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  1. ray

    Cutting the Cord

    I just looked at the schedule. I guess I have until November 12th to decide on Hulu Live or YouTube TV, considering the next two games are on BTN+ anyway. It's annoying that you have to pay for a subscription to watch the local sports team...and even more annoying that even if you pay for a streaming service, you still can't watch all the games. I guess I'll be listening to the famous voice of the Hoosiers tomorrow night.
  2. I searched for topics on De'Ron Davis and couldn't find any. I read a nice article and wanted to share, so I decided to start this one for his senior season. De'Ron could become a force, at least for brief spells, in his senior season if he remains healthy. I always wondered what if he had been healthy throughout his career. What if he hadn't missed summer conditioning before his freshman season? What if he had not suffered the achilles injury? What if he had not suffered the nagging ankle injury that left him gimping across the court last season in a limited role? He has showed signs of brilliance with his passing and his back-to-the-basket post moves. What if he has a healthy season and finds his role in a deep frontcourt where Archie Miller hopes to run his offense through? What if he stays well-conditioned, remains out of foul trouble, and shoots free throws at a high rate this season? Will he put together a string of games where the coaching staff will have to look for beneficial matchups to increase his role, or will he get lost in the depth charts for a yet another (and his final) season? I'm not a gambling man, but if I was, then I would bet on him finding his role (the role he was brought to Bloomington to fill) regardless of the depth in the front court. I truly hope he has a breakout season and can put together performances like he had against Duke without suffering anymore setbacks. Here is the article this topic was originally intended for. https://www.insidethehall.com/2019/11/01/deron-davis-remains-in-control-ahead-of-senior-season/
  3. ray

    California Thumbs Nose At NCAA

    Free tuition is worth far more than what a semester costs when you factor in most students without free tuition will be hit with 20-30 years of interest before their education is paid off. Couple that with how many additional incentives students are offered as student athletes and I see no reason to offer more. I agree that 99% of players are being watched because of the school they attend, although there are those players like Zion who would have been followed by some fans no matter which school he attended. I think it is bogus that high school players have to attend college at all in order to play in the NBA, but the exposure gained from playing at a major university exceeds the exposure from being paid to play overseas. The NBA should allow high school players to join the draft. Those players capable of making it in the pros immediately can then make plenty of money out of high school. Until then, college is for a student athlete just like it is for any other student...a place to hone your skill, attend job fairs (play under the big lights), and gain employment later. Now, should players be allowed to gain sponsorship deals? I think it's criminal they aren't allowed to, but I also see how difficult it would be to keep payments funneling directly from the universities to the players under the disguise of a sponsorship deal. I understand they don't have time for a traditional job due to their schedules, but college players have FAR less to pay for than non athletes do. I'm not so sure a job is too necessary. And, if it is necessary, then they can do what I did and work their tails off over the summers (or whenever their off-seasons occur).
  4. THIS I know you still have a year, but what should Indiana fans expect out of you? What are you hoping to bring to the program? “A whole lot of energy on the defensive and offensive end. First and foremost, I’m a defensive player. I love shutting people down. I love blocking shots, getting steals and doing other stuff to get a stop on the possession. People best believe in a game I will bring the defensive energy. My opponents will know I’m on the floor.”
  5. A question and answer with his high school coach...more to add to the enthusiasm for this kid's potential. https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/qa-with-new-2020-iu-basketball-commit-jordan-geronimos-high-school-coach/
  6. Love what I read in this article! https://www.thedailyhoosier.com/iu-basketball-allure-of-indiana-had-hoosiers-in-pole-position-with-jordan-geronimo/
  7. Amen, to looking for a PG and Post player now. Preferably Garcia and Love, or wait for Lander. And, no offense to Miami basketball, but it took almost three hours for anyone from Miami to write an article about his commitment. And...there are still no comments on that article. I'm not saying he won't fit in well, excel, and enjoy his stay in sunny miami...but, Jordan Geronimo chose Indiana for reasons I would as an out-of-state prospect. I like that about Geronimo. And, in all fairness, perhaps Jordan's commitment did make a difference in Matt's commitment. Either way...
  8. I wonder too, but Geronimo seems EXTREMELY excited to be a Hoosier...and that's all that is relevant to me now. I'm excited for Geronimo. I would have been excited for either or both, but I will probably never see Cross play (outside of potential tournaments) and I'll get to watch Jordan's every game and see him wear the jersey with pride and honor. I liked Cross's game, don't get me wrong, but I think Geronimo ended up where he will excel. His enthusiasm for Indiana excites me. And it makes it easier for the coaching staff to focus on two other important positions.
  9. I thought this was a hopeful article. I don't know what they know, but when it comes to recruiting who knows what? https://hoosierstateofmind.com/2019/09/02/indiana-basketball-decision-looms-large-top-iu-target/
  10. Look out, passing lanes...and watch out, rim. He seems to have a nice shot and I've missed seeing some Oladipo-like dunks, but I'm most excited Indiana added a player highly skilled at reading passes with seemingly impeccable timing of an opponent's shots. Exciting news...he should be fun to watch! Nope, it turns out Geronimo was the next domino.
  11. ray

    (2018) SF - Jerome Hunter to IU

    My COMPLETELY uninformed guess is that he is ready. Of course they'll bring him along slowly, but the kid wants to play and the doctors have already said he's cleared to run in "pickup games", which I read as scrimmages. If a kid can scrimmage, then why couldn't he play? The big question is whether he's ready to play at the level everyone has expected from him when he came to Bloomington. I think that will be more on his mental state than anything, based on the fact he is cleared to play pickup. Again, though, I know absolutely nothing. This is all hopeful observations and logic speaking. I REALLY hope to see a healthy Jerome Hunter wearing an IU uniform AND playing on the court this season. IU's great radio host, who has seen a whole lot of super players come through Bloomington in his day, mentioned on multiple occasions that this kid was the second best player on the court last year prior to his setback. I'm spiritual but not religious, so someone with prayers on their side, please throw them up north...for Jerome's sake.
  12. ray

    (2021) PG Carter Whitt

    I hope Lander comes to IU. That's all I'll say for now, as I know nothing about Carter Whitt and it seems he's waiting on a home-state school to offer (and understandably so in a state with two of the bluest of bloods....even if one makes me cringe and the other makes me vomit. Actually, now that I think about it, they both make me cringe and vomit...one for ESPN's special treatment and the other for NCAA's special treatment...and, yes, I'm aware they both get special treatment for both...hence the reason for not being sure which makes me do what). I hope Lander likes Bloomington because it's in Indiana...just like this kid probably likes UNC and Duke because they're in NC. We shall see. Interesting though, that Archie offered before either of them. Hmmm...
  13. I read a post from someone elsewhere and that poster noted how important this player is. I found only one short video and one clip of a single play. Nothing stood out, but again, I only saw one video and one clip. The 9 blocks in a single game looks nice, but then where did his shot blocking go the remainder of the season? I wish the stats included minutes played, as he didn't rack up any crazy numbers throughout most of the AAU season (22 and 10...10 and 6 aren't shabby). He doesn't seem to be 240, but it takes a lot to fill out a 7' frame and he's barely old enough to drive. He holds offers from some elite programs though. I do wish there was more to watch of his game. Apparently something about him stands out to recruiters, considering the offers coming in.
  14. ray


    Thanks for pointing that out. A somewhat fair point. Although, I was responding to the concerns of many (including myself to a much lesser degree) on the failed recruiting wins of Miller on filling a “missing piece” that I’m not completely sold is missing. Green IS a deep threat, and I hope he improves. Durham can be, and I hope he improves too. Franklin might be, and he IS a new recruit. I’m also hopeful, and quite confident, Trayce won’t be trying to prove to NBA scouts he can shoot from deep (and he IS a new recruit). As for the lackluster three point shooting percentage from last season, I think some addition is made by some subtraction...or so I hope. My hope for that is no less irrational than the hope that a great high school shooter would have come in and impacted the percentage anymore so than the returning players who have chosen to wear the candy stripes.
  15. ray


    OR...hope for Green to at least continue to shoot as well as he did...OR...Durham to increase his percentage even by a marginal percentage...OR both. I agree with Aeggie’s last comment, Indiana’s highest volume three-point shooter (higher by volume by a long shot...with no pun intended...other than Indiana’s best shooter in Green) is gone. Couple that with Durham who is a good shooter and showed major improvement all around from year one to year two (and I’m betting on even more improvement from him because he’s a workhorse)...plus Phinisee who will most likely improve or hopefully at least go back to pre-concussion form, and I hope the anxiety of a lot of posters on this forum about our outside shooting woes will be reduced significantly before BigTen season begins. Who knows, maybe Demezi works tirelessly and finds himself a place in the lineup doing what he was recruited to do? Maybe Franklin improves as much as he did between his Junior and Senior years? And, maybe Deron continues to work the paint and not rely on long-range shots? And, maybe Trayce does what he did in high school and refuses to try impressing scouts with outside range that may not be there? Now that Archie has “missed on everyone important” in some people’s eyes, may we please concentrate on the returning players and the newcomers who are by no means slouches? Just a suggestion. And please note, Alford Bailey, this isn’t directed at you personally.