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    That's a home run OV
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    I heard X is signing an NIL deal with NASCAR.
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    TJD took exception to a tweet from Kevin Brockway a hack from CNHI newspapers. Brockway tweet: Initial impression of Jalen Hood-Schifino, solidly built kid, looks like he will be able to adapt to physicality of Big Ten quicker than Lander. TJD's response: One is 6-5 200 pounds and 18, the other came in at 6-2 170 as a 17 year old. You’re basically saying water is wet. Dont need to bash a player to make another look good.
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    Xavier Arrested...

    If he wasn't driving a Mercedes that was registered to a booster, then we're still not big time yet.
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    Xavier Arrested...

    Simple solution here. Look the other way like every other top program does. Discipline him in practice and move on.
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    Dane Fife leaves IU staff

    Remember Dane was against the NIL, didn't land a single recruit, said MSU had the best student section, and p*ssed off HS coaches around Indiana. Also offered a recruit when he was told not to. I like Dane as a person but don't feel sorry for him
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    Soapbox time. My two cents on storming the court…generally IU should be above it. Us storming the court in Crean’s second year after beating Minnesota was rock bottom for the program, and yes the expectation for this program and fanbase is it shouldn’t be a surprise for us to beat anybody at home. HOWEVER… I can’t imagine how much it probably sucks to be a college student these days. These kids have had a lot of joy and potential memories stripped from them these last few years because of Covid. Wear a face mask in class, if you’re even allowed to come to class at all? When I was at IU one of my classmates showed up drunk during Little 5 week, passed out in front of the teacher and broke his nose on the classroom floor. Then he got arrested in the bathroom after a janitor found him asleep on the toilet. For some of these kids they didn’t even see their classmates’ noses for over a year. Add this on top of many of them never had a senior prom, spent weeks quarantined in their dorms, lived in a shell of one of the best college towns in the country, and may very well leave IU with a fraction of the memories most of us had when we were there. Let them eat cake, let them storm the court, and let them have some fun. They deserve it and then some. They’ll never get this time back.
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    2022-2023 IUBB Roster Projection

    Here’s a couple of Hoosiers out in Bloomington today. Sure feels like Xavier Johnson has become a leader that is part of the community. He could have a really special second year at IU. Proud to have them representing our university:
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    Kinda relevant to the roster construction:
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    I'm okay with Durr transferring too, but IU wouldn't have beaten Purdue this year without him. Seems like a good guy and teammate, hopefully he lands somewhere where he can be successful.
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    I would've loved to see Woody call a timeout at the very end and put Sebastien Scott, Nate Childress, Shaan Burke, Michael Shipp, and Leal in to see if Howard would flip out
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    (2021) SG Tamar Bates to INDIANA

    Congratulations to the young couple!!
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    Xavier Arrested...

    I’ve said it before and will continue to say it- thank God that the internet wasn’t around in the glory days of IU. The players did so many “bad things” than anyone could imagine. It was not available to the public. I’m a big believer in getting all the information and keeping things in perspective.
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    Mike Woodson and His Coaching Staff

    So snapped 9 game winning streaks to Purdue, Michigan, 4 game streak to Illinois, won 20 games, 2 in the BTT and making the NCAA. Pretty good first year for Woody.
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    We are 18-10, 9-9 in conference with a first year coach AND we just got a Q2 road win by 5 in a game we were favored by 3.5. Yes, it got weird and out of hand, and Minny can shoot it. But all in all it was a good day.
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    Dustin Dopirak: Brian Walsh, it should be noted, convinced Woodson to continue Indiana's pursuit of Gabe Cupps. The Cupps family drove to Bloomington just so it could surprise Walsh with the news of Gabe's commitment in person.
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    Dane Fife leaves IU staff

    Can Woody fire Dakich too?
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    Dane Fife leaves IU staff

    I can’t speak for everyone but I never thought once that Fife would be the next IU coach even when he took the assistant job
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    My goodness this site is like I miss the old Knight days. Then coach Woodson suspended a few players then people is like I don’t want to miss the tournament. Either you want to be held accountable or not.
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    I’ll be at the game tomorrow. Super stoked 6th row. I’ll take plenty of pics and share with the board.
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    Robbie Eggers @RobbieEggers Let’s face it - Purdue lost the moment they attempted to put a commercial out there that said “this is our state.” When you have to try to convince people you're important - you're not!