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  1. I'm not sure why he would say that he reclassed. if he comes after the season is over, then he is still considered to be in the same class.
  2. verbals can flip.. Nothing is over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no!"
  3. moore beef on the line can only help. Maybe if he commits today, he can start working on caden curry
  4. iuswingman

    (2022) WR Omar Cooper to Indiana

    Chip Gaines? I don't think we need a fixer upper.
  5. iuswingman

    2021 Transfer Portal

    So we could bring crean in as an advisor to clear up roster space.
  6. iuswingman

    2021 Transfer Portal

    Way to go brass cannon, ruined academic scholarships for our athletes lol
  7. iuswingman

    Xavier Johnson - Commits to IU (PG)

    Xavier yapping at refs and not listening to his coach is a valid concern though. Hopefully woodson can get him to clean it up
  8. iuswingman

    2021 General Recruiting Thread

    Chances of coming in at the last second on a HS recruit would be tough unless it is someone we have an in with (like Fife or Hunter was already recruiting him before the coaching change). It's always possible though, especially if a recruit doesn't like any of his current options. Portal is more of an even playing field so seems like a more likely source of getting a player to come in. It would be a surprise if we can pull in a highly rated hs recruit that could immediately help our team. I think have a portal this year where no one has to sit out a year really helps us in this coaching change. If we lose AF or Race, then we have a lot more options for immediate help.
  9. iuswingman

    Player decisions

    I think we could put her behind the basket during free throws.
  10. iuswingman

    Player decisions

    I think some people are seeing it's likely going to be the same roster (minus durham and possibly race and franklin) so don't expect much different in results. Personally, I think the results will depend largely on how well the offense and defense plan work under the new staff. It will be interesting to see how well our current players fit the new offense and defense as well. I'm excited that we may actually see an offense that works and one that is more exciting to watch.
  11. iuswingman

    Player decisions

    How was my statement creating failures? Withholding full judgement on his recruiting isn't saying he failed. I won't blame woodson if franklin leaves. Woodson is just tasked with building the roster and winning on the court. The transfer portal will give him chances to replace Franklin and build a roster with someone else. Probably a good year to switch coaches given the portal activity and no one having to sit out. In the long run, Woodson will graded on the big picture and how the finished roster looks now and down the road. Right now all we have is a snapshot.
  12. iuswingman

    Player decisions

    I don't know anything more than their body language on the court and what has been stated by the players but I was getting the impression not many kids loved the former coach and that the exodus would have happened if we kept Archie.
  13. iuswingman

    Player decisions

    I wasn't being negative and you can't say people are moving the goal posts if you're comparing posts from different people. Using only posts from me, please show where i have moved the goal posts. I was meh when woodson was first hired but so far he has done well filling out 2 assistant positions and getting most players to stay with the team. I was always on the boat to give him a chance and so far so good. But I'm also not going to be rainbows and unicorns. Yes, it was an accomplishment to hold on to tjd and the others. But I also don't think it's the same as convincing a 5 star player to come play for him when that player has no connection to IU previously. What Woodson has done so far is a good start. If you want to call that negative, then fine. But don't blame me for moving goal posts when that has no basis in facts.
  14. iuswingman

    Player decisions

    I would say it is probably a little easier to get someone to stay than it is to get someone to come.
  15. I'm just hoping Fife was lead recruiter for Emoni Bates lol