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2019 IUFB Prediction League - Game 6 vs Rutgers 10/12/19 Noon EDT BTN

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We're back...with the expectation of beating a "conference" team.

How does this work?

Each week I will create Prediction League threads for the weeks game(s).

It's a simple concept:

Each week you start with 100 points (only if a prediction is made, otherwise 0 points for the week)
+25 PTs if you guess the winner
-25 PTs if you pick the loser
+10 PTs if guess IU score correctly
+10 PTs if guess Opponent score correct
-The # of points different between the actual and predicted score of IU (over/under doesn't matter)
-The # of points different between the actual and predicted score of opponent (over/under doesn't matter)

*** Reminder if you post a prediction and want to change it, please just POST a NEW Prediction, do not edit a prior post as I may miss those edits.

The person with the most points (MINUS 2 LOWEST GAMES) at the end of the season wins.

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