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  1. lelgar4

    FBI Corruption Investigation

    Been awhile since I’ve been active on here, I saw this and came here for more info. Didnt see this posted/discussed anywhere so I thought I’d break the news.
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  3. lelgar4

    2017-18 Season Expectations

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  4. lelgar4

    College Bball Thread

    Signed in for the first time in forever just to like this.
  5. lelgar4


    seriously. never hated someone as much as TV Teddy. A "cancer" isnt nearly a harsh enough insult for him, he literally ruins every game he refs. Gotta be some conspiracy as to why someone as awful at their job as him is still employed.
  6. dont mean to be pessimistic but that look on his face made my chest sink.. hope for the best
  7. Hah! Hope they were as understanding as my neighbors are!
  8. neighbors came down to see if I was ok, realized I was yelling about a game and started drinking with me. turning these coloradoans into IU fans!
  9. lelgar4

    IU vs Wisconsin Post Game Thread

    Agree with this completely, other than that last inbound play (which may have still been the players fault bc I have no idea what was supposed to happen there.) I could not believe that our frontcourt allowed a player of Happ's caliber put up that many points. Officiating was bad, but wasn't overwhelmingly bad. The guys on the court are to blame for this one.
  10. lelgar4

    Indiana @ Wisconsin game thread on ESPN

    Anyone hear what the UW fans were chanting when CTC was being interviewed before halftime? sounded like the first word was Tom.
  11. lelgar4

    (2016) PF De'Ron Davis to IU

    Hah, I wouldn't consider wearing anything else! I'm probably gonna go to his game against Grandview tomorrow so you guys can expect an update in the next day or two.
  12. lelgar4

    (2016) PF De'Ron Davis to IU

    Just moved to Fort Collins a few months ago, I'm gonna try to catch a couple of his games up here and down in Denver next week or two. I'll post my notes here for the games I do get to see.
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