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    Colts / NFL Game Thread

    Almost certainly yes, but not 100%. 1. A win in week 17 over Raiders officially clinches no matter what for Colts. However, for a win over the Jags in week 18 to clinch a playoff spot with a loss to the Raiders, Indy would need: 1. The Ravens or Patriots to lose in week 17 or 18, 2. Raiders to lose in week 18 3. Ravens to win out and the Bengals lose out. If Raiders go 2-0, Ravens 2-0, Patriots 2-0 and Bengals at least 1-1, an Indy win over Jacksonville still leaves Colts on outside looking in.
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    Colts / NFL Game Thread

    Lol. You can let me answer or you can make up your own theory about my answer that paints me in the negative light that you prefer. Interesting that you chose the second. Not surprising, but interesting. I didn't mean to dig on him by calling him a Pro Bowler rather than All Pro. Honestly I didn't put much thought into it. I'm usually a big Leonard fan. He's a great player who is fun to watch. How is he selfish? Because he isn't doing everything possible to stay on the field for his team. I don't care about anybody's opinion of the vaccination rule. There are a million rules that people have their own thoughts on. But a rule is a rule. Do all you can to play for your team rather than sitting for two games. Here's an example that isn't about covid and vaccinations because that subject seems to trigger some people so much. I drive a company car. If I get into an accident, even if it is not my fault, I instantly get drug tested. The rule is that you cannot have any controlled substances in your system or you're instantly terminated. Now, I think that making Marijuana illegal is ridiculous. Imo it should be legalized and taxed. But there's a rule in place by my company that will result in termination. Should I complain that the rule is ridiculous and smoke weed anyway? If I did, I'd be selfish for putting my wants ahead of my family's needs. That would make me selfish. Instead, I put my family's needs first and don't indulge in the sweet world of thc. That's why I called him selfish. Not because of the insult from the troll. Because of this. His team needs him on the field but he took a risk for himself that will cause him to sit two games in crunch time. I still like him though to be clear.
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    College Bball Thread

    2 true road games. How conveeeeeeenient! Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
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    Brass Cannon

    Colts / NFL Game Thread

    So correct me if I am wrong but Colts are in with one more win no matter what correct?
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    College Bball Thread

    With teams coming back from Christmas break probably going to see a lot more cancellations in the next couple days
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    Class of '66 Old Fart

    (2023) PF Baye Ndongo

    Article just reaffirming our interest in Ndongo. We still have not extended a formal offer. https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/iu-basketball-recruiting-class-of-2023-names-to-know-forward-baye-ndongo/?fbclid=IwAR1z3SO3n67cXqpGW7jg8Bs-e92mu2ThrBVbOlvU80La7HgJnceFvkiFyyE
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    (2020) SG Trey Galloway To IU

    FWIW, he shot decently from three as a freshman and sophomore in high school. Took a big drop his junior and senior years.
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    Holy cow 2A Monroe Central won the Connersville Invitational defeating 3A #1 Connersville and 4A #15 Bloomington North!
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    I just did a little research and I played baseball against Makenzie Silvey’s dad in college. We also played on a collegiate summer league team together. What a small world. Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
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    May have found a home. In his debut for the Shanghai Sharks today, Noah Vonleh scored 23 points and grabbed 15 rebounds.
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    Old Friend

    Colts / NFL Game Thread

    That's a label from a certain group when you don't see things how they do or practice what they think you should. A few here are famous for it. The Colts are very solid and will be just fine come playoff time. Josh and the rest will be cheering like hell for the "selfish" players. It's not really a "stand" they take, as much a making a political statement that fits the moment.
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    It looks like he has worked on his form so we will see. Shooting aside, I’m more interested about the team winning than any stats of individual players. When he is on the floor we are a better team on both ends. On offense, the ball and player movement is so much better with him just being out there. Same thing with Anthony Leal. Both players bring a lot of value that can’t be measured in stats. When TG is ready I hope they both see a lot of playing time going forward. Oh and yes from a female perspective, they are both dreeeeeeamy!
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    Class of '66 Old Fart

    (2024) G - Paul McNeil Jr.

    247 lists McNeil as a SG whereas Rivals calls him a SF Yesterday Jamie Shaw of Rivals called him a wing in the link I posted immediately above. Later in the day this was McNeil's tweeted reply -- GUARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    That whiplash motions is not what you’d teach someone but he does seem to make a high %. Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners mobile app
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    (2024) PF - Derik Queen

    100% for me too. I can't see anything about him without wanting a Blizzard. No telling how much weight I will gain if this kid ultimately becomes a Hoosier.
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    She is in concussion protocol after taking a hit in practice. Coach Moren said that they were also protecting against light and sound sensitivity which is why she was not on the bench for the game.
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    Yeah I think you’re right that this isn’t the offense Woody intended to run, and props to him for tweaking for his players. Race would be our best player if TJD left. He’s too valuable not to play, and so we’re still playing two bigs. Who knows what happened with Stewart. Were it not for the benching, none of us would know about it. He’s been a great veteran player, and I know in my family’s IU game thread we all loved seeing him and the team rally around TJD after the foul. The young man has had a rough couple years and I like to think Woody and this team can be some stability for him. And also he’s a nasty player, just a cold sniper out there. Big fan of Parker.
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    RE: on him not 'looking happy' about being benched. I would be worried about him if he was happy about it.
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    Prediction League RESULTS Thread

    You're welcome for motivating you. But I kinda think something hinky is going on. Last year I called out @Class of '66 Old Fart and then he got the double secret perfect DM ballot. This year I call you out and you won the week. Let's test my super powers...Damn @Str8Hoosiers, for running this fun game, you sure suck at predicting!
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    Woody said it wouldn't leave the locker room.
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    Alford Bailey

    (2020) SG Trey Galloway To IU

    I’ve always wondered how a coaches kid could have such poor shooting form.
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    High School Basketball Thread

    I really don't know if I like this rule.
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    College Bball Thread

    Well Jeff Goodman just confirmed that indeed teams are in charge of their own covid protocols and there is no consistency with half testing everyone and half not. Once again NCAA is brilliant and burying head and sand. What a mess and wild west!