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  1. Hoosierfan2017

    IndianaMBB Account on Snapchat

    Some of the captions are pretty stupid, but what really irritates me is when they get in the way of the video. I don't care if Yogi has a flamethrower, I just want to watch what's happening.
  2. Hoosierfan2017

    Now that thons off the board for this season

    Burton's going to be at the end of the bench either way. Why let it go to waste when a good kid could get a year of free college? Reward him for his hard work if an impact player can't be brought in with it.
  3. Hoosierfan2017

    LeBron James not a class athlete?

    If you play with Kobe if you want to win then no one in the NBA wants to win because the Lakers can't get any major free agents to even consider playing for them.
  4. Hoosierfan2017

    Antonio Allen

    If they've got him on video selling the drugs, why would the prosecutor offer a plea deal? It seems like it will be a pretty easy case for the State to win. I'm not a lawyer though so I'm sure there's reasons behind offering a plea, if one is eventually offered.
  5. Hoosierfan2017

    Antonio Allen

    I assume he lived with other football players so I'd imagine they'd have some knowledge of what he was involved with. Hopefully that's the extent of their involvement, if they were involved at all.
  6. Hoosierfan2017

    Antonio Allen

    Just posted this a couple days ago too. I guess he had a skewed understanding of "legal."
  7. Hoosierfan2017

    UM Graduate Transfer Max Bielfeldt To IU

    Absolutely this. Max could go the whole season without scoring a point and still be an invaluable member of our team. Thomas Bryant's going to learn what it takes to bang in the Big Ten from the very beginning.
  8. Hoosierfan2017

    UM Graduate Transfer Max Bielfeldt To IU

    I don't care where we ranked on his list of choices, we're his final decision and that's all that matters to me. Come on down Max!
  9. Hoosierfan2017

    IU Trustee Election

    But can he get us Brad Stevens? If so, he'd have my vote (if this was two years from now when I'll be a graduate.) In all seriousness though, good luck to him. It's always good when those in power are passionate about the program as well as the university as a whole.
  10. Hoosierfan2017

    Isaac Griffith arrested for OWI

    I'm not sure I follow unless your post was sarcasm. My near-death college experience would be at the hands of my parents if I ever did something like drive under the influence or get arrested for weed.
  11. Hoosierfan2017

    Isaac Griffith arrested for OWI

    What is it with IU athletes almost dying and then making stupid decisions afterwards?
  12. Hoosierfan2017

    Where will our transfers commit to?

    Hanner still has trouble catching the ball.. Until he fixes that we won't be seeing him play professionally anywhere. He'd be best off sitting out a year and only working on the fundamentals. He doesn't have any right now.
  13. Hoosierfan2017

    Swanigan to PU

    Hope his handler bought him a few pairs of nose plugs, he'll need them.
  14. Hoosierfan2017

    DD And Hanner gone

    You might not have any problem with them smoking weed, but I don't think that's really the point here. The part that upsets me, and probably others, is their complete disregard for university policies and refusal to alter their lifestyles after being given second chances to play basketball at Indiana University. Heck, Devin was given a second chance at life but it doesn't seem like his decision making has improved at all. It's just unfortunate that they didn't make better choices.
  15. Then those guys can pack their bags too and follow Devin out the door. Smoking weed in the dorms of all places shows that they really have no respect for authority or fear of punishment. If the threat of being kicked off the team if they get caught isn't enough to stop them then it shows how little they care about playing basketball for IU.
  16. Is Hanner still on probation? If so I guess his suspended jail sentence isn't a big enough deal to him to stay away from risky situations.
  17. Hoosierfan2017

    Blackmon Jr returning to IU

    He must realllly dislike Coach Crean if he is legitimately considering the NBA draft.  I can't think of any other explanation why he would give up another year at the greatest school in the country to go play in the D League or some European country. His family definitely doesn't need the money.   C'mon James, you'll get as much playing time and as many shot attempts as you want next season!  And then you can head off to the NBA and make your millions.  We all win!
  18. Hoosierfan2017

    (2015) C Thomas Bryant to IU

    Love seeing a top recruit so excited to be a Hoosier!
  19. Hoosierfan2017

    How Good Can We Be?

    As good as they want to be.  Coach Crean likely have one of the most talented rosters on paper in the NCAA.  I really hope the players recognize that they have the opportunity for something special next season and work their butts off this summer to reach it. 
  20. Hoosierfan2017

    (2015) C Thomas Bryant to IU

    My excitement for next season did a 180 in the time it took me to read the announcement.  Now I'm wishing Hoosier Hysteria was tomorrow!
  21. Hoosierfan2017

    (2015) C Thomas Bryant to IU

    I never post on here but I do read a lot of the threads.  Anyway, I've been posting on yik yak to let as many students as possible know about Bryant visiting tomorrow and how important it is we don't boo the team or coach.  I encourage any other IU students on this forum to do the same.
  22. Hoosierfan2017

    Devin Davis injured/Emmitt Holt cited for DUI

      The freshmen players live in Briscoe, right across the street from the stadium.  However, Devin, along with the other non-freshmen players, lives in the Union Street Apartments along 10th street.  I have to make the trek from there for all the basketball/football games (unless I get lucky and have a ride) and it's a good 20+ minute walk... So, I feel confident in saying that whatever the reason he was dropped off at the stadium, it wasn't to walk 20 minutes back to his room at 1:00 in the morning on a freezing cold Halloween night.