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  1. 20 minutes ago, Honkyman said:

    Hoiosierfan2017: If he’s still starting then our new guys probably aren’t anywhere near as good as we think. 

    Of, Phinisee is as good as he seemed when he first got here. At that time he moved the offense and hit clutch shots. That Phinisee could be a real asset under Woodson's offense. 

    He seemed good when he first got here because he shot 45% from 3 in November and December 2018. He was on a hot streak and then suffered a concussion in December 2018. He’s never been the same player since. Maybe that’s just a coincidence, maybe the concussion is why he’s been different, but in the 74 games since then he’s shot 27.8% from 3 and 34.8% from the field. Idk, after how bad last year was I’m just ready for new blood at the guard spots. 

  2. 1 hour ago, Honkyman said:

    Woodson is not giving playing time to anyone who doesn't earn it.

    Which is why I’ll be really disappointed if he’s starting next year. A lot of our hopes rest with our perceived greatly improved backcourt. If he’s still starting then our new guys probably aren’t anywhere near as good as we think. 

  3. I really hope that we’re not in a position where Rob Phinisee is starting next fall. No offense to him, but I just don’t think he’s very good. He was a big reason for our struggles last year. He can be a good defender but I personally value offense a lot more in basketball than defense.  You need to score the ball to win. It doesn’t matter if you hold a team under 50 like we have in the past if you can’t score 50 points yourself. 

    He’s basically not a threat on offense at all. He’s a career 36% from the field and 29.8% from 3. We can blame it on Archie, but Archie was regularly yelling at him to run the ball up the court but he continued to walk it up slowly. Armaan made a big jump in spite of Archie, while Rob never has. 

    It’s possible that he makes a big jump, but I just don’t see it. He was a ~150 recruit who has played like one through 86 career college games. With Bates, Stewart, and Johnson, as well as Lander hopefully, I don’t see a lot of minutes for him next year. If we do then it will probably be because our other guards disappointed. 

  4. 5 minutes ago, Stuhoo said:

     It would be good. It would not be good enough for me. 

    I think we can do better than 5th but I’m trying to keep my expectations on the more conservative side after the past few years. 5th place and a tournament appearance would be great, though I do hope we get even more than that. 

  5. 2 minutes ago, Southside said:

    I'm pretty torn on several areas.

    At point, I really wonder if if Woodson will prioritize driving and ball handling over shooting. I can really envision any of the 3 starting at point. My gut though says Lander will get the start because A) they want Johnson playing as a drive/shooting capable wing that can be a second ball handler on the floor at the same time as the primary PG, and B) I think Lander might be the best combo option for handle/drive/dish, and more or less be a hyper active engine.

    We all know TJD will be 5. So that gives me 1, 2, and 5..... 3 and 4 are hard for me. I'm not sure what Woodson wants at 4 yet, and can see Kopp or Thompson there. I can see Kopp at 3 or 4 lol... I think I like the idea of TJD/Kopp/Thompson as being more or less the rotation at 4 and 5, with Thompson bouncing back and forth. So that leaves me with 3. Now I don't know if Parker holds off Bates lol...

    All in all, such a better feeling about depth and possibility than last season.



    I could definitely see Lander starting. I think Bates/Lander/Stewart/Johnson will be competing for the three 1-3 spots by the time we get to conference play.

  6. I did mine as the lineup I think we will see by the time Big 10 season gets here. 


    Lander first pg off bench, Hunter first wing off bench, Thompson first 4 off bench. 

    I think those will be our top 8 guys come conference season. Lander instead of Phinisee is probably controversial, but I'm low on Phinisee. Through 3 seasons he's been pretty much the same player throughout. In 86 games he has shot 36% from the field, 29.8% from 3, and 67.5% from the line. He was a big reason for our guard struggles last year. I expect Lander to show us why he was the top pg in his class before he reclassified. He'll have a full offseason this year as well as a coach whose offensive system fits his game. 

    Thompson could get the nod at the starting 4, but I like Kopp there because of his ability to stretch the floor.

    That starting lineup has 3 guys you can't leave open behind the arc. It also has three guys who have shot 76%, 78%, and 85% from the free throw line in college, as well as Bates who shot 88% from the line in high school. 

  7. 5 minutes ago, IU-DL said:

    I'm not scared of K or Cal anymore. Woody, in my mind, is a man of the people and a man on a mission. My neighbor's kid, who is an incoming sophomore at IU, is buddies with a bunch of guys on the team. He said they absolutely LOVE CMW. So...rat face and slime ball can try and go toe-to-toe with CMW. Until proven wrong, I'll bet on IU. Now Howard at Michigan....his recruiting ability scares me.

    Pretty soon other coaches will be able to use “Coach K might even be there if you stay for 4 years” against Duke. He’s 74 years old. He’ll be 75 before this kid graduates, and he’ll turn 76 during this kid’s freshman season. 

  8. 28 minutes ago, Chris007 said:

    Hunter to the Portal, Justin Taylor coming for a visit. Is what I’m hearing tonight.

    Interesting. Hunter had just today posted pictures of him at practice on Instagram. Not sure how I'd feel about it. He has the perfect height and length for the small forward position. Just not sure he'll ever get to where we thought he'd get before his injury. 

  9. Rupp Rafters is hilarious right now. Talks of “we need to start paying players.” Absolutely delusional. 

    “NCAA is an absolute laughing stock. Coaches caught by the FBI and still allowed to coach, recruit and compete in the NCAAT. Of course part of it is the AD and school administrators for having little to no ethics or integrity. Lawyer up and deny any wrongdoing. What a joke!!!”

    “I don’t necessarily care about this recruit but if NCAA is just gonna let everyone cheat, f it, let’s even the playing field with some Kentucky/horses/bourbon/etc. $$$$”

    “I’m sorry but with the spineless NCAA we need to start to pay dudes if that’s what it takes. I’m sick of seeing LSU get on everybody’s list because they pay whatever it takes.”

  10. 20 minutes ago, IUfan_Charlie said:

    Jalen Suggs is an outlier though because he was on a top 2 team and hit an insane shot. That won’t happen for most of these guys. Jalen Green has the type of game that draws eyes in the NBA and he has a lot of star potential imo. Emoni has been hyped as the next KD since he was in middle school and has been living up to the hype every step of the way. 

    Zion is another guy who was helped by playing in college. Obviously he was great, but RJ was the more hyped recruit than him going into Duke. Then in college Zion became the top star. I think that the G League will be a good option for a few kids a year. The very tippy top of 5 stars. But i still expect the majority of 5 star types to come to college, especially with NIL changes and all that reducing the income difference soon. 

  11. 1 hour ago, IUfan_Charlie said:

    He’s so good that it doesn’t make any sense for him to play college ball. Go make $500K and play against pros. No brainer to me. Worked out for Jalen Green. 

    It worked out for him in the sense that he got half a million dollars and will be a top draft pick, which is the end goal really. But I’m still not sold on the G League as a legitimate competitor for top talent. I don’t think Jalen Green is known by casual fans. No one really watches the G League. Jalen Suggs is a household name now because of his NCAA tournament performance. That was worth more than $500k in the long run, imo. The G League offers money of course but you can’t beat the exposure the NCAA gives you. 

  12. 3 minutes ago, Stuhoo said:

    Your post is true.

    However, as I frequently say to my kids "It's not what you're saying, it's how you're saying it" that's the problem.


    I don’t know his past or his personality or anything, so I was just seeing the video in a vacuum and didn’t think it was anything unusual. Reading more about him I can see why it’s problematic. 

  13. 4 minutes ago, IUc2016 said:

    He is not a high school player so no it is not the same.  It is an announcement to an announcement video that flips a middle finger to his former team.

    This is more of what he does. It is all about Adam Miller, if you haven't followed any of his drama

    I haven’t followed his drama, but the people on Rupp Rafters seem to think his mom is the problem. They’re also complaining about LSU cheating which is ironic as hell, but that’s a convo for a different thread. 

  14. 1 minute ago, Stuhoo said:


    It's Miller's prerogative, but for me? 

    It's not a good look at all.

    Without the video saying as much, it strongly conveys "me" over "team."


    Well, he’s in the portal so he doesn’t have a team right now. I don’t have any issue in a kid trying to generate interest for himself and his decision.