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  1. RT @Cj_Colvinn: This country not right in the head https://t.co/NQnRubG9Hl

  2. RT @EIIenReacts: Your girl will literally be mean to you just cuz she misses ya

  3. @JanethDaisy ???????????? same

  4. Ring for a queen aka me https://t.co/jqNWD8lhpq

  5. RT @DedicatedKing: This playoffs is already nuts

  6. Just got the link for teacher evaluations......HAHA my favorite part of the semester.

  7. The playoffs are going to be so LIT. Some of the best matchups in a long time ????????

  8. #NationalSiblingsDay @CASiESOSASSY I LOVE YOU https://t.co/ApL80IJUxt

  9. RT @pengakoto: Apparently I can't have everything my way? weird

  10. RT @Chrixtiannn_: I’ll always prefer this over any candy https://t.co/cajfCtszTc

  11. RT @azhamone: especially when getting your nails, hair, or makeup done https://t.co/q6OkYTx3dh

  12. Literally have had a stomach bug for almost a week now and I cannot deal anymore ????

  13. @imrizzay Man they’re so entertaining though, sometimes I make him take them to see if he gets the same results ???????????????????????? don’t play 

  14. RT @TheFlowerWorld: Its for you ???????? https://t.co/XIwdySNXQf

  15. Happy birthday, dad. I love and miss you each and every day! RIP ???????????? https://t.co/E4w1VBuRpC