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Banner Up! So Happy For My Hoosiers! Great ending to a great year! We will miss Buss and Cahill and the rest of the seniors but the future looks bright with Penn and Yeaney and our other returners and incoming recruits. Basketball still reigns supreme in Indiana! Good day—Happy Easter weekend Hoosier Nation!

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On 3/23/2018 at 3:18 PM, RBB89 said:

Uh, what?

Here is the complete history of IU Women’s Basketball in the NCAA Tournament:

Year Round Opponent Result
1983 First Round
Second Round
W 87–76
L 86–70
1994 First Round Ole Miss L 83–61
1995 First Round Georgia L 81–64
2002 First Round TCU L 55–45
2016 First Round
Second Round
Notre Dame
W 62–58
L 87–70

I’ll repeat what I said above:

This is literally the best three year stretch in the history of the program. On the court and off. She’s won our second NCAA tournament game ever, gotten us to the postseason three years in a row for the first time ever, and landed our first two five-star recruits.

Getting all uppity about how “we should’ve done this” is pointless. TM has the program winning more/recruiting better than they ever have. Mediocrity is a HUGE step forward for what has been a horrible program for decades. I have no idea what you’re talking about with hit and miss recruiting either; we never landed five stars before TM. Despite facing the program’s horrific reputation, she’s done remarkably well. Let her do her job and keep the program growing.

I feel like some people look at every IU program through the lens of the men’s basketball team, and that’s just ridiculous. It’s like the people whining about Lemonis in baseball, even though he’s responsible for 1/3 of our all-time NCAA tournament appearances and has us ranked #11 in the country. There were fans saying that he “refuses to emphasize defense” last year, despite putting up the 3 best defensive seasons (fielding percentage) in the program’s history in his first 3 years. Some of the “issues” people point out are simply not real.

I really think that year where we flirted with the Capital One Cup did this to our fanbase. It was just an amazing year: national champion men's soccer team, top 10 men's basketball team, top 10 baseball team, and our women's basketball team had just hired what was thought to be a rising star in the profession. Those were the halcyon days of IU athletics, and I think a lot of our fans just miss that and are frustrated by the expected regression.


I have some concerns about what will happen with this program post-Buss/Cahill, but we're in a far better spot now than we were three years ago when half our roster transferred and Buss was rumored to be out as well.

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