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College Soccer Top 25

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A couple of preseason Top 25/30 polls. Hoosiers got some votes in a few of them. 

Top Drawer Soccer - Updates every Monday.

College Soccer News - Updates every Monday.

Coaches/RPI - Coaches updates every Tuesday, first RPI usually comes out by the end of September and updates on Mondays.

Soccer America - Updates every Tuesday, but not automatically.

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Preseason coaches poll out. Hoosiers @ 14. #Q49!

‏@NSCAACollege: A new college soccer season is upon us! Check out the @NCAA DI preseason rankings here: http://www.nscaa.com/rankings/4159/NCAADivisionI/men/PreseasonPoll


4 - Notre Dame

9 - MSU

13 - Maryland

18 - Louisville

22 - St. Louis

23 - PSU


Just so you know I'm meeting with someone today who is hopefully going to cover soccer for us. Practice starts next Tuesday.


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I'd love to go to a game this year if possible. Would be awesome. Where will we be seen on the national stage?

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Preseason ranked 14, which is lower than I expected. I consider us legitimate contenders. The entire defense that forced 10 shutouts last year is back and they add a 5 star recruit. We will have the defense and ball control to win a title, but have to be able to put the ball in the net. Can't wait

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