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Welcome Coach Miller

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7 minutes ago, Fkfootball1 said:

The IU fan in me, says "hire Alford." The basketball fan in me says "don't hire Alford."

It'd be cool to see him on the sideline. But it would also be cool to be in the final 4 again.

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This is known as a conundrum, and one that many IU fans are in these days. I wonder though, what if Alford were to win it all this year with UCLA, (not going to happen, but hey, for the sake of discussion), would those who are adamantly apposed to his being offered the job, relent? Personally, I'm indifferent on the subject. I just want to see us feared by the rest of the nation come tournament time. Whoever can accomplish that the fastest and with the most honor and integrity, gets my vote.


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Funny how things change in a day. By this time yesterday, there were posters on this board and others coming out of the woodwork with rumors about Billy Donovan being IU's new coach.
Give me Bennett.. His teams play hard nosed basketball and you can tell they are very well coached with a game plan coming into every game. Unlike our most recent regime.

37 points in a NCAA tournament game. NO THANKS!

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2 minutes ago, Yogi's Picnic Basket said:

Listen the whole thing with the Alford and Pierce thing that no one surprisingly has mentioned was this, Pierce was accused of sexual assault. Alford defended him and even called the DA's office in Iowa and all of a sudden charges were reduced basically to nothing. Pierce gets suspended for a year with Stevie boy going to bat any chance he got. Then shortly after returning Pierce DOES it again and goes to jail!! Evey mentions on here like he went to jail for the one time. No that isnt the case. If it was it would be hard to forgive Alford but not impossible. The fact he went to bat for that kid, got him outta trouble and then Pierce went and ruined another girls life is disgusting to me!! If Alford would have shut his mouth Pierce goes to jail the first time and saves the next girl from the trauma. I sent an actual letter of this a few days ago to Glass when rumors first started and I am beyond upset they are coming back.

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Didn't Alford also setup a fake religious counseling meeting with the girl in hopes of strong-arming her out of pressing charges?

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