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IU Rutgers Baseball: BIG TEN CHAMPIONS

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On 5/16/2019 at 12:51 PM, Aaron said:

Sweep and Nebraska wins two of three we are one seed, Sweep and Michigan wins series, two seed. Take two of three and Nebraska Sweeps, we tie for title with any number of teams. Take two of three and Michigan wins a game, we tie for no worse than second but multiple teams could be involved. Lose two of three or more could fall to fifth or sixth if not further.

As for Regionals' I completely disagree 100%. We ABSOLUTELY want Louisville 100% if given the choice. As much as they are really good, any other number one seed is even better and has far better starting pitching arms and more power and equal bullpen. Louisville has great arms in their pen, but their two and three starters (which who we would see in game two) are not that impressive. Also they are a small ball team which is probably better and closest to us in talent than any of the other 1 seeds. 

Finally, we drew a ton of fans in UL 10 years ago, and now and have 10 times the following. Any game in Louisville we can probably make a true neutral site game and the NCAA has to treat every team equally in terms of everything else, so the only advantage a team has is the crowd which goes away if we play UL. Anywhere else crowd is mostly against us.

If I'm Louisville, given the fact that we owe them one, and almost beat them the other day and owned them the last few years before that, IU would be the team I want least. You want any chance of winning Regional's and we would still be underdog, Louisville is 100% where you want to go.

They impressed me Tuesday considering they let us in the game with sloppy errors and still stymied us with arm after arm down the stretch. However, it kind of felt like despite a Tuesday game they threw the kitchen sink at us. We know regionals can be a lot about endurance and depth when it comes to pitching. I'll take your word for it though that they would be one of the best draws for a team that will host.

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