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Prediction League Game 27 (Week 15) IU vs Nebraska (02/17/16)

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Do you know why the "Cornhuskers" is the lamest name in history? Far worse than even "Hoosiers"?


Because prior to adopting the moniker, they tried out a series of other names. The Hawkeyes, the Antelopes, the Old Gold Knights, the Bugeaters, and the Mankilling Mastodons.


Let me repeat those last two. They could have been the Nebraska Bugeaters or Nebraska Mankilling Mastodons.


How can anyone be satisfied after that? Jeez.


Bugeaters - 66

Too bad we don't play Michigan again because my wife and I have learned a lot about wolverines and ourselves adopted two of their nicknames "Nasty cat" and "Devil bear". Thanks for nothing Hoosiers. - 82

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