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Standings and Schedule 2/24

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Big Ten Standings and Schedule (2/24/16)

Top 7 Rec - Bottom 7 Rec - BIG Rec - Overall Rec- Remaining Games

Indiana                4-2          8-1          12-3       22-6       Ill (A), Iowa (A), Mary (H)

Maryland             4-3          7-1          11-4       23-5      PU (A), Ill (H),  IU (A)

Iowa                     5-3          6-1          11-4       20-6       OSU (A), IU (H), Mich (A)

Mich St                4-4          6-1          10-5       23-5       Penn St (H), Rut (A), OSU (H)

Wisconsin           4-4          6-1          10-5       18-10     Mich (H), Minn (A), PU (A)

Ohio State           1-6          9-0          10-6       18-11     Iowa (H), MSU (A)

Michigan              2-5          8-1          10-6       20-9       Wisc (A), Iowa (H)

Purdue                 3-5          6-1          9-6          21-7       Mary ((H), Neb (A), Wisc (H)

Nebraska             1-7          5-2          6-9          14-14     Penn St (A), PU (H), NW (A)

Penn St                2-7          3-2          5-9          14-13     Neb (H), MSU (A), NW (H), Ill (H)

Northwestern       1-7          4-3          5-10       17-11     Rut (H), Penn St (A), Neb (H)

Illinois                   1-6          3-4          4-10       12-15     IU (H), Minn (H), Mary (A), Penn St (A)

Minnesota            1-7          1-6          2-13         9-19     Ill (A), Wisc (H), Rut (A)

Rutgers                0-7          0-8          0-15         6-22     NW (A), MSU (H), Minn (H)        


The loss by Iowa to Wisconsin certainly sharpens the picture considerably.  If Indiana wins 2 of the next 3 we are guaranteed at least a tie for the conference championship.  We beat Illinois and Iowa but lose to Maryland we probably tie with Maryland for the title unless Purdue helps us by beating Maryland.  If we beat Illinois and Maryland we probably tie with Iowa, if Iowa can beat OSU on the road and Michigan on the road.  If we lose to Illinois but beat Iowa and Maryland we win outright.  Who would have thought it would come down to this.


Somebody better find a rule book and start figuring out the tie breakers between MSU, OSU, Wisconsin, Michigan and Purdue.  After the top three it is going to be a tight fight to the finish for everyone between 4 and 8.  I don't like OSU's chances.  Would be surprised if the Big Ten doesn't get 7 into the big dance.


Sure wish we had a healthy Robert Johnson for the Illinois game.  I don't like to think we might depend on Niego for long stretches or the thought of Hartman or Williams at guard.  Go Hoosiers!!!!

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Thanks for the tie breaking procedure.  I just got a major headache.  Let's just hope IU finishes #1, then the rest can fight it out.  Don't want to meet MSU before the finals.  I think they have our number.  We can take anyone else.

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Thanks for the tie breaking procedure. I just got a major headache. Let's just hope IU finishes #1, then the rest can fight it out. Don't want to meet MSU before the finals. I think they have our number. We can take anyone else.

With the collision of teams in those spots, there will be lots of headaches.

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Hova posted this BigTen tourney generator earlier. You plug in the remaining wins and losses and hit submit. All the tie breakers are figured into it. Pretty neat.


Edit: It's not working. Hova can you help me out?

Didn't work for me either. Try again.


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