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Class of '66 Old Fart

2018 April Evaluation Period

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Just got home what a day of basketball. Back at it at 8 am. I will post my thoughts on the weekend of basketball tomorrow night or Monday. Spoiler: Brooks played like a top 10 player in front of a lot of coaches. I fully expect a North Carolina offer for him soon

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It took North Carolina 3 days to offer him after I said that.

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On 4/30/2018 at 7:38 AM, Uspshoosier said:

I was going to post this last night but figured I would hold off until today to people something to read to take their minds off Romeo for a minute. lol   First I want to thank Stomboli for coming up and introducing yourself.  This place  is a great community for Indiana basketball fans to come and talk about our favorite team.  Going to these events Ive always wanted to meet other members.  It's always nice to put a face with the name and talk with other people that have as much passion for Indiana basketball as I do.  I could of talked IU  basketball with you for hours.  

TJD- Had a really good weekend.  Nothing has changed with him being my top target for 2019 for me.  there are better players available at his position but he is Iu's most important recruit in 2019.  He plays above the rim and defensively will be a huge help down low.  I like the fact that he is shooting more jumpers in AAU and he still needs to improve his FT shooting.  I'm a center grove guy so me saying he is the most important recruit is a little biased.

Brooks- Brooks has always had the potential and skills to be a top 10 player but up until this point he hasn't shown that ability consistently.  If you watched him against Romeo in Southport you would of thought he was a player outside the top 100.  This is why watching and evaluating kids can be difficult.  Brooks was the best IU recruit this weekend and probably one of the top 3 overall.  at 6'9 he is a matchup nightmare.  He played point forward at times and he single handedly shredded zones.  put him in the middle and if you let him catch it he could elevate and hit the mid range jumper at will.  if you played up on him when he catches it he would make the right play and play high/low with TJD perfectly (seriously fundamental basketball porn for junkies) and if you dropped down in the zone to cover the high/low he would put it on the floor and blow by and finish at the rim.   He plays well above the rim.   Whichever blueblood hasn't offered will offer after this weekend.

Watford- Watford struggled a little bit this week but you can see the player he can become.  he got hit in the face Friday night and had a black eye Saturday that could of effected his play.   He is a different player then Brooks but they basically play the same position.  he plays more below the rim and relies on crafty moves in the paint to score his baskets.   going into this weekend i would of said he was clearly the better 3 point shooter of the 2 but brooks shot it really well again so the gap is smaller in that category then i originally thought Although he had a bad weekend i would take him in a heart.  as an IU fan I'm selfishly glad he had a down week in front of some of the coaches.  I know some say since they could play different positions that IU could take them both but i don't see that happening.  Of course if they both wanted to come and play they would take them and figure it out afterwards but from what i gathered from people at the event they don't see anyway both end up on the same team.

Lewis- First chance seeing him and out of the newest offers of guards i liked him the most.  he is very quick with the ball and could get to any spot he  wanted to at anytime during the games.  sometimes he was too fast for his own good and a college coach will work with him to use that speed to his advantage.  They will teach him to switch gears and when to use that bust of speed to be a problem for defenders.  de'aaron fox is someone i would compare his game to(he isn't nearly as good but has the tools to play a similar game) and ive heard Calipari has reached out and mentioned fox to him)   i like him a lot and if Carton goes elsewhere i hope we go all in on him

Ramsey- He was the best 2 way player out of the new guards.   he has the build to be a really good defender in college and he plays more of a combo guard then true point guard. His outside shot his very much a work in progress but getting to the rim is a big plus for him. 

Mann- he was the best decision maker and best at getting his teammates involved in the game out of all the new offer guards.  He had no problem dishing out assists and setting up teammates.  He had some games where his shot was falling and he hit some very long bombs.  I don't know if we will be a major player in his recruitment or not.  we might of came into it a little late

Jalen Lecque- explosive getting to rim but shot wasn't falling at all when i watched.   he is 50/50 on reclassifying to 2018 so i don't think there is any shot of IU having a shot.   I didn't see a top 15 player in the games i watched but I'm sure he is

Morton- reminder he is a 2020 guard playing for the 17u  team.  He was the other starting guard on Lecque's team.   nothing stood out watching him but i don't think that is his fault.  you are going to get overshadowed being in the same backcourt of Lecque.  I will need to see him play more before i make judgement on him for a 2020 guard.  compare him to Galloway and Leal instead of these other guards being mentioned.

Franklin- Struggled a ton all week.  I wasn't sold on him during the high school year and nothing has changed.  I don't think IU will extend an offer and I'm not sold if they did that Franklin would consider IU as a real option.  From what i gathered a smaller school is where he will end up

Newman- First time seeing him and if we were to take a in-state guard he would be my choice.  he shot if really well and defended better then i expected.  Defense is hard to evaluate at aau events.  i can see why he is getting more offers and i look forward to following him during the high school season.  I'm hoping Snow puts his team in the tipoff classic this year.   as of now i would take the out of state guards before him but I'm going to try and watch him some more.

other players at the event

Stewart- had flashes of being a really dominating figure down low and rebounded at a very high level.  i only watched 1 game because i was focused on the other targets that i feel are more realistic.

Cole- by far the best point guard at the event.   he is just oozing with confidence and potential.   He is the best point guard prospect i have seen live in a really long time.   he is a better prospect then any of the 2017-18 point guards that i had seen in this event.  I seriously think he has a shot at being the #1 overall player in the class.   I had to watch him play multiple games because its not everyday  you get a chance to watch that type of player live.

Cockburn- as i was watching Lecque and Morton i noticed number 21 being a complete beast downlow and dunking and rebounding everything insight.  i know at one point in time IU was involved but going into to this event i didn't even have his name down as someone to watch.   So 21 was tearing it up and couldn't be stop so i looked his name up and of course it was Cockburn.  Hopefully I'm wrong and IU gets back in this recruitment but that dude is a load downlow and i would be surprised if he doesn't shoot up the rankings.

Another event in the books at Westfield and another success.  Saturday is a hoops junkies dream   high level basketball from 9:30 am to 10 pm.  hopefully next year some of you other members will join Stomboli and I at this great event

If anyone has a question about someone i saw this weekend feel free to ask



Outstanding analysis..thanks for sharing and providing such great detail!

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For Fort Wayne people
This is event is going on this weekend. It’s a quiet period so no D-1 coaches allowed but open to public. Probably 10 bucks. TJD and Brooks team will be playing but TJD might not play Saturday night due to prom.
2020 Indiana Elite (Galloway, Leal)
2021Indy Heat (Blackmon, Furst, Pierce Thomas)
EG10 ( Montgomery, Lander)

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