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  1. Niego is drastically better than Danny Moore and Eric Suhr, so much so, that it offends me when people make the comparison.
  2. Rookie33

    What About RoJo?

    Burton could get a few minutes too just to rest Troy or Colin, who are certain to see increases in PT too.
  3. We always struggle there and no ROJO will hurt.   77-73 Ill-annoy  :angry:
  4. Let's see if CTC is capable of making adjustments in light of how last year's game went. I'm uneasy about this one and uncertain CTC will do so. 78-74 Purdouche
  5. Rookie33


    No doubt - I don't think Donovan or BS are ready to come back in any event, so we r looking at a lame duck.
  6. Rookie33

    IU-PSU post game thread

    Troy was much better last year than this year -- that's the definition of regression. We will be better without him (much like the addition by subtraction we saw with how the team has played since a certain injury earlier in the year).
  7. Rookie33

    IU-PSU post game thread

    This is an inexcusable loss - PSU is a very very bad team. We are the same team as last year. An 8 seed that loses in the 1st round of the NCAA. And what's worse is that such mediocrity is acceptable to Glass. I pray Troy goes "pro" after this year as he does nothing positive. Never seen a kid regress more than him. We will beat Iowa and Maryland and will lose to Illinois. The inconsistency and mediocrity kill me. Just when I thought Nancy Boy was doing a good job ... Officially done with him but will stay behind the team.
  8. Rookie33

    (2016) PG Devonte Green to INDIANA

    Is DG a natural PG? If so, he and Newkirk hopefully can give us 50% of what Yogi has done this year.
  9. Penn State is not good: 81-69 #iubb
  10. We matchup well with them. Should be close. 81-77 -- We 100 (whatever that means).
  11. Rookie33

    Article on recruits from McCarthy

    Etherington stinks. He has averaged 2 points/game for a mid-major. He was offered b/c he was close with Cody. Oh yeah, he got decked by a chick at Taco Bell.
  12. Rookie33

    OG vs Troy - Who Should Start

    Troy. Part II should be Who starts next year, as Troy may well be back (for better or worse).
  13. This one could be a grind. We struggle mightily against NU. 69-65 #iubb
  14. Rookie33

    (2016) PF De'Ron Davis to IU

    IF not when...
  15. We need to handle Minny readily! 82-70 #iubb
  16. Rookie33


    Agreed - he truly has no business getting a paid ride over Burton or Niego.
  17. Rookie33


    Agreed - 2 of our recruits are 4 stars and finalists to become Burger Boys. TB, OG and JM looks like a pretty solid class to me. Am I missing something? X's and O's are the problem NOT recruiting.
  18. Rookie33

    James Blackmon Jr to undergo Surgery *Out for Season?

    While I feel badly for JBJ as a kid, I do not necessarily feel the same about IU's prospects for the remainder of this season.  More PT for RoJo, OG and Juwan who all seem willing and able to defend at least at a respectable level.