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(2018) SF Jericole Hellems to NC State

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18 minutes ago, mdn82 said:

He scored 40 points total in the 12 games leading up to the Peach Jam. In the 4 games in the Peach Jam he is averaging 28 a game. Figure that one out.

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I'm not quite sure how this exponential increase happened, but I do have access to a photo of the director of the AAU program that Jericole Hellums just entered into a deal with:


Image result for a deal with the devil gif

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10 minutes ago, Stuhoo said:


I don't see any reason to believe we are recruiting Hellums with our new staff.


I kept including Hellems in the Peach Jam stats because he was having such a phenomenal tournament and because he did have an offer from FCTC; however, there's no evidence that Archie and staff are interested in him.

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So we have indeed extended Hellems an offer.

Within the past four days, Indiana offered Jericole Hellems, Aaron Henry and Nate Hinton, three hard-playing and versatile wing prospects.

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I think Hellems is going to be very good for someone. I actually like him and Hinton a lot.


My preference for the final 3 spots if we indeed use 3 which I don't think we will.

1. Romeo Langford

2. PG-Garland or Dort maybe Phinisee

3. Moses Brown or a capable big that will help.


I would rather not have 6 man class though.




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