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  1. 47 minutes ago, Southside said:

    Could have done without the OSU hat.... 

    I kind of like it, if I’m being honest. Only because there have been reports for a while about Coach Knight’s deteriorating health for a while, and if he’s still trolling by wearing OSU hats and Army polos there’s still some Coach Knight left. 

  2. 1 minute ago, DChoosier said:

    Money probably means more than anything to these guys but if I’m the Michigan AD I would be worried about UM being beaten like a drum in the SEC. In a conference that large they could be looking at years of being the 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th best team.

    Yeah I was going to say something similar. Unless the SEC would bring them a lot more money than they would get by staying in the B1G, why would schools like Michigan or Penn State want to leave the conference? They're in the upper echelon of the B1G. They go the SEC and they're probably behind schools like Alabama, Auburn, Georgia, LSU, Florida, and now Oklahoma and Texas. Why would they want to do that? In the B1G they can compete, at worst, for second place every year with the occasional 1st place, and they're one of the premiere programs in the conference. In the SEC they'd be nothing special. 

  3. 42 minutes ago, Magnanimous said:

    One of Master P’s sons had his own episode of MTV Cribs when he still a kid. I would consider this an outlier.

    Yeah, Hercy Miller was a 3 star recruit. This endorsement deal is because his dad is Master P. This won’t be the norm, imo.

    Also funny that his name is Hercy, his brother is Mercy, and his dad is Percy. Lol. 

  4. 4 hours ago, pumpfake said:

    There's a certain irony in the second sentence of that quote - "student-athletes" & "goes into affect"

    I don't think he was the one who wrote it though. I've seen the same picture posted by several athletes including Lander.

  5. 21 minutes ago, Its Always Sunny at IU said:

    Rick Barnes is recruiting very well at Tennessee. Lots of SEC football schools including Bama, LSU and Arkansas are bringing in big time players. I mean Tennesse and Alabama have never been to the Final Four, ever, yet are suddenly recruiting as well as Kentucky. 

    I wonder what it i$…

  6. 28 minutes ago, IUc2016 said:

    Yeah 7-5 wouldn't be ideal but this years schedule on paper looks tougher than the 7-5 season from two years ago. There could really be some marquee wins in those 7 that would make a lot of us happy. 

    Yeah a lot of it for me would depend on what that 7-5 looks like in terms of who we beat, what those wins look like, and what the losses look like. I can live with getting beat by teams like OSU and PSU if we’re not completely outclasses by them. I’d like to try to make it to the Penn State game as that’ll be the closest one to me this year. Would be awesome if we’re 4-0 heading into that one with wins against Iowa and Cincinnati. 

  7. 14 minutes ago, NashvilleHoosier said:

    Yeah I tend to agree with the sentiment that we still have a lot to prove as a program. But it's hard to deny the momentum we have right now, and even if he thought last season was a bit a fluke in some way, we still have a ton of talent returning. What's interesting is what if he's right and we go 7-5 but actually WIN a mid tier bowl game? I'd make the argument that we haven't lost any momentum in that scenario. 

    7-5 would be disappointing but a bowl win to put us 8-5 wouldn’t be anything to sneeze at. I’m hoping for 8-9 regular season wins and a bowl win to top it off. I am a little concerned that last year was a flukey season for us so I’m really hoping for a strong season to put that to bed. 

  8. Out of state IU players get the equivalent of $53k a year with the full COA. That’s the equivalent of $70k pre-tax. They also get a bunch of free gear and free media exposure. Would TJD get more than that on a free market? Yeah probably. (Obviously he’s in-state so not quite the same). But would Logan Duncomb? Probably not. Would a third string offensive lineman on iufb? Probably not. They shouldn’t pay players salaries as that would cause too many issues, but they definitely should let players get paid for their NIL. If a business wants to pay $5k for a commercial, let them.  

  9. 1 hour ago, Uspshoosier said:

    If IU pulls this out that would be a nice statement pulling a top 60’s kid out of ACC country.    Of the top  5 schools 4 of them are in the ACC.   If he wants to play closer to home not much IU can do about that 


    Syracuse is technically closer, but it’s really not close to home at all. We’re talking 7.5 hours compared to 9 for IU. 

  10. 7 minutes ago, lillurk said:

    Timing seems good for IU. Shaw seems pretty accurate with picks at Rivals, though, and has Cuse.

    If someone wants to move to upstate NY to play on sure fire 10 seeds for a grumpy Jim Boeheim, there’s nothing you could’ve done to get em

    Upstate NY is a great part of the country generally, but Syracuse isn’t a very nice city. Great mall, though. 

  11. 1 hour ago, DWB said:

    But at IU I hope Woody continues to add TEAM players. Not guys looking for recognition. If the team succeeds, everybody gets recognition. (some more than others)

    It’s not 1950 anymore. Guys want recognition. They want to get to the NBA because this is their career for them. They want to make it to the highest level of their profession, and they want to establish a fan base because that can help make them millions of dollars. And there isn’t anything wrong with that. “TEAM” players and guys who want recognition aren’t mutually exclusive, we’ve had plenty of guys in the past who wanted both and it worked out just fine. 

    Take Tamar Bates, for example. From social media I can tell that he and his family want recognition for Tamar. They want Tamar Bates to be a name every college basketball fan knows. But there’s nothing I’ve seen from any of them to suggest that he isn’t a “team” guy. 

  12. 17 minutes ago, Aaron said:

    People are entitled to vote for who they want and I don't judge them, but people have long complained on this board that IU trustees don't do enough for sports. Along come Eric and runs completely on a sports platform of making sure athletics gets money it needs and suddenly he is to weird.

    People are entitled to their opinion for sure, but if Eric loses and we have more money directed away from sports, I will be calling everyone out on here who complains, when they had a chance to vote for a guy who wants to enhance sports.

    I get Eric is a little crazy, but you cannot have everything, so ultimately people on here need to decide what bothers them more? Eric's strangeness or potential less money for sports? That what is the choice we are being faced with and everyone can make the decision they feel is best and I am comfortable with that, but their may be consequences no matter which way one goes. 



    Do we really have to choose between money getting diverted from sports and Eric “BFF Bracelets” Pankowski? Because those… aren’t great options. Admittedly I haven’t looked into the various candidates, but surely there’s a candidate out there who cares about sports but refrains from tweeting creepy things to high school athletes. 

    Also, you can both want money to not be diverted away from sports and not want him on the board of trustees. It’s a serious role and his online persona paints him as the exact opposite of that. Maybe he’s completely different in person, but he clearly puts himself out on the internet as a total goofball so the only conclusion I can draw is that’s how he wants to be seen. 

  13. 44 minutes ago, Aaron said:

    Look I get it. You don't like Eric. Others do and can see through his silliness and realize he is a great guy. You are entitled to vote for whoever you want and I respect that, but stop putting down people who see it differently than you. That is part of an election. People like different candidates and it does not make someone superior to someone else.  

    The guy is weird. I don’t want IU to have trustees who go running around creeping recruits out like he has done in the past. It makes IU look bad. 

    Like, this is just weird and would probably weird me out if I was a 17-18 year old recruit.

    And the tweets at Dawson Garcia a couple years ago were rather creepy. Not really the guy I’d want as a trustee. 



  14. Letting more teams play in the playoff would help combat players sitting out because they don’t want to play in a random bowl game. It would make the regular season a lot more competitive, imo. For any team not named Ohio State, Alabama, or Clemson your playoff chances almost disappear once you lose a game. With a bigger playoff they still have a chance. A bigger playoff would be a ton of fun.