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Standings and schedules 2/18

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Big Ten Standings and Schedule (2/18/16)

Top 7 Rec - Bottom 7 Rec - BIG Rec - Overall Rec- Remaining Games

Indiana                3-2          8-1          11-3       21-6       PU (H), Ill (A), Iowa (A), Mary (H)

Iowa                     5-2          6-1          11-3       20-5       Wisc (H), OSU (A), IU (H), Mich (A)

Maryland             3-3          7-1          10-4       22-5       Mich (H), PU (A), Ill (H),  IU (A)

Mich St                4-4          5-1          9-5          22-5       OSU (A), Penn St (H), Rut (A), OSU (H)

Purdue                3-4          6-1          9-5          21-6       IU (A), Mary ((H), Neb (A), Wisc (H)

Michigan             2-4          7-1          9-5          19-8       Mary (A), NW (H), Wisc (A), Iowa (H)

Ohio State          1-5          8-0          9-5          17-10     Neb (A), MSU (H), Iowa (H), MSU (A)

Wisconsin           3-4          5-1          8-5          16-10     Ill (H), Iowa (A), Mich (H), Minn (A), PU (A)

Nebraska            1-7          5-1          6-8          14-13     OSU (H), Penn St (A), PU (H), NW (A)

Northwestern      1-6          4-3          5-9          17-10     Mich (A), Rut (H), Penn St (A), Neb (H)

Penn St               2-7          2-2          4-9          13-13     Rut (A), Neb (H), MSU (A), NW (H), Ill (H)

Illinois                  1-5          3-4          4-9          12-14     Wisc (A), IU (H), Minn (H), Mary (A), P St (A)

Minnesota           1-7          0-6          1-13         7-19     Rut (H), Ill (A), Wisc (H), Rut (A)

Rutgers               0-7          0-6          0-13         6-20     Penn St (H), Minn (A), NW (A), MSU (H), Minn (H)          


After the upsets of Michigan, Iowa and Maryland anything might happen.  The dogs from the pack are starting to close in.  Hard to see Michigan and Ohio State sustain and time is running out for Wisconsin.  Indiana has a must win tomorrow.  Has Iowa peaked.  The remaining schedule isn't looking as favorable.

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