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Indiana @ Minnesota Game Thread 10/26 8:00PM ET FS1

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3 minutes ago, Hoosierfan2017 said:

We moved it to the tune of 22 unanswered points in the fourth quarter last night. What's with the complete devotion to your boy DeBord?

It's not devotion.  It's education.   (But maybe similar to your complete devotion to Ramsey?)  Do you think UM was playing the same defense in the 4th quarter with a 31-9 lead they had been the first 3 quarters?   They weren't.  And their turnovers helped.  The complete truth is pretty important, here.

At the end of the day, Allen needs to recruit better skill players including quarterbacks.  The whole offense is limited, and we're wasting Westbrook.

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42 minutes ago, Old Friend said:

He made one good throw and the other was underthrown.   You had to see that, right?  Seriously....did you watch the game??   You're focusing on one throw....he was awful in the 1st half and at one point was averaging 2.9 yards per attempt.  That's pathetic.  Junior high school bad.   And I've never said he can't make even a single throw.  He can, but any QB can loft a ball 40 yards.  Yep.  That one was a great throw.  But that's one, and it had a significant parabola. (Word of the day)   What about the awful ones?  

You don't understand the RPO if you think DeBord called 3 runs up the gut.  Those are on Ramsey.  "run/pass option."  Ramsey can either hand it off, keep it and run it,. or pull it and throw it.   DeBord, and any OC who calls that play leaves the decision in the hands of his quarterback.  Ramsey ,makes the wrong read consistently.  And did yesterday.   Your blame is misplaced if you believe the play calls were "3 straight up the gut."  The receivers were running routes...not blocking.  If the plays were called as straight running plays, they'd have been blocking.  

He led a comeback when Minnesota backed off defensively.  You've seen that happen at every level many times.  Team gets a lead and sits on it.   Same thing yesterday.  And look, he's the QB.  I get it.   But I don't like blaming DeBord because it's just not realistic to think an offensive coordinator who was the coach whose offense set a season record at Tennessee just 2 years ago has forgotten how to coach.  And yes, I know what talent he had; but if you go back and look through the Tennessee record book, you'll see some names you recognize; and his team beat all of them.   Including those of a national champion and those of some guy named Peyton Manning.   

Is one of your defenses for DeBord really that he continues to call a play that Ramsey consistently makes the wrong decision on? Like, if your quarterback can't make the right decision you'd think the OC would stop calling it...

Go back and look at what the Tennessee fans had to say when he left. If they thought he was some kind of offensive guru then they would've been sad to see him go.. They weren't. 

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