irish YJ

    Maryland at IU Game Thread 01/26 1 PM CBS

    7 threes until the last 2 two point shots lol... Holy cow crazy start. Some bad missed calls to start too.
  13. Irish YJ

    Maryland at IU Game Thread 01/26 1 PM CBS

    Lord I hope Maryland's D doesn't travel. This would be a huge win for us. TJD will need a very big game IMO.
  14. still not sure how OSU moved up from last rating after losing 3 in a row (now 4). I get it, it was Maryland (last loss), but still 3 in a row. anyway, I'll take it.
  15. I've never been doom and gloom this year or leading up to it. I knew there would be growing pains. I'm still a bit confused at what I'm seeing lol..... 1) Is our O really better than our D? 2) Did we just shoot better 3pt % than standard FG? Can't fathom us better behind the line than in the paint lol. 3) Is TJD really going to lead us in pts, boards, and blocks as a true frosh? I expected a lot, but not that much. I just really would love to see some consistency and some of the guys separate.