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  1. Rookie33


    I believe she was the women's coach and was fired but I am not certain.
  2. Rookie33

    James Blackmon Jr. day to day

    Anyone else think JBJ is pulling a Vonleh and sitting out not bc he can't play but bc he wants to safeguard his future bc this season is tanked? The tone of Crean's announcement is just odd/awkward. He typically gets more emotional about stuff like that -- it seems robotic and cold to me.
  3. Rookie33


    Purdue flexer?
  4. Rookie33

    Collin Hartman Injury

    Collin deserves another year - Priller, Gelon and Freddie may not be back. I read a tweet that McSwain didn't have his jersey on during Saturday's game -- anyone have intelligence on that??
  5. 13-5. We aren't the same team defensively that we were last year (at least yet). If we can get there, the sky's the limit.
  6. Rookie33

    (2017) PF Clifton Moore Jr. to IU

    Seems to have a skill set similar to C Wat Sent from my iPad using BtownBanners mobile app
  7. Rookie33

    IPFW Post Game Thread

    Won't miss JBJ next year much like we didn't miss him last year... he's a liability, no other way to describe it.
  8. Rookie33

    Troy Williams Decision

    He's looking for any excuse to forgo his senior year. He's gone and will not be drafted.
  9. Rookie33

    Harrison Niego Appreciation Thread

    This move makes 0 sense. He should have stayed here. Perhaps his people thought more highly of him than those outside his bloodline??? A true head scratcher...
  10. Rookie33

    James Blackmon Declares

    I think he has delusions of grandeur, but that's just me. He's coming off another knee injury and was nationally critiqued as being one of the worst defenders in the country. If that's the sort of feedback he's looking for, then i guess it'll be a productive endeavor for him.
  11. Rookie33

    2016 (F) Freddie McSwain Jr. to IU

    Anyone hearing which way FMJ is expected to go tomorrow?
  12. Rookie33

    (2015) SF Ogugua Anunoby to IU

    Great news (although not surprising).
  13. Rookie33

    Injury Updates- JW/ROJO/CH/OG

    That's CTC in the photo with JM. One thing that nobody can question is his love of and commitment to his players.
  14. Rookie33

    2016 (F) Freddie McSwain Jr. to IU

    Think McSwain comes either way. MSB should go somewhere he can get some PT.
  15. The longer Troy waits, the more likely I think he's coming back. I suspect the feedback he's been receiving has been underwhelming (i.e., he could be a 1st rounder if he has great workouts or he could go undrafted). I think there's too much uncertainty at this point for him to go. That said, he and his mom have had pro aspirations for several years now, so one never knows.
  16. Rookie33

    Declaring early for the draft

    We dodged a bullet with this kid - delusions of grandeur #dleague
  17. Fantastic news. If JBJ can buy into at least working on D, we could be special.
  18. Priller is gone if everyone stays. I am confident he was advised of the possibility prior to signing on.
  19. Kid looked great - glad to have him back. Gonna need him on Saturday for Kensucky.
  20. 4. Hope UVA isn't the 1 on our bracket...