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    I've been relatively quiet this season. Many factors play into that outside of basketball, but the primary saying of "If you don't have anything nice to say..." applies here. I have a couple thoughts I think are important to remember as we move forward. We were never as good as we thought we were. Romeo is an elite player, that gave us hope. Our 3 game stretch with close nail biting wins was exciting and gave us something to get behind. In reality, that ranking was the worst thing that could happen to us. It gave us too much hope. College basketball and football transition are tough. ESPECIALLY when your coaching style is vastly different than the predecessor. We've all seen Crean's comments about his situation at Georgia, Archie could make the same comments here. Our players are good, I'm not knocking them at all, but they are built for a different system. I'm a firm believer in giving College coaches a FREE 4 year pass and getting critical in year 5. It takes time to create YOUR culture and "unbrainwash" a previous culture for lack of a better term. This is well documented with the coaches that don't have instant success. Even if you don't agree with the 4 year pass, you have to in this situation. Indiana fired Tom Crean who was coming off Big Ten Championships and Sweet 16 appearances. Then you hire Archie and don't give him a fair shake and get rid of him early. What coach in their right mind would sign up to be the next coach at Indiana? It's career suicide. Nothing can happen with Archie until after year 5. Archie was an incredible coach at Dayton. The man didn't forget how to coach. Guarantee he's more frustrated than all of us are. Our fanbase isn't better or worse than any other fanbase. Every team has passionate fans that air out their grievances over Twitter and message boards. Pick any school and lose 10 out of 11 and you'll see this exact reaction or worse. I will say seeing how empty Assembly Hall is EVERY game is more troubling to me than anything else. That isn't helping. Keion Brooks - I don't believe it's over for Indiana. This skid hasn't helped our cause, but it's not a deal breaker. HIgh School players put a major emphasis on who they will be playing with, style of play, facilities and most importantly the impact on their future. I went to Indiana because I wanted to be a part of the Kelley School to advance my career after college. Prospects are looking at Indiana and what they can offer to get the to the next level. That is their goal, College is their stepping stone to achieve that goal. At the end of the day, Keion will make the best decision for him and his family. If that's to Kentucky, then I'm happy for him and hope he succeeds. Him choosing another school isn't bashing Indiana. It's making an informed decision that is in his best interest. In conclusion, the product we've seen on the court is embarrassing. It's a total lack of confidence from the entire team, no grit. Fight or Flight????? We've got that questions answered. All that being said, I'm still going to watch every game, it's the punishment I still look forward too. The highs will get higher, I pray the lows won't get any lower. I'm still a Hoosier. You guys are still Hoosiers. The road ahead will get better. Just RELAX.
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    Package #1 is in place, package #2 will be announcing hopefully soon.
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    Class of '66 Old Fart

    Joey Brunk to Indiana

    It's official so let's get him his own thread up and running. Joey Brunk‏ @JoeyBrunk I’ve grown up an Indiana kid & I’m proud of where I come from. Excited to be an Indiana Hoosier & play for Coach Miller. Looking forward to joining the tradition.
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    Team Chemistry Issues?

    There's a fairly well known Harvard study about the net detriment caused by productive employees that are toxic. So even though Green or Smith may produce from time to time, the negativity weighs down the entire team. I'm pretty pro-player in all situations. But at this point, we are a losing program. Justin "Low-Light Reel" Smith doesn't play for the team. Devonte showed promise, but has never been good. I have heard people fault Juwan, saying he's just not a good leader. I think he is a very good leader. But what can you do with an attitude issue like what Green or Smith have? Is it really Juwan's fault? What if Archie is a top 15 coach, but he just HAPPENED to have two program-tanking attitudes to deal with on his initial two rosters. Is it possible? I think we're all hoping so. Last night I heard a rumor that Green has been outwardly hateful towards Romeo for most of the season, doesn't even make attempts to hide it. I've told before of the HH dunk contest, when Romeo won basically on his celebrity rather than dunks, and Justin Smith was downright ugly about it. He has some resentment. Our class balance will be off. If Archie's system takes 3 years to implement, does it reset every time we lose the upperclassmen? Those of us supporting Archie see the same things as the guys whining for him to get canned. At this point, I'm hoping that the Smith/Green theory is true, and that the removal of those guys will cure the chemistry issues. And otherwise, this 3pt shooting MUST be an anomaly. Some of these stat-lines are laughable. When I saw Cline hit two of those off-balance 3s last night, I was mostly just envious. Everyone already knows, the loss of an effective perimeter game is worse than just the missed shots, it's the resultant defenses packing the lane. For now, I'm going with the Job theory. God himself is testing Archie. He cursed him with plagues of attitudes and poor shooting. Struck him down with concussions and blood clots and stretched thumb ligaments and deep thigh bruises. Caused droughts of confidence. Even blessed him with a Romeo just to have the team smite his success. Archie didn't have one good season at Dayton. He had many. Do we really think Archie isn't as good as Mark Turgeon or Tim Miles or Franimal? No way. I graded out Archie as a C last year, and took some flak for it. This year has been arguably worse. And I'm still rocksteady in Archie's corner.
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    From today:
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    (2019) SF Trendon Watford to LSU

    Romeo slept with Watford's girlfriend.....
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    I hate taking credit for wins but IU is 3-0 since my daughter was born on 2/26. She decided to come 5 weeks early to help our Hoosiers! IU won their last championship the year I was born....coincidence??? Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
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    This ones personal boys. I’ve watched this kid grow into the Top 15 5 star he is now. He has came a long way from his freshman google wearing years but you could tell early it was there. Sophomore year he improved a little more but ranking services were not on board. I will never forgot being at Westfield the summer going into his junior year I was talking with a person who covers IU for one of the services and I told him I hoped IU offered soon because I think he is going to be good. I said Purdue and Iowa offered recently. He said should IU be in battle for a kid with Purdue and Iowa? IU needs to aim higher. I said in this case yes. TJD worked his butt off and became a top 15 player and it’s been a joy to watch and his senior year will be special to watch. He could of went to MSU or UCLA and I would of been happy for him. He is a class act that takes time for the kids and helps with the youth league along with the other center grove players. Pretty much since the time he visited IU 5 times in a span of a month this was always trending IU’s way. For those that saw this congrats on one of the less stressful recruitments for a fan base when it comes to top 15 player. For those that were stressed out I’m afraid there will never be a recruitment you won’t be stressed out about. Great day to be a Trojan and Hoosier fan Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
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    Anthony Harris (V.Tech decommit) is taking an official to IU starting tomorrow. Rivals says its between UNC and us. There was a time when Harris and TJD were sending things on Instagram talking about playing together. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
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    Why don't you just log off for a while and we'll tell you when it's good to come back?
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    Team Chemistry Issues?

    Green and Smith are gone. Their blatant disrespect last night is terrible. Green was arguing with all the coaches every time he got taken out. Smith refused to look at or listen to any coach who tried to give him some coaching. His family has filled his head with crap that he should be scoring all of these points when he can't hit a jumper outside 5 feet. They both are so unhappy it is affecting the whole team.
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    I love me some IU “fans.” We’re a twisted bunch. We’re hoping a star player will go elsewhere because of grudges. That’ll fix the problem! Come to Btown Brooks, work your tail off and help make this a better program. Sent from my iPad using BtownBanners
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    Love all our seniors, but this guy gave his all for the Hoosiers and is the definition of the player we want here. Busted his ass for 4 years, never gave up. Statistics don’t lie, his Indiana career is up there with the greats of Indiana Basketball lore. Thank you JMo!!
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    Lol at this rate I'm half expecting to come on here one day to find out Romeo was banging my girlfriend, too
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    I love Mrs. Franklin. India Franklin @indii5000 Sarita, ignore the chatter. I’ve been here before right before Armaan made his decision. True IU fans will wish you guys well no matter the decision. I am one of them. You guys are a great family and Keion is going to be an asset to any program. Love to see him at IU.
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    Rob. That foul on Winston with 8 to go was the smartest basketball play I’ve seen from this team in 4 years. The defense you played on him after? Well brother, that brought a tear to my eye. Amazing team effort today fellas. WHOLE team! Juwan, your work on the glass in the last two games has been master class my friend. You are my favorite player to ever put on that jersey. Justin Smith, I’ve been hard on you son. I did it because I believed so much in your ability. I knew there was a whole other level that you just couldn’t get to. Welcome to the show kid. Great game guys. No matter what happens the rest of the way, I loved the way you guys came together in these last couple weeks. Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
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    Received some more pro-IU conformation here. We'll see what happens after visits but IU is in front at this time
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    Brunk is on campus today unofficially per Rabby.
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    I'm just going to chime in on Joey Brunk. I feel like I'm in the minority in that I prefer we bolster the 5 before we target a shooter. The first reason for this is that I think the high volume of poor shooting is leaving this year. I made this point elsewhere, but it was the Morgan/Langford/McRoberts/Fitzner that really killed our 3pt shooting percentages. Those guys took a ton of our attempts, and each of the 4 was under our average. Which means this will literally be addition by subtraction as to the 3pt shooting (maybe not as to the overall efficacy of our offense). Take those 4 guys out, and our 3pt percentage would at least put us at average, ideally opening the lane up for our offense to run better. I might be wrong, but the 3pt shooting still feels like something that will get better. Next, Juwan had to play most of our minutes at the 5 this year. He was out of position, and still handled most of those minutes. Trayce will not be a better post defender than Juwan next year. No one else is coming in. No one else showed me they are ready to defend opposing 5s. And shoot, De'Ron is decently effective there, but he might be injury prone, and is usually foul-prone. Simply put, I do not feel comfortable going into next year with no one else coming in to help us guard the 5. I think we need two legitimate 5s on the roster. Playing a 6'8" center just doesn't cut it. Now let's look at the actual player, and the effect he can have on our offense. I spend a lot of time looking at the barttorvik.com PORAPGATU! stat. That is, Points Over Replacement Per Adjusted Game At That Usage. It's an attempt to gauge an individual player's value over other players. For the full explanation, go here: https://www.bigtengeeks.com/new-stat-porpagatu/ The short story here is that after Romeo and Juwan, Indiana's roster was not good. Many subpar players soaking up minutes, if what we want is success in the B1G and tourney. Here's just a quick look. Look at the PRPG! stat, 3rd column after names. Notice that the good teams are 4-6 players deep with good players: Duke Virginia MSU Michigan Purdue (this one was eye-opening) Even Iowa Now here we are. We have Romeo and Juwan, very good (although not elite). And then we have bench players when comparing to teams above. And so people say they think a shooter will fix things or whatever, but to me we just need elevated play 1-5. For what it's worth, I wonder what, schematically, Archie could do (or do better) to put guys in a better position to succeed. That's not what I'm going after here, and I'm trying to avoid it. Evan Fitzner was supposed to come in and bring a threat. Last year at St. Mary's his PRPG! was just a 1.1. He was not an impact player or transfer. He was down to 0.8 this year, for some reason unable to maintain his 40% 3pt shooting. We all saw the open looks that didn't go down, so I don't blame that on Archie. De'Ron, as much as we love him, is still just a 1.3 PRPG!. Joey Brunk this year at Butler was a 2.5 PRPG!. Not a star, but that's at least the level of play that can keep up with other rosters' role players. If he were to come, that would be higher than anyone we have returning. He buys us two years of very good depth at a position that is difficult to fill. I think he'd be a huge get.
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    I'm not guessing on this. Beyond the "tea leaves", things look legit here.
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    Let's just say it went really well
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    Saw this link to Reddit on another board: Posted by Indiana Hoosiers u/Todd_Haley_isdumb 1 hour ago Casual / Offseason Cool experience with the IU team So me and a few buddies went out to eat just now at Buffalouies (for those who have heard of it) after our friday classes and we went and sat down at the upstairs area. We are the only people sitting up there and next thing you know, Archie Miller, Romeo Langford, Robert Phinisee, most of the coaching staff come up. Trayce Jackson-Davis, Keion Brooks and their families came up very shortly after and filled in the rest of the upstairs area. Archie and I made awkward eye contact but him and his coaching staff were talking and laughing the whole time with the recruits families while Romeo and Robert talked with Trayce and Keion. At one point Romeo's food was ready and over the intercom they said "Order for Romeo" and he didn't hear it at first so no one went to get the food so they said it again and immediately Archie Miller yells out "There's only one Romeo here come on". We didn't go up and talk to any of them cause they were all doing business and we didn't want to bother them but we talked to an assistant coach for a bit. It was just a really cool experience to be sitting next to a coach and his staff recruit some kids in a casual setting. Sidenote: Trayce Jackson-Davis is an absolutely massive human, he towered over everyone else there (given Romeo isn't a big man and neither is Phinisee). 4 Comments Share Save
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    (2019) SG Armaan Franklin to IU

    What if we get TJD, Brooks, Ramsey, Franklin, and Stewart? Yes a lot would have to happen but I promise you it has been discussed
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    [This was actually from the Zeke Nnaji thread, but VO5 and others were referring to Keion so I've moved my response here.] I've seen Keion play with his high school team, and in AAU. I will say, there is a remarkable difference between the two. Prior to about 6 months ago, Keion was supposed to be a 6'8" forward, which made some sense in Indiana HS ball since he was always the tallest kid on the floor. Of course that opens him up to everyone commenting how skinny he is, and whether or not he has inside moves. In AAU, his team's PG, Isaiah Thompson (Purdue commit) out of Zionsville got injured, leaving the door open for Brooks to play the role of a ball-handler/playmaker. He excelled. The team already had TJD and another big, freeing Keion to play more of a wing. He basically controlled the game, distributed, and took his shots when they were open for him. Remember he really dominated the April session, and surprised a ton of people. No one had seen him in that role before. Within the past few months, he tweeted something that listed him as a PF, and had the laugh emoji and said "I am not a PF." He's distancing himself from that. He's not as tall as he looks in pictures. A bunch of us saw him play opposite Romeo, and if he was taller than Romeo, it was by a centimeter or two. So what is he? I think he'd like to see himself as a Lebron/Simmons type of Point Forward. Again, he looked great in AAU, far more comfortable and effective than we've seen him before. I agree that college defenses are much more difficult, but that goes for every player. I also wonder if Keion's move to LaLu wasn't partially because he didn't want to be his team's big/5 anymore. Moving to LaLu lets him move out on the perimeter. Obviously, if he's to play and succeed in the NBA, it won't be as a PF, and so I can't blame him for looking for a situation where he's in a better position. Last note. Watch interviews with these kids. They are kids, mostly wide-eyed and trying to do the right thing. They are subject to tons of influences, and any decisions they make are mostly reflections of what kind of influences they're receiving. They also get more criticism than any of us have likely received. Let's go easy on them. Let's also remember that some connected people are saying IU is leading for Keion, and so let's cheer for his success.
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    Romeo and rob are here with coach O Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners