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  1. ILHoosier

    IU @ Michigan 2/16 1 pm CBS

    But you gotta love Deron's game today!!
  2. yep nothing coming in next year to change how bad our backcourt is. 3-3 stars & a 4 star playing like a 2 star after today.
  3. I rarely post but follow most threads. But if my memory serves me, a lot of posters on this board, last year, were saying this is how bad/good we would be this year. No shooters coming in and we have 3-3 star guards & 1-4 star who's playing like a 3. That's average at best and that's how good we are. We have 3-4 star bigs & 1-5 star and that's where our talent is. And we only have 1-4 star guard coming in next year. Our guards are not physically or mentally good enough to understand what needs to be done, like feed the bigs and turnovers ect. Especially this year in the Big 10. That was all said last year too on here. So we have had an average team for 2 straight years & CAM has not brought them along/developed them well enough that they are noticeably better last 3 years. Yes we have won against some talented teams but even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes. Bottom line is I didn't have high expectations this year or next because of what was pointed out on this board last year. And guess what. The posters were right. We are not good, just average. My disappointment is with the coaching staff. CAM was a good guard but can't seem to develop our guards. Making same bone head plays 80% of the time. Esp. DG. IMO I believe Cam is in over his head in the Big 10. He's not showing any reason to refute that. With all that said I'm in for 1 more year with him which will then be all his recruits. So what will change next year to make us better?
  4. ILHoosier

    Where Did Our 3-Point Shooting Ability Go?

    lol Didn't say CAM ruined them but their percentages from wherever they were before have gone down since CAM & staff have been their coaches. ArticLe points that out. FTR 80% of what I say on BTown is my opinion. I'm not an expert or pretend to be. Just my observations. I'm also under the opinion that these boys are not court smart from watching that fact over the last 5 games when I started paying attention to it. It's so glaring that we can shut down good teams on D when we want to except at the ends of games and have NO offense. All I know now is we HAVE to beat Illinois again or if we don't I'll be really hacked.
  5. ILHoosier

    Where Did Our 3-Point Shooting Ability Go?

    Good Article. Our Shooters HAVE gotten worse under CAM. The stats show that. He's obviously a defensive coach. We did a 180 from CTC to CAM. "we all asked for a defensive minded coach" But for him & his staff not to be able to bring players along offensively or run plays on offense is terrible. What other coaches are this bad on offensive strategy? "Ex: no timeout to set up play on last poss. @ Iowa." He obviously didn't have a play. He had NO CLUE!! He said he "hoped RL could make a shot from 3 when we have one of the worst 3 pt. shooting teams in the nation. I've said it before, CAM is in over his head. Who loses 12 out of 13 games in conference after starting 12-2 beating good teams. A poorly coached team does. I would love to see a total roster turnover except for Deron. He seems to be the only one who cares. Then we can see who really is at fault. Which one of CAMs recruits have lived up to expectations??? According to all the cheerleaders we have to wait four years to develop each player CAM brings in before they can contribute. Guess no more 1 & dones. Where are all the posters who said RT was the answer. JF also is lost. So far most of CAMs recruits are deer in the headlights. Sure RP makes a good play ONCE in a great while but totally lost on D. His guys get great open 3 looks all the time. According to this articles stats CAM needs to bring in a bunch of 3 stars who play his style like @ Dayton but forget ever getting past Sweet 16. Right now it looks like the IU faithful got blindsided by FG.
  6. ILHoosier

    IU vs OSU 2/10/19

    Does anybody think JS will transfer next yr? He obviously doesn't care and u can see it in his game.
  7. ILHoosier

    IU vs OSU 2/10/19

    Well what else is there. Said it before will say it again He's in over his head in the B1G. He'll get 4 years but needs to figure out how to coach n B1G. I agree losing recruits with his coaching performance. If we see that he can't coach they can too.
  8. ILHoosier

    IU vs OSU 2/10/19

    I we don't deserve NIT
  9. ILHoosier

    IU vs OSU 2/10/19

    JS killed us today on O today. He wasn't great on D like he usually is also. Last dunk by OSU brought that home. Just face it people. This team is just not good. Still worried about shooters for next year. Right now that's all we have to look forward to.
  10. ILHoosier

    IUBB @ Rutgers- Game Thread

    So Many injuries. More than usual for any team. Looks to me like they should consider getting rid of strength & conditioning coach for starters. Then move on to whoever the assistants, "The No Names", that are not putting much knowledge base into the situation. Or Archie is a micromanager & doesn't trust them & they are just there to be gophers. Who are these guys anyway. Not vey heralded if I remember right from national talking heads from when he chose them. Sure they may be Midwest guys but their impact is zero. Nobody knows how to teach shooting??? Look @ FTs. I can teach that myself. Looks to me like a weak coaching staff. Other teams work with what players they have and try to run offense & defense around them when their schemes aren't working. Not this coaching staff. Come hell or high water they're going to run the same sets game in game out, win or lose. NOT Flexible!!! NO Adjustments.....In over their heads.
  11. ILHoosier

    College Bball Thread

    I couldn't have said it better than what's in the article. I was feeling bad for Romeo last few games. Looks like he picked wrong school. Teams now have enough tape on IU to defend them & shut them down. Pack the he lane & dare anybody to shoot beyond the foul line. Its pretty obvious we have 1 shooter & players that want to run parallel to basket & shoot runners sideways to the basket. Why doesn't Rob look to shoot more? IMO Seems these kids are afraid to shoot when open. Is it because CAM doesn't give them green light? We have timid shooters. Free throws on CAM. Nough said about that. Nothing about this team is natural or fluid. Don't give me the injury excuse. Other average teams overcome that have injuries. And we are close to full strength. CAM has lost this team. I am a 1st time poster here but a life long IU supporter through all the ups & downs. As you can see I am very frustrated. Enough to post. Okay, all you glass half full guys can rip me now & tell me it's just a blip etc. but most national sports writers & not just local sportswriters are ripping on this team & CAM in print & on air. Saying same thing I am seeing. So how can the glass be half full? AND very worried about next year. Where will our scoring come from? Ok it's time to rip apart what I've posted by you that have your head in sand.