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  1. Hey ya'll! Ricky checkin' in, As most of ya'll know, we take on the number 17 team in the country tonight.. that team is absolutely stacked with hoopers.. Dragan Bender, Tony Stewart, Mike Tomlin, Didi Gregorius, Eric Robertson.. let's be honest with ourselves.. the amount of talent on that roster is facked. Are we going to win tonight? No. Are we good? No. But we have heart, and that's what Hoosiers basketball is all about, baby. I've got FSU takin' this one at The Hall; 91-12. Love ya'll! - Barrel Rick, 2019
  2. Barrell Rick

    Prediction League (Game 5 - Princeton 11/20/19)

    Hey ya'll! Ricky checkin' in. I figured I'd come on in and give my thoughts on the game comin' up on Wednesday.. Considering them boys over there at Princeton are smarter than a damn hobo with sheepskin pajamas, you've gotta' think that their hoops IQ is through the roof and then some. I've got us losing 96-14. I just don't see us finding a way to stop Joe Namath from deep.. I mean, that kid's an absolute marksman from 25-feet and out. Love ya'll! - Barrel Rick, 2019
  3. Barrell Rick

    Season Predictions 2019-2020

    Hey ya'll! Ricky checkin' in.. it's been a fat minute! Just a little update for ya'll who have been checkin' in on me.. 1. My inflammatory anus syndrome is finally in check.. the doctor's had my buttocks on ice for months on end.. it was a long ride, but we've done it.. 'preciate the prayers! 2. As for a season prediction; ya'll already know how the Barrel does it.. we're goin' 1 and 34.. with our one win comin' against Princeton and their powerhouse big man that is Corey Maggette. For ya'll who've been awaiting my return, The Barrel's Back in The Bloom, Baby! - Barrel Rick, 2019
  4. For all of those saying we're going to end up victorious tomorrow.. This Buckeyes team is a different specimen; with an entirely unstoppable front court made up of Jimmer Fredette and Taj Gibson; there's absolutely no way in hell we come out of tomorrow with a win.. Not to mention Greg Oden's going to be down on the block giving Juwan the business all afternoon.. Lord help us.. this game's going to be an absolute sh*t show. OSU - 136 IU - 9 - Barrell Rick, 2019
  5. Listen.. If you truly believe that Keion isn't going to be a Hoosier, you're high as can be. Don't let anyone know I'm telling you this but I, (Barrell Rick) happen to be the 14th cousin of Keion.. He has recently revealed to me that he, along with Cole Anthony are headed to Bloomington. I mean why wouldn't Keion want to play with Steve Van Gundy and Michael Carter-Williams? We have it all here.. P.S. I had a follow up exam on my bowels this morning, and it turns out I've been suffering from inflammatory anus syndrome.. thank you all for the prayers and support as I tackle this demon. - Barrell Rick, 2019
  6. Barrell Rick

    IU vs IOWA 02/07/19 GAME THREAD!

    Gotta’ be real here.. Iowa’s tough.. Real tough.. No chance in hell we take this one tonight considering the Hawkeye’s Vince Wilfork is coming off of a 51 point performance on Monday. In conclusion.. We’re f***ed. - Barrell Rick, 2019 Sent from my iPhone using BtownBanners
  7. Hey ya'll, Ricky checkin' in.. Once again, I know its bold coming from the Barrell; but I'm predicting a big win for us against the Spartans.. Obviously it's gonna' be tough locking down Jeremy Lin and their unbelievable big man play, but I think with us coming off of a 12 game winning streak that MSU just doesn't have it in em' to defeat us.. IU - 126 MSU - 6.5 Also; my bowels are finally in check. - Barrell Rick, 2019
  8. Barrell Rick

    IUBB @ Northwestern - Game Thread - 01.22.19 - 9:00 ET

    Been a rough few days, guys.. Second emergency colonoscopy in 2 weeks; my bowels have been on fire. Regardless, i have one thing to say, and one thing only.. We are absolutely terrible.. I'm talkin' buns.. No heart, no persistence, no grit.. what the hell are we doing out there? You'd think with a guy like Collin Sexton we'd be able to put forth a little more then we have been.. Let's hope and pray to the mighty Kent Benson that we get this win over MU on Friday, and that my bowels rest in peace for the time being.. - Barrell Rick, 2019
  9. Barrell Rick

    Indiana vs Nebraska 1/14/19 6:30pm FS1

    Sorry I forgot to post my pregame usual, ya'll.. had to get an emergency colonoscopy.. don't ask. I did catch the game though, and might I say, that boy Ben Wallace is something else; we just couldn't bring him to a halt. Let's hope we can knock out a win over Mike Bibby and Purdue come Saturday.. - Barrell Rick, 2019
  10. Barrell Rick

    Prediction League (Game 15 - @ Michigan 1/6/19)

    I've gotta be completely honest here, we don't stand a chance in hell.. Michigan's guard play consists of two lottery picks in Carsen Edwards and Demarcus Cousins; you've got to think they're gonna have a hay-day with us. IU - 16 UM - 138 - Barrell Rick, 2019
  11. Barrell Rick

    IUBB vs. Illinois - Thurs., 1/3 @ 7:00

    Welp, ****. - Barrell Rick, 2019
  12. Barrell Rick

    IUBB vs. Illinois - Thurs., 1/3 @ 7:00

    I waited years on end for this moment.. and by that.. I mean I just got me a new laptop. The Barrell is here.
  13. Barrell Rick

    IUBB vs. Illinois - Thurs., 1/3 @ 7:00

    Indiana doesn't stand a flying chance tonight. Illinois is notably the toughest team in the B1G right now.. from their ability to space the floor, their absolute master lock defense, and not to mention they've got the freak of nature that is Zion Williamson at forward. These Fighting Illini are a forced to be reckoned with. - Barrell Rick, 2019