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  1. I'm in the camp that believes the staff is recruiting KB to fill Romeos shoes. Starting to envision a lineup of Rob(or DG), KB, Hunter, Smith, and TJD! That is the type of length this defense is built for. Able to disrupt, and turn defense into offense rather quickly!
  2. Joe Klingler

    IU vs Ball State 9/15 12 pm BTN

    As long as he can get the ball to our big playmakers, I'm fine with shorter routes. One of the greatest qb''s ever has made a living throwing underneath and letting receivers do the work (YAC). Still have to take shots to keep the defense honest. Ramsey is more than capable of those things, plus the threat with his legs. A lot of talent on that side of the ball is exciting!
  3. Joe Klingler

    College Bball Thread

    Some people like looking in the rear view mirror, instead of looking through the windshield!
  4. The calm before the storm! Could we get 3 more in the next few days?!
  5. Joe Klingler

    (2019) PF Matthew Hurt to Duke

    Yes. It will be nice going into spring being selective, rather than scrambling.
  6. Joe Klingler

    IU vs FIU

    I don't care who our quarterback is. Whichever one that can deliver the ball into our stud receivers hands, that's who I want. Hale and Westbrook in particular, will never be outmanned. They will keep us in games with their playmaking ability!
  7. Joe Klingler

    IU QB Dawkins Leaves IU program

    It takes a real man, and a humble person to post something so personal! Nothing but prayers to BD and his family.
  8. Joe Klingler

    (2019) PF Trayce Jackson-Davis to INDIANA

    And future teammates.
  9. Joe Klingler

    2019 General Recruiting Thread

    Great post! I could not agree more. I expect RP to be ready for a major role no later than next season. The luxury will be flexibility in the three guards we will have. Sprinkle in JH and DA (or hopefully KB) and I think that backcourt will be tough to contend with.
  10. Joe Klingler

    2019 General Recruiting Thread

    Thank you. Been around awhile. Really enjoy reading your posts (and stats).
  11. Joe Klingler

    2019 General Recruiting Thread

    Impressive list!