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GAME THREAD: 10/26 3:30PM ET Indiana at Nebraska BTN

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2 minutes ago, Napleshoosier said:

Are we a top 25 team? What you guys and girls think?

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Borderline, maybe.

I am very, very happy with the season, especially the win at Nebraska, but we had a rather easy non-conference schedule (since we are in the East I’m all for an easy non-conference) and the four BT teams we have beaten are a collective 3-21 in conference. i.e. if I was a voter I would say we have not beaten anyone.

Now if we happen to beat Michigan.........

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Purdue fans have shifted the goalposts and are downplaying IU’s success by pointing at the schedule. Well, newsflash PUkes, IU used to be those bad teams they are now beating. Progress is being made. Brohm got all this hype and media worship going 6-6 and Allen is outdoing him at less than 30% of the cost!


Someone watched the game with Tiny and turned into a Happy Hippy. Welcome to the promise land gradman.

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8 hours ago, Hoosierfan222 said:

Someone on Hoosier Sports Nation said they heard a rumor Penix might have a broken collarbone, anyone heard anything similar? I’m really hoping not and haven’t seen that anywhere but I’m worried.

Penix didn't even play at Nebraska, so he definitely didn't get hurt there. 

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