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    MemphisHoosier reacted to woodenshoemanHoosierfan in College Bball Thread   
    Sunday is IU day on BTN. They will be showing games like the 2016 Kansas game and of course the 2011 Kentucky game. There is also a baseball and football game. Check the schedule

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    MemphisHoosier got a reaction from Stuhoo in College Bball Thread   
    Our good friend from the B1G Tournament, Kevin Cross, announced that he is transferring to Tulane.  Nice pick-up for Coach Hunter, Cross will be a name to watch in the American.

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    MemphisHoosier reacted to Magnanimous in Conference Realignment(For fun)   
    Our athletic department would be in the red within 30 seconds if that happened. 
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    MemphisHoosier reacted to ElectricBoogaloo in A Transfer Coming?   
    I always wonder how much the coaches facilitate these transfers for the players. We had a scrimmage with Loyola a couple years ago and the coaching staffs are probably somewhat familiar with each other. I wonder if that led to a few phone calls to find Damezi a landing spot.
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    MemphisHoosier reacted to Hoosier1984 in A Transfer Coming?   
    Oliver Sarr is transferring from Wake Forest. 7 ft center averaged 14 & 9. Wouldn’t mind seeing him at the 5 and TJD at the 4. Trying to apply for a waiver to be able for next year due to coaching change

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    MemphisHoosier reacted to Bowhunter in A Transfer Coming?   
    Good move for DA and IU. I’m sure he feels bad about underperforming, but he handled him self very professionally. I will be rooting for him!

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    MemphisHoosier reacted to Honkyman in A Transfer Coming?   
    This is a good move for Damezi. Loyola is an excellent school with a storied basketball tradition. They won the NCAA championship in 1963 and reached the Final Four in 2018.  Damezi will be closer to home (Chicago is 90 miles from South Bend) so his family can readily watch him play. It is a nice campus located on the shores of Lake Michigan. I hope he is able to find his jump shot. As a South Bend native and IU graduate, I'm rooting for him.
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    MemphisHoosier reacted to Class of '66 Old Fart in (2022) - CG Skyy Clark   
    From Alec Lasley -
    Talked to AJ Moye last night about his connection to 2022 PG Skyy Clark, the latest to receive an Indiana offer.  Has known the Clark family for quite some time. Called Skyy the 'best ball handler in the country'.
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    MemphisHoosier reacted to ThompsonHoosier in (2021) RB David Holloman to IU   
    3-star RB out of Auburn Hills, Michigan committed to the Hoosiers yesterday. He's the sixth member of the class, which now ranks 37th in the country by 247Sports and Rivals. Holloman had a number of offers from major schools including Nebraska, Maryland, Iowa State, and West Virginia.
    247Sports Profile: https://247sports.com/player/david-holloman-46078910/
    Rivals Profile: https://n.rivals.com/content/prospects/2021/david-holloman-234677
    Hudl Profile: https://www.hudl.com/profile/7938782/David-Holloman
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    MemphisHoosier reacted to Demo in 2021 General Recruiting Thread   
    Couple of full games of Johnson’s. Talented kid, but not what I expected at all. Thought he was an athletic CG, kind of a Jahmi’us Ramsey. But in reality he’s a big, long, physical power PG. Reminds me on a couple of viewings a little of Paul Scruggs. Great athlete, good vision, solid handle, great defensive traits. Fun to watch, gonna look for some more. 1 thing: the kid wasn’t even looking at 3’s. At all. And the teams were defending him like they didn’t expect him to take them. Nothing wrong with his form. Not something you see much these days. 
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    MemphisHoosier reacted to Class of '66 Old Fart in 2021 General Recruiting Thread   
    I always wonder how much of recruiting is done more as a favor or to simply stay in touch with coaches and there's no genuine interest from a particular school.  But it's more of a 'feel good' that Coach "X" stopped by the school and made contact with a player.  Right now, I've got a list of nearly 40 class of '21 kids that have been referenced, mentioned, insinuated, etc., in connection with IU and in reality there's probably more than 40.  Imagine if AAU had actually taken place in April how many names would have surfaced that we watched.  
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    MemphisHoosier reacted to Stuhoo in (2022) - CG Skyy Clark   
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    MemphisHoosier reacted to IUBBx5Banners in (2021) SF - Aminu Mohammed   
    Agreed 100%. I’ve been following him for a few months and I’m loving the old school highlights & quotes he retweets (including some from Knight & Dean Smith). I personally can’t get enough of that stuff!
    As y’all can prolly tell, I’m riding shotgun on the AM bandwagon ... so I wanted to share a couple articles (see below) that had some really good stuff about Aminu, his backstory & move from Nigeria and his relationship with his guardian / Coach .. definitely sounds like a very disciplined environment!
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    MemphisHoosier reacted to Demo in (2021) SF - Aminu Mohammed   
    Not long after Lander committed I responded to something Harmon tweeted about Mohammed with something along the lines of, “Lander and Mohammed would be the kind of backcourt that wins NC’s.” Harmon liked it and responded, “yes it would.”
    One other thing: putting the whole “guardian” thing aside, Harmon seems like a pretty decent guy. I responded to something he tweeted mentioning that I had driven down from St Louis to watch the kid play and what an impressive player he is. Harmon DM’d me thanking me for making the trip down. Had no reason to. Very gracious of him.
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    MemphisHoosier reacted to IU/Butler/Notre Dame in (2021) G Luke Brown to...Stetson?   
    Saw ball state got jalen windham to transfer from creighton ...that just got more interesting 
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    MemphisHoosier reacted to Stuhoo in (2021) PF Trey Kaufman   
    Chris is great.
    He is the not the only one who shares true insider info. Individual posters have local connections on a regular basis, but many of them don’t feel like sticking their necks out on the open board. There are often bread crumbs from folks in the know, however.
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    MemphisHoosier reacted to Brass Cannon in (2021) PF Trey Kaufman   
    That’s my general belief. Everybody else hedges too much. Chris introduced himself iirc by telling us who WAS going to be the strength and conditioning coach. Not who it might be if everything worked out. 
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    MemphisHoosier reacted to Hovadipo in (2022) - CG Skyy Clark   
    5-star guard from Brentwood Academy? Played this game before and it gave me gas. A lot of gas. 
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    MemphisHoosier reacted to WayneFleekHoosier in College Bball Thread   
    Someone said “elbow in”, he said “hold my beer”

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    MemphisHoosier reacted to Brass Cannon in College Bball Thread   
    Both imploded over Haarms. Almost like he was offering us an olive branch 
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    MemphisHoosier reacted to Brass Cannon in College Bball Thread   
    His mama 
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    MemphisHoosier reacted to Hoosier1984 in College Bball Thread   
    He’s from the same town as Hunter as well

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    MemphisHoosier reacted to IU/Butler/Notre Dame in (2021) G Luke Brown to...Stetson?   
    I feel horrible for him ( and all kids in the position of having lost the end of their season and some important recruitment opportunities)  I’ve not gotten to see them at all because we aren’t playing or using the schools facilities.  I’ve spoken to them but with what they are going through I’ve been over casual and tried not to pry but they are being very open with the fact ( so I don’t feel bad sharing ) that for at least the time being they want to see if they get any abbreviated summer action and maybe even delay into the season.  I think they really really want to have a power 6 option but I also don’t think they have an unrealistic expectation it will come.  I think they know Iona could be off the table especially if they wait.  
      If no new offers came I think there is a short list but I can not say it’s a specific narrow down it’s just they seem to have talked about or mentioned with more excitement certain things and they are as follows:
    1. ball state :  
      Pros: closest to current and former home, opportunity to start or have significant minutes, they are at least competitive to win their conference, maybe not favorite but not an also ran.
      Cons:  not a perennial tourney team, and his sister was a scholarship volley ball player there and didn’t have the best total experience 
    2. Toledo :
        Pros: is the school that has recruited him possibly the hardest or at least shown the most effort.  Regular calls, coaches or staff have made efforts to come see him multiple times, still regionally close 
         Cons:  their roster doesn’t scream strong chance to make a tourney appearance 
    3. Akron:
        Pros: groce has coached at big programs, they have a super speedy undersized point guard who comes back as a grad this year but will be gone lukes freshman year which gives him a chance to compete for immediate floor time, they have a solid roster and should be conference favorites for a couple years 
      Cons:  lack of connection other than the pros and they haven’t been as aggressive as Toledo 
    they have also mentioned they know Kent state is a conference favorite but didn’t give many more details 
    please bear in mind this is just my take from casual convos if I say “ congrats on the offer” or “ how are things going “
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    MemphisHoosier reacted to IU/Butler/Notre Dame in (2021) G Luke Brown to...Stetson?   
    Nope and he had leaned toward joining under armor rise But if they don’t get a partial season in it’s going to take a school striking out on their initial offers and a coach with a lot of confidence to make a risky signing to make a power 6 materialize   ....i linked a post to an interview where he mentioned that 10 or 15 schools had been staying in contact with him but had not offered ...the two that have most frequently been brought up in my presence are Clemson and northwestern but neither have offered ....Purdue was near that level but it has always seemed more of a “‘just in case “ measure by the way it’s described ( as in just in case he grows or just in case we have an unexpected infilled slot )
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    MemphisHoosier reacted to LIHoosier in Simon Stepaniak - Green Bay Packers   
    Simon's just been drafted in the 6th round of the 2020 NFL Draft by the Packers.