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  1. Boot city: one of the 7 wonders of the world

  2. RT @bsusportslink: Women’s Basketball Adds Abi Haynes To 2018 Recruiting Class https://t.co/yt86x1wuHx https://t.co/Kqcf3O9ebt

  3. @legendary_luke7 @SnaveNoremac @cbouchie85 I can barely walk ☠️

  4. @legendary_luke7 I don't understand how she's even out in public like I've never gone into Dragon and not seen her it's incredible

  5. @BR_NBA @cbouchie85 @J_Breece22

  6. @rupdike13 Because he didn't play for the worst organization in sports and they gave him a great surrounding crew

  7. RT @BarstoolBigCat: I bet it ages very very well https://t.co/xk359lLUVt

  8. RT @kschaef95: I can’t stop laughing at this https://t.co/x2x8QnI49E

  9. @J_Breece22 JJ is definitely about that life! Thought he was gonna whoop all 15 men on their roster

  10. RT @World_Wide_Wob: i am ready to run through a damn wall and it's only halftime

  11. Joel Embiid is actually a 14 year old girl in your freshman biology class https://t.co/hVdyUlpv32

  12. RT @david8hughes: The Mandela effect is real. I remember my Dick being way bigger than it is now but my mate Steve says it’s always been li…

  13. RT @maxburk_: this SLAPS https://t.co/6hG3aatwrq

  14. "The Brows" https://t.co/gxiVBgZzUM

  15. @rupdike13 @CauseWereGuys Easy money