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#USWNT - 2019 World Cup

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Our ladies look to repeat and get our 4th star starting this Thursday in the Concacaf Championship. Go USA!


Group A Schedule:

10/4 vs Mexico @ 7:30 pm/FS2 - W, 6-0

10/7 vs Panama @ 5 pm/FS1 - W, 5-0

10/10 vs Trinidad & Tobago @ 7:30 pm/FS2 - W, 7-0

10/14 - Semifinals - Jamaica @ 7:30 pm/FS1 - W, 6-0

10/17 - Final - Canada - @ 8 pm/FS1 - W,  2-0

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In a steady rain, the US has a 4-0 halftime lead over Trinidad Tobago.  

17 min. into the second half and it's now 7-0.  Screen graphic indicates USA with 36 shots - T&T -0-.  Of the 7 goals, 2 came in the last 5 min. of the 1st half and 2 in the 1st  5 min. of the 2nd half.

Total domination.  The last time they showed the US goalie, I think she was seated in a lawn chair doing her nails!  

No additional goals and the final score is 7-0.  The US team advances to the semifinals on Sunday evening.

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Final Score Update

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