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  1. Crimson and Cream

    Juwan Morgan - Utah Jazz

    Glad he's ok but still hate to see that happen when he was going to have a few games where he could play more minutes
  2. Crimson and Cream

    2019-2020 NBA Thread

    Bosh is just pulling the classic "I use to be relevant and I'm not anymore so I'm going to stir up some drama to make myself feel better" move that many athletes make when everyone's forgotten them. My only memory of him from the Heat was George dunking all over his ugly dinosaur face the game I went to.
  3. Crimson and Cream

    2019-2020 NBA Thread

    Am I the only one that thinks everyone overreacted to this whole thing? He's worried about his long-term health and wants to make sure he's healthy heading into his contract season next year. But by traveling with the team it seemed obvious to me he was keeping the door cracked to still play, which now sounds like he's considering again. That big break in action along with limited resources to staying game ready no doubt scared him with this restart. I think it's perfectly understandable. EDIT: After catching up through the last couple pages I'm pleased to see this site (for the most part) remained calm. The Pacers Facebook/Instagram pages were a cesspool of hate.
  4. Crimson and Cream

    (2021) - PF James Graham III to Maryland

    Anybody else get CWat vibes from those few highlights?
  5. Crimson and Cream

    (2021) SF Trey Patterson

    I’m also getting it on my pc which is what I prefer to use for this site. On my iPhone now and it didn’t give me the message. Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners mobile app
  6. Crimson and Cream

    IUBB - 2020 Off-Season News

    10 ppg, 5 rpg isn't really as impressive as that statement makes it seem. Let's not forget he can't shoot worth a lick and easily averages more TO's than assists. He was a very good defender when engaged (which wasn't always the case). Size wise he's a 3 in the NBA. Unfortunately that's where that comparison ends. He has no offensive skills to play in any role other than a lob threat. It'll be interesting to see which coach gives in to his demands to play the 3.
  7. Crimson and Cream

    IUBB - 2020 Off-Season News

    It really doesn't matter where he goes, if he has his heart set on being a "3", he's going to struggle
  8. Crimson and Cream

    IUBB - 2020 Off-Season News

    Not upset about this. Best of luck to him wherever he lands though.
  9. Crimson and Cream

    Mo Creek- Steaua Bucuresti (Romania)

    Man I love seeing this. You have to feel bad for the kid that injuries kept him from what he could have been. So awesome our fanbase still embraces him.
  10. Crimson and Cream

    (2015) QB Tommy Stevens to PSU

    Was shocked to see that
  11. Crimson and Cream

    (2015) OT Simon Stepaniak to IU

    Has been drafted in the 6th round of the 2020 NFL draft by the Green Bay Packers.
  12. Crimson and Cream

    A Transfer Coming?

    Man best of luck to DA. Hate that it didn't work out.
  13. Crimson and Cream

    2022 General Recruiting Thread

    Remember seeing James in person and being disappointed he wasn't coming to IU
  14. Crimson and Cream

    College Bball Thread

    I remember the Indiana Senior/Junior All-Star's coming to Memorial Gym in Kokomo back then and Cody was on the senior team and Yogi/Hanner/Patterson were all on the Junior team. My dad and I both came away with similar feelings, that Hanner was an insane athlete but had little to no basketball skills. Pre-game warmups he had the crowd ooing and ahhing with all kinds of highlight dunks, and then come game time I'm not sure he even scored. Cody dominated of course. We held out hope that he could be coached up and still turn into something special, but I think he was simply too much of a project even for 4 years of college.
  15. Crimson and Cream

    A Transfer Coming?

    I tip my cap to you sir
  16. Crimson and Cream

    Dakich under investigation

    I guess there's a few bright spots to 2020 after all. If only this could be the nail in the coffin of his career....but he's too loud and obnoxious to stay away for long.
  17. Crimson and Cream

    IUBB vs Nebraska Game Thread 3/11 @ 8:30 pm BTN

    Justin Smith does things to me that even Devonte can't do
  18. Crimson and Cream

    IUBB vs Nebraska Game Thread 3/11 @ 8:30 pm BTN

    Not to derail the thread, but with the NBA season being suspended, is the NCAA tourney next? Will this game be all for naught?
  19. Crimson and Cream

    IUBB vs Nebraska Game Thread 3/11 @ 8:30 pm BTN

    I'd be cool with this game getting ended early....as in now
  20. Crimson and Cream

    IUBB vs Nebraska Game Thread 3/11 @ 8:30 pm BTN

    These turnovers are things you see at a middle school game
  21. Crimson and Cream

    College Bball Thread

    Nebraska is pulling football players over to their basketball team now. Quarterback and a 300 lb OL. That should be fun.
  22. Based on our history in this tournament, I'm still terrified of Nebraska
  23. Crimson and Cream

    (2021) G Luke Brown to...Stetson?

    Watched about a quarter of the livestream last night and it seemed like Blackford was just toying with Tipton. Brown especially was being very passive and allowing his teammates to just do their thing, but you got the sense if it got too close he would just take over and handle it. Physical limitations are going to keep him from going to an IU or Purdue, but he's going to be a very tough player for wherever he ends up. Also, Blackford's announcers were incredibly entertaining for the live stream. They must not be working with the school because they felt free to say whatever they pleased and it was refreshing to hear real commentary instead of the boring and scripted blathering that goes on with announcers on TV.
  24. Crimson and Cream

    IU Football Off-Season

    That was what, one day? Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
  25. Crimson and Cream

    IU at Illinois Game Thread 03/01 2 PM BTN