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IU Louisville Baseball: A game for pride and confidence

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1-2-3 double play ends top 12. Lets either win it or lose it here. The worse thing we can do is keep playing and exhaust our pitching staff in a game that means relatively little compared to the one in 2 days. 

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Honestly glad it ended there. As I have said this game means very little and we have almost no chance of hosting a Regional no matter how many times the announcers said it. We are going to Regional's as a two seed no matter what happened tonight and if it's to Louisville which is possible we owe them one now. Absolutely no reason to continue to exhaust your pitching staff in a game that means very little when we really need to beat Rutgers in two days, three consecutive times.

What we learned tonight in a game where both teams played incredibly sloppy is one important thing and that is it. While IU takes a very different approach at the plate with feast or famine to UL’s small ball we have similar talent offensively. We have similar starting pitching. What is keeping IU from being great like Louisville and taking the next step rather than being very good is the depth and arms in that pen. If Mercer is serious about becoming the next UL he needs a lot more depth in the pen with better arms and filthier stuff like UL has. This starts with convincing all those arms the Cards have from the state of Indiana to stay home. That is about all I learned tonight.

Also after tonight I think UL is the best option for Regional's as I think that is who we are closest in talent to and the best chance to win and let fans travel closer to home. While UL is Legit and extremely tough they are the best 1 seed matchup available and beats the heck out of going to Tennessee, Vandy or Mizzou who are probably even more talented as SEC teams.

Now lets sweep a bad Rutgers team who has not beaten a top 50 team all year and Hope Nebraska helps us for Big Ten Title.

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Interview with Mercer after last night. First off he confirms Fineman is OK. Secondly and most importantly he made it clear he's not gonna stand for poor fundamentals that occurred last night. Benching Scotty Bradley after his easy blown double play was important and team immediately responded and got back in the game.

Coach is making it known he is not going to stand for anything but the best and if you don't like it you can leave. If you notice until last night the issues on defense have mostly corrected themselves throughout year.

I always felt Lemonis had a ceiling on the program to what we are now, but with Mercer and everything I see, I don't believe there is not any reason we can't be the Louisville of the Big Ten in coming years. That starts with good fundamental baseball that coach is working towards and he will stand for nothing less. Also locking down the borders on recruiting and not letting these great arms Louisville beat us with last night out of Indiana is important.


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