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  1. 42 minutes ago, Stuhoo said:
    Breaking: 5-star guard Aminu Mohammed will make his college decision on or after December 15th, per source.

    Not sure that date is gonna be exactly right. Greenwood has a road game at Billings HS that night. Even with the way everything is being done virtually now that feels like kind of an awkward fit. So I’m going with after.

    btw: for anyone curious about what school serves the educational needs of bumf**k Egypt, that would be Billings HS. 

  2. 19 minutes ago, LamarCheeks said:

    Found this from an old SI.com story on Mohammed. According to this, he could NOT play this season -- which I thought was the case. He'd just be enrolling early. Not sure why he (or anybody) would cut their senior season short if they couldn't play until next fall, but that's apparently something that interests him. I read that he's a pretty good student, so maybe he actually wants to get a jump-start on a degree, then leave early if he's deemed good enough for the NBA???

    Only he knows for sure ... 


    Could he play this season?

    No, Mohammed wouldn't be eligible to play for Indiana or any other school during the 2020-21 season.

    He is not reclassifying to the class of 2020 like Khristian Lander did. He is still a 2021 recruit, but he would just be enrolling early.

    This happens a lot with football players.

    Take last season, for example, a number of 2020 recruits enrolled early on Indiana's football team. Even though the football team had played a majority of its games already in 2019, they still had the Gator Bowl on Jan. 2, 2020.

    So, the players that enrolled early got to participate in some of the Gator Bowl practices, but they weren't actually eligible to play in the game.

    This would be the case for Mohammed. He would be able to practice with Indiana's team throughout most of the Big Ten season, but he wouldn't be able to play in any games.

    It would help him get acclimated to college faster and would only help him become more prepared for the 2021-22 season.

    That fits what I’ve always s understood the plan to be. One question: if he doesn’t reclassify to 20-21, is he eligible to take a 20-21 scholarship? I assume, yes?

  3. 4 minutes ago, Stuhoo said:


    For me, there's two players who could lose minutes to Aminu in February/March/April: Trey Galloway and Armaan Franklin.

    Who do you think, taking everything into account, would contribute more to our winning games in Feb/March/April; a second semester sophomore Armaan Franklin, or a one month with the team Aminu Mohammed?


    Good question. My assumption all along has been that he wouldn’t actually play this year. Philosophically, I’m very much a talent over experience guy. But this is a different deal. Not only would he have to learn the schemes, including all of the secondary actions, but he’d have to learn where everyone functions best within those actions. And he’d have to learn it largely while playing meaningful games. That’s asking a lot. I love the kid, but if he’s able to do that, than he’s a freakin’ savant. With even a month of dedicated prep he’s in the rotation from the jump, no doubt. But like this? No idea. But he’s so talented, he plays so hard and he’s ready physically. I would think eventually he would be very hard to sit.


  4. Would be an interesting dynamic to watch. A kid showing up mid season and learning the off and def concepts on the fly. Can’t really think of a circumstance quite like it. Normally I’d think a kid like that would have no chance to really contribute, particularly when the roster has some depth on the wing. But, with all due deference to the Sam Story’s of the world, Mohammed’s just flat better than those kids. Eventually, talent wins out.

  5. 48 minutes ago, Stuhoo said:

    6’8”, 265. Yeah, I’d say that’s a big body.

    Under 50% ft and no outside game though.


    Yeah, no idea if they even look at the kid. But, as you quite correctly pointed out in your screed above, there are a lot of avenues to build a roster. Missing on Miller is miles and miles from the end of the world.

  6. This is the ultimate in throwing stuff against the wall, but keep this name in the back of your mind: Sydney Curry. 6'8" JUCO PF. Plays at John Logan. One of the top 10 returning kids in JUCO this year. Big body, terrific athlete, lefty. Good enough to have a KU offer. And, he's from Fort Wayne. No idea what kind of kid he is, but since Archie has at least looked at JUCO kids in the past, this might be....interesting.

    Strictly a fwiw kind of thing.

  7. 23 minutes ago, Class of '66 Old Fart said:

    Gordon Hayward will not be wearing a Pacer uniform.

    Adrian Wojnarowski @wojespn -

    Free agent Gordon Hayward is signing a 4-year, $120M deal with Charlotte, per source.

    Ok by me. Wouldn’t have the slightest interest in 30mil/yr for Hayward’s 30-34 seasons.

  8. 1 minute ago, Hoosierfan2017 said:

    It’s really frustrating that Penix won’t scramble. There have been a few instances where he has had the opportunity to pick up yards but wouldn’t leave the pocket. 

    Yup. And OSU doesn’t believe he’s gonna run. There giving him lane after lane after lane and Penix isn’t even looking at them

  9. 56 minutes ago, Class of '66 Old Fart said:

    Still want to watch more of this kid, and my crush on Bruce Thornton's game is almost overpowering, but from what I've been able to find so far, McKneely and Avery Brown strike me as a perfect complementary backcourt.  Seriously, perfect.

  10. 59 minutes ago, Class of '66 Old Fart said:

    When the kid talks about wanting to be coached hard, I’m guessing that’s true. His current coach, Frank Bennett, is VERY demanding. Also, very good.

  11. 58 minutes ago, Stuhoo said:

    I know he’s quite the mystery, but do you have any production as to his destination?

    Have thought for the last year it was going to be Georgetown. The combination of fit, need, location and Harmon’s stated admiration for Ewing would be too much. But the pandemic changed everything. The Greenwood coach, Darren Taylor, has apparently told people that he doesn’t expect to have Mohammed all year under any circumstances. Don’t know if that’s true, just what I’ve been told. If that’s true, Mohammed’s options are actually pretty limited. G-town and Georgia don’t have open rides. Looking at their roster, I believe UT is full.  I think DePaul jumped in late because they do. Harmon has said a lot of nice things to people about Miller and his attention to detail, though he seems to say nice things about everyone. I freely admit that this is based on a combination of previously reliable 2nd hand information and 2+2., but at this point, unless it turns out to be something bazaar like an HBCU school, I kind of think it’s going to be IU.

  12. 1 hour ago, Class of '66 Old Fart said:

    With the cancellation of the Bass Pro Tournament of Champions, a source told @Stockrisers that Aminu Mohammed could likely commit in the next few weeks.

    Rest of story is behind a paywall but implication is that a January enrollment may be more likely. 

    Harmon tweeted a while ago that, in light of the T of C cancellation, if the the Blue and Gold event goes away as well that would effectively be the season. I will actually be pretty surprised if this doesn’t wrap up in the next couple of weeks, cancellation or not.

  13. https://247sports.com/college/georgetown/Article/aminu-mohammed-discusses-georgetown-recruitment-154435480/Amp/?__twitter_impression=true

    Interview with both Mohammed and Harmon by the Georgetown 24/7 writer. Mohammed’s part is pretty bland. The kid has really mastered the generic answer. Harmon’s part is interesting because he makes it pretty apparent that if the HS season is cancelled Aminu will be on a college campus in January, which would screw Georgetown. Given the Covid spread in MO right now, this seems entirely possible, bordering on likely.