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Crimson and Cream

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  1. Crimson and Cream

    (2015) SG Shake Milton to SMU

    Alright Shake, make this a double whammy! Then you and Juwan can go convince Thon to join up and complete the trifecta and bring home banner #6 in 2016!!
  2. Crimson and Cream

    (2015) PF Juwan Morgan to IU

    I know I'm late, but BOO-YAH!! Nice to see us close the deal on this kid. Very nice 4 star kid that seems to have a good head on his shoulders and is a smart kid academically as well. Now we have to wait another few weeks before Shake announces he's joining his buddy in Bloomington. On to the Shake thread!!
  3. Crimson and Cream

    (2015) PF Juwan Morgan to IU

    I feel like a little kid on Christmas morning, can't wait to get out of class later and see Morgan commit to INDIANA UNIVERSITY. If one more recruit says University of Indiana..   Also, I feel like this is a 2-in-1 commitment, as Shake will surely follow Morgan here later on in the month after visiting.
  4. Crimson and Cream

    (2015) PF Juwan Morgan to IU

    Can't wait for this guy to commit Wednesday and then convince his buddy Shake (not that he will need any convincing after visiting here himself) to join him donning the cream and crimson in B-Town.
  5. Crimson and Cream

    Hoosier Hysteria---Dunk Contest

    That Pritch dunk...man that was mind blowing. And the reaction by Quinn just made it perfection.
  6. Crimson and Cream

    Next IU NBA Draft Picks

    Troy as a mid to late 1st rounder in 2016, Yogi as a late 2nd to undrafted in 2016, JBJ as a late 1st rounder in 2017.
  7. Crimson and Cream

    Rod Wilmont

    University of Indiana....smh
  8. Crimson and Cream

    Hoosier Hysteria---3 Point Contest

    Wow, I can't even pick a winner, so many shooters. This is a great problem to have, definitely not complaining.
  9. Crimson and Cream

    Hoosier Hysteria---Dunk Contest

    All joking aside, I'm picking T-Will in a close one with HMP, although my darkhorse pick would be JBJ, the kid can dunk.
  10. Crimson and Cream

    Hoosier Hysteria---Dunk Contest

    I'd have to say Priller easily
  11. Crimson and Cream

    Official Indiana vs Indiana State Game Thread

    Got plans for the rest of the day, but you can bet your britches that I'll be tuning in at noon to watch my Hoosiers!
  12. Crimson and Cream

    (2015) C Nick Marshall to Memphis

    Thon, Milton and Morgan would be a great class.
  13. Crimson and Cream

    Tevin Coleman more days!

    I feel like this would be a great year to go to my 1st IU football game. I'm very excited about IU football this year, looking forward to us finally going bowling.
  14. Crimson and Cream

    (2014) PF Emmit Holt to IU

    So as I mentioned on another thread, I basically know nothing about this kid. It seems to me like he is more than likely to be an Indiana Hoosier this season (although I am taking nothing for granted the way this offseason has gone). That's 1 less scholly available for next years class, which obviously doesn't matter if he plays well. I guess what I'm trying to get at, is what does this kid bring to the table? I see he's 6'7, 230 lbs which isn't terrible size, but does he play like a big man or is he more perimeter-oriented?
  15. Crimson and Cream

    (2015) JUCO PF Ray Kasongo

    Ouch. This hurts. Although I will say I'm proud of us for sticking to the academic guidelines. I admittedly don't know much about this Holt kid, but at this point I'd rather just move on with what we've got.
  16. Crimson and Cream

    Canadian Trip Stat Leaders Game 1

    That kid from Laval had 19 points in 12 minutes, good grief.
  17. Crimson and Cream

    Deer / Animal Hunters

    I hope that's not as big on everyone else's screen as it is on mine
  18. Crimson and Cream

    Deer / Animal Hunters

    Here it is, and thanks JSHoosier! I actually already tried this way, but didn't think to scroll down the page, otherwise I would have seen the "attach files" option. Much appreciated.
  19. Crimson and Cream

    Deer / Animal Hunters

    I would post the picture of my first deer but I have no idea how. When I click the image link it asks for a URL, and I don't know how that works. I just have the picture saved to my laptop.
  20. Crimson and Cream

    Deer / Animal Hunters

    Alaska Hoosier I'm jealous man, we don't have a large variety of big game to hunt here in Indiana, basically just whitetail. Maybe someday I'll make it up there to Alaska and hunt some moose or grizz.
  21. Crimson and Cream

    Deer / Animal Hunters

    I'm a big hunter, only 21 years old so I don't have many kills to my name, but I did get my first Indiana whitetail last season. Just a 5 point, but it was a memory I'll never forget, and an exciting story to go with it. I hunt deer, coyote, and groundhog mostly, with deer hunting easily being my favorite. I'm not a patient person either, but I do love the great outdoors and the great part about hunting is you never know what you're going to see. I may have only killed 1 deer, but I have countless exciting stories I could tell about my experience hunting. Hunting is just so relaxing to me, and the feeling you get when you see a deer headed in your direction is crazy. Heart really gets pumping, hands start shaking (if it's a big buck....or it could be the cold), and your adrenaline really gets going. Bow season doesn't start for another couple months here in Indiana, and I gotta get out and practice with my crossbow I just got.
  22. Crimson and Cream

    Maryland Freshman center not enrolling

    Who's steals $5 worth of candy, and furthermore who fights a police officer over it. Just give him the dang candy bar back and you get a slap on the wrist.
  23. Crimson and Cream

    Maryland Freshman center not enrolling

    Mistakes happen, but I mean he assaulted an officer, I'd personally rather stay away from those types of people.
  24. Crimson and Cream

    What Would YOU Do?

    Guess we would have to ask whoever started the topic
  25. Crimson and Cream

    What Would YOU Do?

    dalton26 I believe you are misinterpreting the question. It doesn't state that you can't go to IU for just 1 year, it says "Play one season in college and jump to the NBA". The first option is to go to IU for all 4 years.