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  1. BtownBanner6

    Darius Latham suspended indefinitely

    You'd be surprised he was around the university for quite some time.
  2. BtownBanner6


    Not sure it's blaspheme, it was a picture of the greatest team ever to be assembled.
  3. BtownBanner6

    2015/2016 Saturdaily College Football Thread

    No it was a fail from the start. Hate QB runs from the shotgun.
  4. There is no doubt the strengths of this team is shooting and running in transition. The weaknesses are obviously defense and rebounding.
  5. BtownBanner6

    IU wins B1G outright throwback.....

    I think a student was there with friends in the student section so they made a guy put on the yellow shirt for their student section.
  6. Wow what a joke of a highlight video.
  7. BtownBanner6

    Daily MLB Banter

    No arguments here, my stance is to be a hall of fame and leave out to me the greatest hitter of all-time for something that didn't effect his performance just makes me question the credibility of the hall of fame and every batter you let in there.
  8. BtownBanner6

    Yogi CAN dunk!!

    This is what you just did. It was a fun thread showing us something we haven't seen and you blew it out of proportion because you THINK your right. Knock off the accuracy and reality you posted an opinion.
  9. BtownBanner6

    Ken Bikoff interview w/Fred Glass

    No that I know of. I thought he signed with a D-League team after UofL then nothing after that.
  10. BtownBanner6

    Ken Bikoff interview w/Fred Glass

    I see him often around my area, malls and what not. He might not be in prison he's still unsurprisingly did nothing with his talent.
  11. BtownBanner6

    IU vs that school in ohio...

    I'm with Hova here not a lot of risk with this one, and any chance you get on National Tv to me is a win for your program.
  12. BtownBanner6

    Kyle Schwarber - Chicago Cubs

    Every great play is unlikely to happen, if it was supposed to happen that way no one would be shocked when they happened
  13. BtownBanner6

    Wake Forest channels

    Thank you
  14. BtownBanner6

    Wake Forest channels

    What network?
  15. BtownBanner6

    (2016) PG Jaylen Fisher to TCU

    You're saying it was still between 6 people and he just decided to visit 3?
  16. BtownBanner6

    (2016) PG Jaylen Fisher to TCU

    I wonder why'd you cancel a visit to one of your final 3
  17. I agree the only 2 guys I want more the kegler respectively is Alkins and Maker
  18. Not sure we'd ever wear them but the 3rd one has a lot of appeal.
  19. BtownBanner6

    Hoosier Hysteria

    Anytime I've gone they have big barrels with people taking them outside.
  20. BtownBanner6

    IU vs Western Kentucky Game Thread

    People are just inconsiderate these days, scheduling a wedding on game day[emoji33][emoji107]