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College Soccer Top 25

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2 hours ago, WayneFleekHoosier said:


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Probably but the RPI is computer generated based on who you have played and strength of schedule. It's not any human poll underrating them where they are top 5. RPI is single most important factor for ncaa tourney but IU can often get seeded higher then their RPI so I wouldn't worry to much and if we had a 9 RPI at end I would expect a 6-7 seed which would guarantee two home games.

I know in 2016 they had an RPI of 16 and got the 7 seed (soccer seeds are flat 1-16 and not multiple teams with one seed and teams 17-48 are unseeded so a 7 seed means you are the 7th best seeded team in the tourney) and in 2015 had an RPI of 22 and got the last seeded spot at 16. Seeds 1-4 guarantee all 3 home games before college cup as IU had last two years. Seeds 5-8 are guaranteed two home games and seeds 9-16 are guaranteed one home game. You can get more home games if the higher seeded team is upset. 

Baring a collapse I expect at least to be seeded with one home game and quite possibly a top 8 seed with two home games. I don't think we break the top 4 this year even if we win out and will travel to a top 4 seed in elite 8 barring an upset if we win first two games.        

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