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IUWBB Bracketology

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@ESPN_WomenHoop: The NCAA's debatable eight is out, and Rebecca Lobo says Auburn, Indiana, Tennessee and UCF will be the four teams to make the NCAA tournament. However, Princeton locked up an NCAA bid in winning the Ivy League berth shortly after the NCAA's list was released.


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Congrats to the Women. 

A fun fact (or not so fun for some) is this is the first year in IU history that the Women made the tourney but the men did not. The women had been 5 previous times but the men also went in those years. 

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1 hour ago, Class of '66 Old Fart said:

Seeing reports the brackets have been leaked and we are in facing Texas in our first game.



Oregon beating Washington knocked our men out of the tourney, and where do they send the ladies?

Freakin’ Eugene!


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4 minutes ago, Class of '66 Old Fart said:

I'm assuming the following is indeed factual.

Twice in her 1st 5 seasons at #iuwbb in which Coach Moren has taken the Hoosiers dancing- something that was only done 4 times in the 43 seasons prior to her arrival in Bloomington.

2019 First Round - Texas
2016 First Round - Georgia W 62-58
Second Round - Notre Dame L 87-70
2002 First Round - TCU L 55-45
1995 First Round - Georgia L 81-64
1994 First Round - Ole Miss L 83-61
1983 First Round - Kentucky W 87-76
Second Round - Georgia L 86-70

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