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    hoosierbgh reacted to Stuhoo in IU Basketball News and Notes   
    Duncomb is gonna start a fight this year. 
    Love it.
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    hoosierbgh reacted to Brass Cannon in Big Ten's Top Players (22-23)   
    Good thing college basketball is a bigs game and good guards are just a bonus……
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    hoosierbgh reacted to Stuhoo in Big Ten's Top Players (22-23)   
    Kaufman could be really excellent.
    Their guards could really suck.
    The former will not compensate for the latter.
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    hoosierbgh reacted to woodenshoemanHoosierfan in Hoosier Hysteria - Oct. 7 2022   
    Sounds like my youngest around that age(early 2000's). He just turned 26 and listens to 70s and 80s rock and Country. Smart man 
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    hoosierbgh reacted to Josh in Hoosier Hysteria - Oct. 7 2022   
    What if I told you that John Fogerty wasn't Born on the Bayou?  He was born in an upscale neighborhood in California.  Rob Zombie says he can never die, but he most certainly will.  Freddie Mercury really did not have a thing for fat bottom girls.
    I think I'm going to need more than "he was not a car mechanic"
    Billy rules!
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    hoosierbgh reacted to Stuhoo in Hoosier Hysteria - Oct. 7 2022   
    The Old Fart conundrum:
    Kid: "Old Fart dad, I just got the new Perry Como and Anne Murray releases. Can we play them?"
    Old Fart: "Get that new age hippie thug **** out of my sight. We're a Lawrence Welk house."
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    hoosierbgh got a reaction from woodenshoemanHoosierfan in Hoosier Hysteria - Oct. 7 2022   
    Yes, for me the negotiation would go something like this:
    Kids: Can we listen to something obnoxious and loosely associated with music?
    Me: Are you paying for the car? Insurance? Gas? 
    Me: No? Then, enjoy your ear buds.
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    hoosierbgh got a reaction from Stuhoo in Hoosier Hysteria - Oct. 7 2022   
    I prefer intelligence gathering methods that don't require self torture. I also need calmer, more soothing music while driving in traffic or else the objectionable content that they hear may not be coming from their music, lol!
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    hoosierbgh reacted to woodenshoemanHoosierfan in Hoosier Hysteria - Oct. 7 2022   
    If I'm driving, it's what I want to listen too.

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    hoosierbgh reacted to MikeRoberts in (2024) - C Flory Bidunga   
    I got a text from a friend that is a friend of someone on staff in July saying Woodson told them he was all in  - job for Drew,  NIL for Flory whatever it took
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    hoosierbgh reacted to Stuhoo in (2024) - C Flory Bidunga   
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    hoosierbgh reacted to Hovadipo in IU Basketball News and Notes   
    He was probably a top-2 PG in the last couple weeks of the season and I’m not sure he was #2. 
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    hoosierbgh reacted to lillurk in IU Basketball News and Notes   
    I had told someone — maybe my brother? Maybe I posted it here somewhere? — that someday he’d get under an opposing star’s skin in a big game and throw him off, swinging the game 
    I realized this offseason that he already did! Obviously Ivey had a great second half when PU lost at IU last winter, but part of the reason IU hung in there in the first half was that Ivey was off his game, got a T throwing Trey to the ground, etc.
    And yes, his jumper is a swing skill for him as a player and for the team.
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    hoosierbgh reacted to Class of '66 Old Fart in Hoosier Hysteria - Oct. 7 2022   
    Definitely disappointing to me.  I was really hoping for the Lawrence Welk Tribute Band.
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    hoosierbgh reacted to Demo in College Bball Thread   
    IU fans again showing their discernment. Anyone who doesn’t respect the hell out of what that guy’s done just wasn’t paying attention.
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    hoosierbgh reacted to btownqb in Mike Woodson and His Coaching Staff   
    I see "Crean and Archie" grouped together a lot, and I certainly understand why..... but to be clear, Crean is about 10x the coach as Archie and I enjoyed our teams play under Crean 100000x more than I did under Archie. 
    As some mentioned, Phinisee is just not a good player, the same should be said about Archie. He isn't a good coach and he certainly developed no one. 
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    hoosierbgh reacted to rcs29 in Colts / NFL Game Thread   
    Would like this to not be taken the wrong way but I'm sure it will. Why, from his perspective, would he show remorse for something he claims he never did? This is a "my word against theirs" case. 23 of the 24 cases have been settled and 2 grand juries declined to indict him. Point is that's all it'll ever be is a case of speculation. Did he do some sleazy stuff? Idk, maybe, probably. Are some of the allegations against him trumped up or exaggerated? Idk, maybe, probably. He will have sat out 1 2/3 seasons in the NFL. At what point are you satisfied with suspension? Should he never play again? Were his allegations so much worse than say Tyreek Hill, Ray Lewis, Kareem Hunt, Michael Vick...list goes on and on? Kids should be taught not to look at pro athletes or anyone of the like as a role model for personal conduct. Even the one's that seem to be super duper swell are probably not quite that. Can they look up to their athletic performance and on-field conduct? Absolutely. But for some type of moral compass? Yikes that's just not a good idea and there needs to be a distinction made between the 2 and that's the job of a parent or guardian. Mob mentality is a very strong thing in our world today and unfortunately it can, does and will ruin people's lives that may very well have never deserved it. I'm not saying that's the case here because idk but I'm also not going to stand on either hill for that same reason, idk.

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    hoosierbgh reacted to cthomas in (2024) PF - Derik Queen   
    Since it's early September, I'm not going to worry too much about how the next class is going to finish out. I think we are in for the best season we have had in a long time. And I think that will put us on the map. We will get enough talent to compete and then it will be up to the staff to make them better. I have more faith in this staff than any since the Knight years. I don't believe that we have had anyone running the program who cares as much as CMW in probably a couple of decades. That alone makes me think we will be ok.
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    hoosierbgh reacted to IU Scott in (2024) PF - Derik Queen   
    I care for the program as anyone and have witnessed 3 national championships but don't have to try to find negative in every situation.
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    hoosierbgh got a reaction from HoosierHoopster in PIZZA   
    Bloomington has several options for decent and relatively inexpensive pizza but no really good pizza or at least none that I ever had. 
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    hoosierbgh reacted to btownqb in Xavier Arrested...   
    Dude, you get entirely too personal. This is sports.
    I know and understand the story about XJ. Stop telling me that I don't. I have all the info. 
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    hoosierbgh reacted to Uspshoosier in Hoosier Fan Fest   
    He will be doing  his junior official later in the fall.   You want recruits on campus multiple times if possible.   The fact he made an unofficial visit to this event while also planning a junior year official visit later is a really good thing 
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    hoosierbgh reacted to Hovadipo in Hoosier Fan Fest   
    Why would a kid blow an official on the weekend of an event that the coaches can't even go to? Are we really complaining about an event that's putting money in players' pockets?
    It must be August.
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    hoosierbgh reacted to WayneFleekHoosier in Hoosier Fan Fest   
    The event seemed to be enjoyed by the fans and the players.  That is all that should matter about an event like this.  You are right on.  
    On a side note, and maybe they are, but wouldn't this be an easy way to disguise big donor money.  hint, hint.  maybe........
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    hoosierbgh reacted to BGleas in IU Basketball News and Notes   
    My expectation is that Malik Reneau is pretty similar to a freshmen TJD in terms of talent. He won't have the same opportunity that TJD had as a freshmen because Reneau is coming into a much more talented team, but he should have a big impact on IU this season and should contribute from the beginning. He'll allow both TJD and Race Thompson to play less minutes and be more fresh for the postseason. 
    I expect that he'll be a pretty big upgrade over Michael Durr and a sophomore Geronimo. How he'll compare to a junior Geronimo remains to be seen. Either way, IU will have one of the best interior rotations in the country.