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IU Baseball: NCAA Tournament With Short Ride to Louisville

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Aaron, you have to pinch hit for Houston there right?!

I liked what I saw from coach Mercer from his interactions with the players. I was right behind the dugout and saw him explaining situations with batters who struck out.

Ill St. had some timely hits that just snuck through or over fielders. A few runs could have been prevented with better positioning though. Credit to them for hitting early and often while we swung to put it in PJCS.

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I am traveling and camping around attending the games so I will be a little hard pressed to find much time on here. 

From what I saw of the press conference the players are not on the same page and calling each other out. I think some issues have been simmering all year and it shows what a great coach Mercer is that he brought the team together to win a Big Ten and get to the NCAA tourney yet again. When he gets what he fully wants in place IU should be really good. 

IU can talk about how they have a terrible approach at the plate and they do but to me the biggest problem continues to be Milto. He is just not an ace. He is a great number two pitcher but as I keep saying since Kyle Hart left IU has had a bunch of really solid guys and no true ace.

All IU needed to do was have Milto be decent, as it was obvious as soon Headrick left, Illinois State bullpen would implode and they did. Milto just yet again got us in such a hole, that even when we came charging back against the mediocre relievers who could not find the zone, we were to far back.

We get UIC tomorrow who we better be ready for as they gave UL a run for their money tonight before falling. In the complete opposite of today, UIC has a pretty good pen but their no. 2 starter (they burned their decent ace today) hardly strikes anyone out so that is a good thing for us.

We are far better than UIC and a little better than what will probably be a Headrick less ISU team again on Sunday this time if we win tomorrow. We have every chance to win next two games with Gordon and Saalfrank pitching, but we have to battle and get to some pretty mediocre pitchers and not crawl in a hole as UIC and ISU are capable but inferior.

Side note: IU got Louisville because they knew we could sell a ton more tickets then any other two seed there. Not complaining, but it all was economics. Attendance was 1,200 today (and in postseason that is exact number of tickets scanned through door) and it was 99% IU fans. Put any other two seed there including Indiana State and you draw maybe a quarter of that if you are lucky.     

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18 hours ago, Fkfootball1 said:





At least half of the IU fans in the Louisville/So Indiana Metro area have already switched to UofL or UK. Most of them for the same reason. They feel IU is trash in Athletics. And it’s getting to that point. We literally do nothing.

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Not sure why this is coming up in a baseball thread. Our baseball program has done alright for itself. We've won 3 Big Ten titles in the last 7 years, been to the tournament six times, and have sustained success under three different coaches. No 3-4 year rebuilds, no embarrassing PR, and no one telling us to "be patient."


I could write a book about the lifelong failure known as IU football, but I don't really bother with it anymore, having recognized the university's long-term and total inability to intelligently manage that program.


Men's basketball is what's really failing us. There is zero excuse for it to have been this bad for this long.

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Well, after 4 innings, we are leading 4-3, but it ain't pretty.  Saalfrank pulled in the 4th after 71 pitches; only 37 were strikes.  He'd given up 7 hits, 3 walks and only had 2 K's.  Second day in a row, our starting pitcher didn't get the job done.  Bierman came in with two on and one out and got a pair of key groundouts from the middle of the Flames' order (the second on a 3-2 pitch with the bases loaded to the UIC cleanup man.

We did chase the UIC starter in the 3rd and his relief has already thrown 40 pitches.


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Posted (edited)

Sloan struggling and has the bases loaded with 1 out after walking 2 and hitting a batter.

He just hit his 2nd batter of the inning scoring a UIC run so it's 9-4 with the bases still loaded.  Sloan yanked and Sommer takes the mound with 1 out in the 8th.

Sommer strikes out the first batter he faces but walks the next batter to make it a 9-5 game but gets a called strike 3 to end the inning.

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