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  1. Damn @mvrcussterling being a hater on Demi Lovato is messing with my head

  2. RT @DamianTrillard: Congratulations to Chris Paul on actually leading a team somewhere

  3. RT @NFLHumor: One last challenger stands in the way of the Jaguars and the Super Bowl https://t.co/tNwAqwpY7w

  4. I am loving this power hour rn

  5. RT @FOX59: #BREAKING: Indiana Senate committee votes in favor of legalizing Sunday alcohol sales https://t.co/xapNCaY21X

  6. @bizarresworld looks like @JoeBudden deleted his tweets at you.. ????????Somebody is scared

  7. RT @JasonKirkSBN: So like ........ does OJ just say "I like your shirt, man" or what https://t.co/112xHfkNjZ

  8. RT @NFLHumor: What is art? This is art. ???????? (Via: @KTCephusM) https://t.co/oceDKCOVPT

  9. RT @IMS: #IsItMayYet https://t.co/RpSMfexg8c

  10. Damn I still haven't slept but still wide awake

  11. RT @cjzero: "Turnover chain my f***in @$$" - Paul Chryst https://t.co/acd7wx3lxp

  12. RT @SportsCenter: If he pulled it off, it would have been amazing ... but he didn't. #SCNotTop10 https://t.co/cfispLtIDl

  13. RT @Evil_Sparky: Uh... did they just say what I think they said? #FosterFarmsBowl https://t.co/CVetSLJqTy

  14. RT @barstoolsports: Stop the fight the dirty dirty just won Christmas https://t.co/ARCez3ycXF

  15. @prophecypro Exactly what I was just thinking lmao I need a new group to drink and vibe to good hip hop with