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  1. @arfoor85 @kbenich @DanielLyza You need some skewers and cookie cutters????

  2. Unfortunately, we must again address another incomprehensible act of gun violence in our schools. The resource belo… https://t.co/VrNUhX0WdZ

  3. @arfoor85 @kbenich @DanielLyza Can’t wait to meet him! We miss you!

  4. #schk12 teachers- https://t.co/ARq06oCpMM

  5. @arfoor85 Any updates...??

  6. Mrs. Herring’s class had an awesome lesson today that resulted in turkey paninis @MortonHighGovs #schk12 https://t.co/eP8nZBwtn3

  7. @jenjengrill When are we going?! https://t.co/egz7A2SpWB

  8. @arfoor85 I’ve casted my vote!

  9. RT @SSeLearn: We need 10 more registrations to hit 400! #schk12 @INeLearn https://t.co/bB6SCUikgC https://t.co/Yjjc8eOBKd

  10. Ms. Ramos and her students at Clark are creating festive piñatas for Cinco de Mayo! Looking good! #schk12 https://t.co/IGyZcdDXlB

  11. #incompassingeducation

  12. “Hoosier” and I are ready for #IUday @IUBloomington @IUFoundation ❤️IU!! https://t.co/thqDdwgALC

  13. @GromalaRebecca @LCHSnews @LC_School_Corp How awesome!!

  14. Look at these @HessElem superstars serving coffee and soft drinks to teachers ❤️! Love the way Mrs. Trezak & Mrs. M… https://t.co/rxMwFBBFee

  15. #schk12 SCH Special Education Dept. will host a Transition Fair on Thursday, April 5. If you are a parent of a stud… https://t.co/xU1KdXGUxX