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Looking at these pictures it didn't look like the project was far enough along to play volleyball games in the fall. Now Glass admitted at Huber Winery last night that it won't be ready until the winter and he mentions it at the 11:30 mark of the video:


This is the first I have heard of this and up until now we were being told IU would be playing all their volleyball games there in the fall. Now it sounds like another year of volleyball in U Gym and it will not open till close to wrestling season. Interesting IU has kept this under their hat and only tell it to the public quietly during a brief mention in a press conference. The media should of followed up after Glass mentioned this and asked him why the delay but no one did as I am not sure they are well versed enough to know the initial completion date (not a shot at them but a reality).

Good news is it sounds like the other projects are on time and will be ready when initially said. Also going back Assembly Hall finished on time as did Baseball a few years ago when it got off the ground. Also Cook Hall and the North End zone going back further did as well. In other words it is not like IU to have delays when finishing construction projects once started and I'd like to know more about why this one is running behind unlike everything else which has met or looks like it will meet its initial completion date.   

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