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  1. Proud of the way they fault back. It would’ve been easy to just quit when we went down 35-7, and some previous iu teams would’ve done exactly that. Just too many unforced errors today to beat a team of Ohio State’s quality. I feel better about the Wisconsin game, though. If we tighten things up we have a good shot in that one. 

  2. 14 minutes ago, yogisballin said:

    Agree with you 110%....Another real big thing that sticks out to me is the swagger this bunch has. It is really exciting and fun to watch!

    Lastly, we finally have a little depth as well. For example, Last weekend seeing MP hobble a little bit in the second half. I started to worry but not for long. Bc we actually have a pretty damn good backup qb as well.

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    He was ranked highly, at least. Who knows what he's like as a college quarterback. He's thrown 11 in-game passes in three years since high school. 

  3. 38 minutes ago, rcs29 said:

    Awesome win! Not to downplay the win or to be negative but as I watch Maryland/PSU I'm starting to question just how good the competition has been so far. Outside of OSU I really don't know what to make of the B1G this year.

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    Definitely seems like a down year for the conference but I’m glad we’re taking advantage of it. 

  4. 2 minutes ago, TheWatShot said:

    It it was 1993, I might agree. It's 2020. We've missed the tournament more than we've made it in the last decade. Purdue was a crazy play away from a Final Four a couple years ago. We're pushing two decades since our last Final Four and haven't even made a regional final since then. They've also beaten us like 10 of the last 11 or something stupid like that. That stuff matters. 

    Despite that, we have more than twice as many guys in the NBA right now as Purdue, which Kaufman has said is one of his goals. West Lafayette is a dump and I can’t imagine why anyone would think “that’s where I want to spend my college years.” 

  5. 31 minutes ago, IUc2016 said:

    Wisconsin quarterback Graham Mertz reportedly tested positive for Covid 19. According to BIG rules he has to sit out 21 days if true.


    That would seemingly really hurt Wisconsin as they would be down to the 3rd string and have Nebraska, Purdue, and Michigan in the next three games.



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    21 days seems like an excessive amount of time to make them sit out..