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  1. I want to believe Blake Bortles yells “BORTLES” Jason Mendoza-style on every touchdown pass.

  2. We know Lance is back to Full Lance because he’s making LeBron red and nude again https://t.co/69QaU0Q3Y0

  3. RT @cpulisic_10: I guess I didn’t develop as a player at all Til I was 16????????‍♂️ https://t.co/Rjq4a9yIDk

  4. Very good basketball-inspired puzzle written by @SenDonnelly today. I did dunk on it though. https://t.co/g4khFVfRL1

  5. “An ultimate troll move.” https://t.co/9PmGAmT8av

  6. Bring replay to FA games now, if only just for Mike Dean-reffed games. https://t.co/CpCcEdm1df

  7. RT @ConnorSouthard: No matter what macabre things happen in American public life going forward, "Andrew Breitbart would be ashamed of this!…

  8. RT @Outback: Dreams do come true. ✨ @celebrityhottub is the Bloomin’ Onion Man at the @outbackbowl https://t.co/s806LN8NP7

  9. RT @brianbeutler: Giant company uses breaking news event to buy their way out of a high-profile regulatory challenge and conservative journ…

  10. RT @danpfeiffer: Voted three times to raise taxes on the middle class to pay for a tax break for themselves sounds even better in an ad htt…

  11. 4. More Life by Drake. "Drake's course correction to VIEWS bursts with energy—more South African house, more grime,… https://t.co/kimNlLiJV1

  12. 5. Crack-Up by Fleet Foxes. "More charming than ever before, Fleet Foxes' return with Crack-Up is a major step for… https://t.co/uhqnWw8Ukk

  13. RT @jon_bois: i am keeping a very close eye on all national, state and local political developments while also working at my job, being a s…

  14. RT @ClintSmithIII: If your take tomorrow doesn’t include the fact that black voters showed up for Democrats *while* being systemically obst…

  15. RT @pattymo: Guys performatively quitting the Republican Party because they find their own ideas repulsive coming out of Trump’s mouth are…

  16. RT @ChronicHoosier: Since @IUMensSoccer became a varsity sport in 1973, it will have now played in exactly 1/3 of all NCAA championship gam…

  17. 15. I Used to Spend So Much Time Alone by Chastity Belt. "Their ability to push themselves without losing themselve… https://t.co/YFmwPnEV1Y

  18. Even by BIg Ten Network standards, this basketball season’s commercials are quaintly Midwestern

  19. RT @kept_simple: sorry libs, but the tax bill allows rich and poor alike to deduct the cost of butler services at their alpine chalets. lea…

  20. 23. Without Warning by 21 Savage, Offset & Metro Boomin. "The two rappers and their super-producer strike a devious… https://t.co/ajpMz7smBH

  21. RT @MC_of_A: This @jiatolentino review of the "Millennials!" literature is excellent. https://t.co/V44HCaPlLm https://t.co/ufeQ45lWqv

  22. The year is 2019. The only media left is Marvel movies, TrumpTV, and me paying $75 a month for Rob Delaney and dril tweets

  23. RT @maggieNYT: US president says he should have left US citizens imprisoned by non-democratic regime because the family didn’t acknowledge…

  24. I had a visceral reaction to this photo earlier, and realized it's because Luke Messer looks like the love child of… https://t.co/o0KgBxq89H

  25. Clarify? Or... retract. https://t.co/0i4H9k8mNL