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  1. No worries it’s a rough time for all of us. I chose the wrong year to quit drinking on week days.
  2. I was clearly being sarcastic.
  3. Are you crazy? Anderson is our sharpshooter
  4. I agree as well, but Archie really needs to adjust some things or he’s going to be shown the door. Basketball is fluid, a style that worked 10 years ago may not work as well in today’s game. Archie has to see that and make the appropriate pivot.
  5. OMG other fan bases can demand high standards too and be just as looney as we are!! Again our fan base is 100% not the issue.
  6. Couldn’t agree more. Our fans are not the issue at all. Every large fanbase is passionate and somewhat off their rocker. I’m starting to think this “fans are the problem argument” has become the go to argument for the non-objective sunshine pumpers. They truly have nothing tangible to defend Archie with so they come up with baseless accusations against the fans that are demanding better results. Same exact $h1t happened under Crean. You guys are really doing some mental gymnastics if you think the fans are any where near the top 5 issues plaguing the IU program. To be honest, I don’t buy the Lavall Jordan story on here for one second. I’m really supposed to believe Butler’s coach, after a win, with random people in attendance is discussing IU and our fans. Seems a little too perfect to fit into the preferred narrative.
  7. You know what’s exhausting, missing out on a field of 68 freaking teams for 4 straight years, watching $hit basketball for basically a decade minus a couple years, seeing no player development at all, no in- game adjustments, terrible substitutions, bad recruiting, etc. Spare me the fans are the issue BS- it’s flat out not true. All high level programs’ fans demand excellence, it’s what makes them who they are. Fans like you are why IU will hold on to Archie for 5 years and be back to square one by 2022, complete submission and acceptance of mediocrity. Can you honestly say that you think we are headed in the right direction? Name me three bright spots for the future.
  8. hoohoome2

    Be careful what you wish for

    No they’re not. The knock on Galloway has always been his shooting. I think Geronimo is going to be solid, but he’s not a shooter either. Leal is the only one who has consistently knocked down 3s.
  9. You can be boring when you have the legacy and clout of K.
  10. There are a whole bunch of things that haven’t been handled properly at IU over the last 20+ years, but at the end of the day, I truly think it’s Archie killing us RIGHT NOW. Whether it’s his style of play or his personality, 17 and 18 year old kids are not attracted to coming to IU (2020 class is nothing special and far from elite). 0-13 with recent out of state recruits, and I don’t blame them either. If I’m a recruit I’m looking at the coach, playing-style, university, and facilities in that order. I think IUs facilities are good enough now that no recruit is being deterred by them. It’s an Archie problem and he needs to solve it, or he will be gone sooner rather than later. I loathe our admin, but under the same umbrella Crean somehow won big ten titles and had IU a number one seed in the tourney. We obviously fell flat on our faces after that, but c’mon. It can be done here and it really shouldn’t take long to turn it around. All it takes is a couple good recruiting CLASSES, not one elite player in a class with a bunch of 3 star and low 4 star recruits. Unfortunately, I think recruiting is going to nose dive (it was dipping heavily already) if we stick with Archie past this year. We need to cut our losses and start over NOW before setting the program back another 4 or 5 years. To those saying, who will come here? Just stop and please shut up. That’s a loser’s mentality that has grown like a cancer within our fanbase. IU is a top 10 program with millions to throw around, an amazing recruiting base, good facilities, and passionate (if not a little crazy) fans. All it takes is the right coach, and I’m near certain it isn’t Archie. Tell that **** Shoulders to get out of the way and go make a real blue blood hire.
  11. He’s recruited plenty of guys from out of state just hasn’t landed them. The inside out approach is the least of my worries after the $hitshows this season
  12. hoohoome2

    IUBB @ Maryland - 1/4/20 @ Noon

    Agree- I just like the Nebraska example because the time period is pretty similar.
  13. hoohoome2

    IUBB @ Maryland - 1/4/20 @ Noon

    I say this all the time. Proud historically successful programs that can’t get out their own way for 20+ years.
  14. hoohoome2

    IUBB @ Maryland - 1/4/20 @ Noon

    People still say that he’s a great coach, and there is absolutely no evidence of that. It drives me nuts
  15. hoohoome2

    IUBB @ Maryland - 1/4/20 @ Noon

    This is my fear. Why would a kid want to play this style of ball? It was my number one concern when we hired him, and it’s coming to fruition. Glad it aligned so we can miss out on the 2021 in-state class.