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College Football Thread

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A popular OSU site (11 Warriors) has an interview with Smith's mother where she (as one would expect) denies her son's guilt. More importantly, they also talked to his ex-wife's mother, who supports her former son-in-law's version of events and casts doubt on her daughter's story. Both claim that she told them multiple times she would "take Zach down and take Urban Meyer down with him."

None of that is dispositive, of course. You'd expect his mother to defend him and mother and daughter could have 1000 issues between them leading to this. However, at a minimum, when the mother of an alleged victim is saying her daughter is lying...that has to give one at least a second of pause, right?

My bottom line on this, and why I haven't posted a word about this whole thing until now, isn't very different than my feelings about some of the OTL stuff in regard to MSU. When you are dealing in these kinds of dynamics...sexuality, families, etc...finding "THE TRUTH" is not as simple as most want it to be. I would think if any group of people would understand this, it's the Michigan State fanbase. McMurphy's story looked awful and maybe it's ultimately mostly or even entirely correct in what it says and what it suggests (two different things, of course). However, much as in the MSU stories, in the fullness of time we start to see other voices, other perspectives and other facts begin to emerge which suggest that maybe it's not quite as cut and dried as it first appeared. My conclusion? Apply rational, reasoned skepticism with regularity and you won't go wrong.


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9 minutes ago, Joe DeLow said:

That Moore kid just set a school record in his first ever game. That’s ridiculous. And not against some cupcake either. But against a division opponent in NW... he may light the B1G up.

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Wasn’t NW dead last in passing defense last year?

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8 hours ago, Joe DeLow said:

That kid is going to murder our defense. If you can make big plays, you’ll get them against IU.

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Classic calling out the defense before we’ve even seen them play! Nice I like it lol.  FWIW At half he had 302 all purpose yards (125 return yards).....he ended the game with 313. I’m not taking away what he did in that first half, because that was honestly pretty awesome to watch he has a bright future, but it’s called schemes and NW played chess with brohm and took Moore out of the equation that second half. They shadowed him and mixed up drops right before the ball was snapped....yes it was the first game....but to say he alone will murder our defense.....okay buddy have a great Friday and go Hoosiers!! 

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Since the Colts had a preseason game, I checked out Gregg Doyel's twitter, beause I get a kick out of him bullying the intellectual low-hanging fruit known as the Colts organization (yes, I know the starters weren't going to play, but still).


He was already in midseason form with his Purdue praise, and they were losing the entire time. He also must have put a jinx on Rondale Moore, saying he was on pace to come close to an NCAA record for all-purpose yards. Moore had 11 yards the rest of the night.

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