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  1. is this on your list, @Feeble41 ? @NefariousAryq @jdborneman @doozerblake @uvmtj03 @ckloote

  2. @GiantAKS @doozerblake he is probably referring to me, tbh

  3. Yay, I won something! @BigLugCanteen https://t.co/Mfyzg2yOqF

  4. @HMATTHIAS @stabbyabby1 @bush_jason @GiantAKS @FreeRuckus @TysonTrotter @CantankerousCMF @adamwren @Feeble41 our eu… https://t.co/B3q7xNMquy

  5. @NefariousAryq I know-- I had hopes on that one!

  6. RT @ShatOnTV: If you can’t tell it’s a host, does it really matter? #Westworld https://t.co/bMCcV4Bt0b

  7. RT @IUBloomington: Come and join in song together, Shout with might and main, Our beloved alma mater, Sound her praise again. Gloriana! Fra…

  8. Turned on the Eleven game, there's a segment called Blakedown, disappointed he's not a bearded dude. @doozerblake https://t.co/jz5Zvn6paQ

  9. @ejwarfel what was it referencing?

  10. I just earned the 'Johnny Appleseed (Level 34)' badge on @untappd! https://t.co/6Zz33bViA4

  11. @Dick_Ebert Your wife is correct, in that situation

  12. @HMATTHIAS And still eat? Doubtful.

  13. Drinking an Octorock by @StarcutCiders at @jacobysdetroit — https://t.co/ELRh9YxcwA

  14. @bwood23indy @BigLiciousT Sprinkles!