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  1. Sad
    Crimson and Cream reacted to bluegrassIU in milehiiu has passed away.   
    Sorry gang, not sure where to put this. So soon after losing CC, we have lost mile. I know he had many friends here.
  2. Thanks
    Crimson and Cream reacted to Class of '66 Old Fart in (2019) SG Armaan Franklin to IU   
    Zach Osterman - Indianapolis Star
     “I need a rim.” 
    Armaan Franklin had been home a week, maybe. 
    The college basketball season abruptly shut down, and IU’s campus along with it, so Franklin moved back in March. Normally, India Franklin wouldn’t need to worry about this. Armaan was away at college most of the time, and Indianapolis is hardly starved for gym space. But COVID-19 shut everyone’s doors. Armaan couldn’t even get into the practice facility in Bloomington. The season was over, but there would be a new one eventually, and he was desperate to get shots up. 
    “I’m like, ‘You need a what?’” India Franklin, his mother, said laughing. 
    They got one. Put it up that night. The next day, Armaan Franklin started working toward his sophomore season. 
    “It was like a week into quarantine I realized I wasn’t really doing much,” he said. “I brought it up to my mom, could we go get a basketball hoop? We went half on it. We set it up that night. The next day I was just out there shooting.”
    The Franklins had just moved to Greenwood. They were relatively new to the neighborhood. As the weather warmed up and neighbors walked by, they gawked at the sight — Franklin, 6-4, clothed head to toe in team gear, hoisting jumper after jumper. “Do you play at Indiana?” they’d ask, stopping to introduce themselves to the new IU basketball player next door. 
    They were among the first witnesses to an offseason during which a determined Franklin transformed himself from reserve freshman to indispensable starter, at both ends of the floor. 
    Becoming a complete player
    After Armaan Franklin scored a career-best 19 points on a career-best five 3-pointers Sunday, in a routine win over North Alabama, IU coach Archie Miller suggested “that’s going to be the Armaan we get used to seeing, consistently knocking the open ones in.”
    It was a welcome forecast for IU fans, who remain desperate for more consistent long-range shooting. 
    But Miller’s comments came in the middle of a wider-ranging discussion of Franklin’s emergence as a multi-faceted impact player early in his sophomore season. Franklin has been IU’s backcourt scorer, best guard rebounder and best perimeter defender through the first six games of a season now more than 20% complete. 
    Franklin enters Saturday’s Crossroads Classic meeting with Butler averaging 10.5 points, 5.7 rebounds and 2.7 assists. He’s shooting 36.8% from behind the arc. 
    And Jason Delaney has seen this all before. 
    When Franklin moved from Fishers to Cathedral, he arrived a 6-3 power forward who’d averaged 3.5 rebounds per game the season before. 
    Cathedral didn’t see him that way. Delaney and his staff saw Franklin as a guard, one unnaturally mature for his age. Not physically, although Franklin was more talented than most players around him. But mentally, emotionally, intangibly. 
    When coaches say the best players get their offense going with their defense, they don’t necessarily mean that cliche literally. What they’re saying is that the best players understand how many ways there are to impact a basketball game. That a guard crashing the glass changes transition offense. That shutting down an opponent’s best player is worth as much as 15 points at the other end. 
    That, if you do those things, every bucket only multiplies your impact. 
    “We say it all the time: There’s no reason a guard cannot rebound. Here he was playing point guard for us, and it was the first time in his life he’d played point guard,” Delaney said. “Now he’s averaging seven rebounds per game and his scoring is exploding also.”
    A wholistic view of basketball came naturally for Armaan. He grew up on the game. India’s sister, Coquese Washington, played collegiately and professionally, spent 12 years as head coach at Penn State and is now on staff at Notre Dame. Armaan’s older brothers always pushed him, and his trainer, Lloyd McBride did the same. 
    Even separate from all that, India Franklin saw her son consuming basketball differently.
    “He was either three or four,” she said. “He would get up in the morning before he had to go to daycare and watch SportsCenter. I thought that was the weirdest thing in the world. Why is this kid always up? Why is he always watching this? That was his morning routine: He was up, eating his breakfast, watching SportsCenter every morning. 
    “I think he did more than just watch the game. I think he studied it a lot when he was younger.”
    At Cathedral, Armaan embraced the idea of being a complete player, and his impact escalated. 
    He averaged 23.0 points, 7.8 rebounds and 3.8 assists as a junior, acting as both creator and scorer. And yet it was fitting — perhaps affirming — that his defense first rose him above the Doppler floor at the high-major level. 
    “I remember the night of his first two big-time offers, Butler and Xavier. They came on the bus-ride home from a tournament in Richmond,” Cathedral coach Jason Delaney said. “We played Tindley in the championship and he held (future Purdue guard) Eric Hunter to 15 points and did a great job — I believe seven of those (points) were free throws — and he scored 30 on the other end. On the bus ride home, Xavier offered and Butler offered.”
    Finding his way at IU
    The offers didn’t stop there. 
    They went hand in hand with Cathedral’s success, to which Franklin was a central figure. He was a three-year starter for the Irish, winning a City tournament title each of those seasons. Franklin would be selected as an Indiana All-Star in the summer after his senior year. 
    By the time he was ready to sign, Butler, Clemson, Louisville, DePaul and Ohio State had offered as well. But IU, Purdue and Xavier made up his final three, and he committed to the Hoosiers in September of his senior season. Once in Bloomington, he wasted little time finding the floor, starting his first nine college games. 
    “Freshman year,” India Franklin said, “he kind of got thrown into the fire early.” 
    Armaan Franklin carved himself a role on defense first, unusual for a freshman. His shooting could burn hot and cold, but Miller came to trust him at the other end of the floor. 
    India Franklin watched her son learning on the fly. She remembered conversations the family had had with Miller during the recruiting process about helping Armaan reach his goals, and watched as he started working toward them. 
    “He has always been a both-ends-of-the-floor player, always,” she said. “That’s something that was pretty much engrained in him. You can’t just play offense. You’ve got to play defense. He got that early and it just carried over as he played up different levels.”
    The signature moment of Franklin’s freshman season came in the event IU will return to Saturday, the Crossroads Classic. 
    Coming off the bench by that point, he exploded in his hometown, scoring 17 points. Franklin hit 4-of-5 3-pointers that day — a career mark he only just bettered last weekend — including a crucial corner 3 to counterpunch Notre Dame’s furious late rally and clinch an important win for Indiana. 
    In fact, Franklin’s best scoring performances of his freshman season both came at Bankers Life Fieldhouse. He also finished the Nebraska win in the Big Ten tournament with 13 points and eight rebounds. India Franklin could see her son’s confidence beginning to balloon. Armaan had been here before, in high school. She had a good idea what might come next. 
    Which made the cancellation of the season doubly painful. Not only did IU lose an opportunity to go to the NCAA tournament, Armaan lost that late-season momentum. Days later, he asked his mother for a basketball hoop.
    Becoming indispensable
    India Franklin didn’t stop with the rim. 
    She got bikes for both her and her son, and encouraged him to ride regularly for cardio training. His brothers stayed on Armaan about push-ups, sit-ups — anything to keep his physical strength up. She even rebounded for Armaan when he shot in the driveway.
    “She would try to play one on one,” Armaan said, grinning. “I didn’t like that.”
    Even amid trying circumstances, with gyms closed and his team shut down, Franklin set his mind to taking his game to another level. 
    “I always tell him and I just told him the other day, write your goals down where you can see them every day,” India Franklin said. “Make sure you know what your goals are. Whatever they are, week to week, game to game, write them down every day and keep them where you can see them, so you know what you’re working on.”
    Those goals are being realized.
    Franklin’s standard statistical averages are all improved from a season ago. So are his advanced numbers. 
    His assist rate is up, and his turnover rate is down. His steal rate has more than doubled, and he’s committing fewer fouls per 40 minutes while drawing more. He’s rebounding the ball at what Miller termed “an extremely high rate for a guard,” his defensive rebounding percentage currently highest among IU starters — higher, even, than Race Thompson or Trayce Jackson-Davis.
    “Just playing both ends of the floor,” Franklin said Sunday. “A complete, two-way player, that’s what I strive to be. I’m working toward that every day. (There are) things I could still improve on defensively and offensively, so it’s just about working on those things and just trying to be a complete player.”
    Miller also relies on Franklin as a primary perimeter cover defensively, and Franklin hasn’t let him down so far. 
    He drew IU’s toughest assignment at Florida State, guarding 6-9 guard Scottie Barnes. Franklin held Barnes to just nine points, but Barnes got the last word, a banked-in floater in overtime that proved the game winner. 
    Shortly afterward, Delaney fired off a text to his former player. 
    “I said, ‘Listen you did everything you could on that last possession. Keep working, keep your head up,’” Delaney said. “He texted me back and he said, ‘Coach, I appreciate it, but we’re going to be real good.’” 
    In the months ahead, Indiana might well prove Franklin correct. But not independent of him — the sophomore from Cathedral will play a pivotal role this season in determining just how high this team’s ceiling rises.
    “He’s evolved into a guy I think we can rely on not only at both ends of the floor, but a guy in big moments, to put the ball in his hands as well,” Miller said. “He’s shown the ability to drive and get fouled, shown the ability to score in different ways, but he’s also been very accountable, in terms of me and the coaches, and our staff, not worrying about him. … 
    “As he continues to embrace the little things, as he continues to take pride in those things, some of the other things that stand out on a stat sheet will continue to evolve even more.”
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    Crimson and Cream reacted to Str8Hoosiers in Thomas Bryant - Washington Wizards   
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    Crimson and Cream reacted to Class of '66 Old Fart in Yogi Ferrell - Cleveland Cavaliers   
    Yogi joining up with Juwan Morgan on the Utah Jazz.
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    Crimson and Cream reacted to JaybobHoosier in Give Coach Tom Allen a MONSTER extension.   
    Congratulations to Coach Allen for being name B1G coach of the year! Very deserved (so was NW) and thrilled he is our coach!

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    Crimson and Cream reacted to WayneFleekHoosier in Give Coach Tom Allen a MONSTER extension.   
    Being proud of IUFB is just absolutely awesome. Thanks Tom Allen.

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    Crimson and Cream reacted to Class of '66 Old Fart in Give Coach Tom Allen a MONSTER extension.   
    And now this:  Named B1G Coach of the Year
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    Crimson and Cream reacted to Class of '66 Old Fart in Give Coach Tom Allen a MONSTER extension.   
    Moments ago on Dakich:
    Tom Allen on the @dandakich  show: "I'm the head coach of Indiana, and this is where I want to be. Love this place. We have not accomplished our goals here."
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    Crimson and Cream reacted to Treesh in Give Coach Tom Allen a MONSTER extension.   
    I’m here to tell you, he’s not going anywhere. I can confirm this. 
    he’ll get paid and he’ll get offers elsewhere. He’s retiring here. 
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    Crimson and Cream reacted to Brass Cannon in Give Coach Tom Allen a MONSTER extension.   
    Give him money for a proper staff 
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    Crimson and Cream reacted to Banksyrules in Give Coach Tom Allen a MONSTER extension.   
    It’s time folks.  This is way different than the Tom Crean Extension.  
    1. He’s established a program. Not done in one year.
    2. Built stability to the point that we just beat Wisconsin with our backup (though good) quarterback.
    3. Have we ever been ranked this high?
    4. Good Football programs mean good money coming in that goes to other sports.
    5. The kids love him.
    6. Even if we become just a top 10-20  for a few years, that’s waaaaaay better than we have been. Eveeeeeeeeeer.
    None. There are none. In fact we need to start a go fund me just  in case.  
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    Crimson and Cream reacted to Naturalhoosier in College Football Thread   
    Sigh. I miss CCG. :(
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    Crimson and Cream reacted to Class of '66 Old Fart in 2022 General Recruiting Thread   
    I made this statement elsewhere, but we are really fortunate in Indiana that our boys and girls high school basketball seasons are underway.  There have been cancellations and athletic directors have done yeoman work to find replacement games but all in all, we're playing more games than not.
    You've not seen a lot of game stats or summaries for most of our non-Indiana '22 offerees and the simple reason for that is COVID-19.  Here is a quick summary of what's going on in other states and a quick note of thanks to @Naturalhoosier for helping me out with the east coast.   Final comment --  all of the dates you'll see below are obviously subject to change on a moment's notice.
    Florida – Season underway since Nov. 20; no cancellations to date
    Jalen Hood-Schifino – Montverde Academy Justice Williams – Montverde Academy Illinois – Season completely on hold.  In October, Gov. Pritzker said basketball would not be allowed to start until spring.  The IHSA hopes to meet with representatives from the governor’s office and the Illinois Dept. of Health before year end and hopeful that more clarification will be obtained.
    A.      J. Casey  - Young HS Maryland – As of 12/7/20, schools could start practice; regular games on 1/4/21 in accordance with the state’s metrics.  These 3 schools do not have any schedules available at this time
    Favour Aire – Bishop McNamara Rodney Rice – DeMatha Masai Troutman – St. Andrew’s Episcopal Massachusetts -  Practices underway for several weeks; first games permitted to start 12/14.  Currently NMH does not have a published schedule.  Number of rule changes in effect for this season the biggest of which is players must wear masks.  the jump ball will be eliminated, so one team will throw the ball in at mid-court to start the game. There will be no halftime, time between quarters will be increased to two minutes and 30 seconds, and timeouts will be one minute, 15 seconds to allow for extra sanitizing.
    Free throw lanes are limited to four players and will remain empty unless a possible rebound is involved. During dead-ball situations, offensive plays in the front-court will start from the free-throw line extended instead of on the baseline. Team representatives will notify officials if they plan to foul at or near the end of the game, and a light tag will replace a wrap-up.
    Players should avoid high-fiving, picking one another up, and spitting, and social distancing is encouraged whenever possible. Mask breaks may be necessary if players are breathing heavily, but the consensus is that they’ll have no problem coping.
    Avery Brown – Northfield Mount Hermon Michigan – Season underway; Ypsi with a limited schedule as this is its first year of existence.
    Shawn Phillips – Ypsi Prep Missouri – Season underway.
    Tarris Reed – Chaminade HS New Hampshire - Season can commence 1/29/21.
    Alex Karaban - New Hampton HS New Jersey –  On Nov. 20, it was announced basketball could start practices on 12/14 and games on 1/4/21.
    Zion Cruz – The Patrick School Ohio – Season permitted to start 11/20.  Counties located in the vicinity of Case Western hit especially hard and lots of cancellations.  CWR has no games until late January.
    Chris Livingston – Case Western Reserve Virginia – Regular games can commence 1/21/21.
    Tyler Nickel – East Rockingham HS Justin Taylor – St. Anne’s-Belfield HS West Virginia – Practice can start 1/11/21; games on 1/29/21.
    Isaac McKneeley – Poca HS
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    Crimson and Cream reacted to Class of '66 Old Fart in College Bball Thread   
    Another postivie update on Keyontae Johnson.
    Gators Athletic Director Stricklin said on @ESPNGainesville that Keyontae Johnson has progressed. He’s been sitting up, having good conversations, laughing and smiling. He also says Johnson is still going through more tests.
  15. Haha
    Crimson and Cream reacted to NashvilleHoosier in Parker Stewart - Grad Transfer to INDIANA   
    We'll be filing suit against the statkeepers of the state of Indiana to have the last game's 3 point field goals removed from the records. Press conference at 3pm in front of Simon Scott's Assembly and Pull-a-part junkyard. 
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    Crimson and Cream reacted to hoosierbgh in Parker Stewart - Grad Transfer to INDIANA   
    I haven't seen anyone say Stewart makes us BIG title contenders and I would hope no one seriously thinks that is the case. The roster is not full of Parker Stewarts either. So while it is a lovely strawman that you've constructed it has absolutely no bearing on the actual situation. 
    IF, and it's not an insignificant if at this point, Stewart can play competent defense and make some shots then he will help fill the most glaring weakness of this team. Often enough one small piece can make a big difference if it is the right piece. Can Stewart be that piece? Before he's even played a game for us is just a bit too soon to determine that. However, given that the current team often doesn't have the confidence in itself to even make open shots, I like the addition of a player that not only has shown some ability to make open shots but has demonstrated the confidence to keep shooting and at least some ability to manufacture and make tough shots as well. 
    As it stands now this team plays pretty solid defense and has a very, very talented post player. A team like that which has a hot shooting game or two can do a lot of damage in a win or go home tournament. Anyone that can possibly contribute to the team getting hot is a worthwhile addition, especially when we have the room. 
  17. Haha
    Crimson and Cream reacted to mamasa in Parker Stewart - Grad Transfer to INDIANA   
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    Crimson and Cream got a reaction from JaybobHoosier in Parker Stewart - Grad Transfer to INDIANA   
    I'm no expert on Parker Stewart, I've admittedly only seen a handful of highlight montages on YT. But it seemed like he was acting as the pg an awful lot at UTM. But when you see his freshman highlights at Pitt it's almost all catch and shoot 3's. Seems to me maybe UTM had him handling the ball far too much out of necessity which hurt his offensive efficiency shooting the ball. Here he can just be a catch and shoot 2 guard again like he was at Pitt (except with much more talent around him). 
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    Crimson and Cream got a reaction from JaybobHoosier in Parker Stewart - Grad Transfer to INDIANA   
    I'm no expert on Parker Stewart, I've admittedly only seen a handful of highlight montages on YT. But it seemed like he was acting as the pg an awful lot at UTM. But when you see his freshman highlights at Pitt it's almost all catch and shoot 3's. Seems to me maybe UTM had him handling the ball far too much out of necessity which hurt his offensive efficiency shooting the ball. Here he can just be a catch and shoot 2 guard again like he was at Pitt (except with much more talent around him). 
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    Crimson and Cream reacted to Class of '66 Old Fart in College Bball Thread   
    Very good news on the condition of Keyontae Johnson.

  21. Haha
    Crimson and Cream reacted to JaybobHoosier in College Bball Thread   
    Him and his dad are right, needs to be shooting more jump shots 🤦‍♂️

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    Crimson and Cream reacted to Uspshoosier in Parker Stewart - Grad Transfer to INDIANA   
    Committed to Indiana 
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    Crimson and Cream reacted to Chips&Dipo in (2021) SF - Aminu Mohammed to Georgetown   
    Jawaun Morgan started in an NBA playoff game for the Utah Jazz last year and Romeo Langford plays for Boston.
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    Crimson and Cream reacted to Class of '66 Old Fart in College Bball Thread   
    Maybe a little encouraging news.
    From the Florida Bball Twitter account in the last hour:   Official update from Florida on Keyontae Johnson. They say Johnson remains in critical but stable condition, and is following simple commands.
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    Crimson and Cream reacted to WayneFleekHoosier in College Bball Thread   

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